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Clinton holds lead in IowaEnchanted01-01-08  04:22 pm
Clinton, to the SEXIST SENATOR Obama: My Foreign Policy Experience ...Enchanted01-01-08  04:23 pm
Chuck D in 08, now that’s what’s up!Chrishayden01-02-08  02:02 pm
The Hillary Meal DealChrishayden01-02-08  02:12 pm
Raz B Allegations/Allegations Untrue? Chrishayden01-02-08  02:44 pm
St. Louis one of Ten Most Literate Cities in the US!Yvettep17 01-02-08  03:01 pm
Yet another health racial disparity...Canary01-02-08  03:02 pm
McKinney Goes Green!Cynique01-02-08  06:57 pm
Obama Plays on Weakness and Tries to Fool Poor Iowan BlacksChrishayden01-03-08  01:07 pm
Mexcian gangs in LA targeting blacksToubobie01-03-08  02:24 pm
Resolutions...Cynique14 01-03-08  03:14 pm
Hillary's Speech in its Entirety… I thought it was perfect - Go Hil...Tonya01-04-08  03:53 pm
Women Making HistoryTonya01-05-08  07:07 am
Tomorrow We'll KnowChrishayden01-05-08  10:06 am
Blacks in Iowa Support ObamaAbm01-05-08  10:29 am
A Primary Question--Abm01-05-08  11:51 am
Letter from Michael MooreCynique16 01-05-08  02:04 pm
That's Right Niggrahs...TIME TO CLEAN HOUSECynique01-05-08  02:10 pm
Is the future of Black women really this bleak???Cynique19 01-05-08  02:12 pm
Presidential Debate Tonight @ 8:30 on ABCTonya01-05-08  04:01 pm
Black People Want CHANGE Too!Ntfs_encryption01-06-08  11:21 am
Tonya! Cynique! Hold on to your drawers!Ntfs_encryption12 01-06-08  01:46 pm
Hillary's Iowa FlopCynique01-06-08  04:50 pm
It is Obama Time!Cynique55 01-07-08  11:00 am
False Obama E-mails CirculatingChrishayden01-07-08  11:34 am
And The Pain Just Keeps on Coming in AmericaCynique11 01-07-08  12:03 pm
Obama--WatchYour Back!Cynique01-07-08  01:07 pm
Quiz:Tonya01-07-08  03:34 pm
Man kills, Cooks, and Possibly Eats GirlfriendCynique01-08-08  12:32 am
Word of the Year:Yvettep01-08-08  07:58 am
Does Denzel always have to represent? Jmho38 01-08-08  11:30 am
To any BLACK WGA members in here: Your StrikeUrban_scribe01-08-08  11:48 am
Watch out! The 'Hill' is about to Topple!!!Cynique01-08-08  01:15 pm
Obama won't even CHANGE conditions for his grandmotherCynique01-08-08  02:02 pm
Aw Naw They Didn't!Tonya01-08-08  02:36 pm
Growing Pains Is The Bomb!Cynique01-08-08  03:36 pm
YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Cynique01-09-08  01:08 pm
Did You Know that even YOU could have voted in the New Hampshire Pr...Chrishayden01-09-08  01:31 pm
Obama... What does the smart money say?Cynique01-09-08  10:43 pm
Mourning in AmericaYvettep01-10-08  08:43 am
Senator Obama accepts endorsement from elitist Tonya01-10-08  01:17 pm
Dayam! Well, You Can't Win'em AllRobynmarie19 01-11-08  11:22 am
Dr. King Wadn't Down for the Struggle, What!!?!!?!!Tonya10 01-11-08  05:43 pm
OBAMA WUZ ROBBED!Abm16 01-12-08  11:17 am
Will the Black Backlash Sink the SS Clinton?Tonya01-12-08  11:57 am
Vote Fraud Most Foul!Cynique01-12-08  12:35 pm
Hillary's Marriage ProposalCynique01-12-08  01:02 pm
Yawn, More Anti-Clinton Media Slaughter, the Witch-hunt Never EndsCynique01-12-08  01:08 pm
The Pollsters Got the Republican Numbers Right ...Robynmarie10 01-12-08  03:19 pm
Have HBCU's Outlived The Usefulness? Urban_scribe01-12-08  05:06 pm
Do Not Suppor the ClintonsTonya01-14-08  12:01 am
Robotics @ HBCUsYvettep01-14-08  10:35 am
Large Shift to ObamaTonya01-14-08  10:54 am
"Stay Black, Die and Pay Taxes..." Yvettep01-14-08  11:10 am
Cutting through the SpinTonya01-14-08  01:53 pm
HILLARY GOES NUTS!Tonya01-14-08  02:30 pm
Are the Clintons about to pull off the hoax of the century?Cynique01-14-08  03:51 pm
Kudos to the QueenCynique01-14-08  04:46 pm
The Great Debaters - Best Darn Movie of 2007 - Period!Carey01-14-08  05:48 pm
He’s become an embarrassmentDoberman2301-14-08  10:05 pm
Tomorrow's DebateTonya01-14-08  10:05 pm
And Now the Academy Award for Best Performance goes to: TO!Doberman2301-14-08  10:09 pm
Too Bad...Too Sad...But I Told Ya So.....Doberman2301-14-08  10:15 pm
Hillary Minimizes Contributions of MLK!!Abm13 01-15-08  11:13 am
Request for New Hampshire Recount GrantedCynique01-15-08  02:17 pm
The Clintons and COCAINECynique01-15-08  03:54 pm
Ma and Pa Clinton Flog Uppity Black ManCynique01-15-08  04:00 pm
The Finally Season of HBO's the Wire is Weak...Troy01-15-08  05:02 pm
Uncle Bills and Aunt HillariesTonya01-15-08  05:31 pm
Why we need Black female "leaders" and radio talk show hostsTonya01-16-08  02:22 pm
Sex or Race? Gloria Steinem: Women Are Never Front-RunnersAbm01-16-08  03:04 pm
Sue Your Drug Dealer - File under: PreposterousMony01-16-08  06:33 pm
Photo Stamps?Troy01-16-08  08:34 pm
What To Do If Your House is HauntedCynique01-17-08  02:43 pm
There Ain't No TruceCynique01-17-08  02:49 pm
Great News for Gamers!Yvettep01-17-08  03:26 pm
Yay!!! Mathews Catches It "Hardball" StyleTonya01-17-08  10:02 pm
The Juice is Loose!Tonya01-17-08  10:26 pm
Something is Rotten in New Hampshire!Robynmarie58 01-18-08  04:33 pm
Bubba is Feeling the Heat!Chrishayden01-19-08  10:16 am
Obama lays the Smackdown on Hillary's lies!Chrishayden01-19-08  11:49 am
If Tonya ain't on the Clinton Payroll, I'll Eat My HatChrishayden01-19-08  11:51 am
The Crappiest Neighbor EverDoberman2301-19-08  07:47 pm
Whites and Hispanics Put Hillary over the TopTonya01-19-08  07:50 pm
Bill Clinton a Boon, After AllTonya01-19-08  07:59 pm
If HIllary Wins The Democratic NominationNels32 01-19-08  09:25 pm
NEVADA Obama won "most delegates"!!!!!Enchanted01-20-08  03:43 am
This May Be the Swan Song for the Marriage of Blacks and the DemocratsCynique14 01-20-08  10:44 am
Obama's Catch 22 PositionCynique01-20-08  03:21 pm
Pastor Manning needs his azz whooped AGAIN!Tonya13 01-21-08  11:27 am
Ain't Nobody Lying on HimChrishayden01-22-08  02:30 pm
Bubba is Busted Lyin' Again!Cynique01-22-08  02:52 pm
A Pyrrhic Victory for Hillary???Cynique25 01-22-08  03:08 pm
2008 Presidential Election PredictionCynique01-22-08  05:33 pm
Speaking of Black Sororities...Yvettep01-23-08  09:44 am
No More "Negro"?Yvettep11 01-23-08  09:48 am
Me'Shell in Concert!Yvettep12 01-23-08  09:49 am
MOMMA SAID KNOCK YOU OUT!!!!!!Chrishayden01-23-08  02:05 pm
Some Friends of BillCynique12 01-23-08  02:16 pm
Bootynose Bill?Cynique01-23-08  02:20 pm
Obama's Clinton EducationCynique01-23-08  02:51 pm
Check out the postcard Bill Clinton sent his Grandmother!Cynique01-23-08  02:54 pm
Hillary's HaremCynique01-23-08  02:57 pm
Dude Got Gangsta!Yvettep14 01-23-08  04:57 pm
Clinton Honored--as First Black PresidentCynique13 01-23-08  06:36 pm
Bill Caught SleepinCynique01-24-08  11:59 am
Preserving an Antebellum African American Town Cynique01-24-08  06:32 pm
Senator Obama Finally Admits To Dealings with SlumlordCynique01-24-08  07:39 pm
Venus: "...A pretty good sight"Abm01-25-08  01:02 am
NYT Endorses ClintonYvettep01-25-08  10:00 am
Something newYvettep12 01-25-08  10:17 am
"The Real Diehl"Yvettep01-25-08  10:18 am
Get Paid To Study ???Robynmarie01-25-08  12:03 pm
Ignoring the 800 lb Gorilla in the roomChrishayden01-25-08  12:06 pm
The Clintons are destroying the Democratic PartyCynique01-25-08  01:53 pm
The Clinton Nursing Home ScamCynique01-25-08  02:05 pm
Obama Nazi's Done Lost Their Damn MindsTonya01-25-08  02:22 pm
Bootynose nods out at Dr. King CeremonyCarey01-25-08  05:31 pm
WHO'S DISTORTING THE FACTS?Nels01-25-08  09:04 pm
Mr. Unity or Spoiler/Sore Loser-In-Chief?Nels15 01-25-08  09:25 pm
How to turn Harvard Law Grad. into Willie HortonNels01-25-08  09:28 pm
Michelle Obama Fights Back!Nels11 01-25-08  09:37 pm
If Obama wants to win...Nels01-25-08  10:18 pm
The Clintons and Tony Rezko!Nels10 01-25-08  10:21 pm
Hillary BOUGHT Rev. ButtsNels01-25-08  10:23 pm
A Bit of News From LiLi..I Am.....Libralind201-26-08  02:47 pm
Major--San Franciso Crhonicle Endores OBama!Enchanted01-27-08  01:58 am
"A President Like My Father" NY Times Op Ed by Caroline Kennedy...Mochascafe15 01-27-08  02:23 pm
Is Winehouse A Good Role Model For Young Fans?Doberman2301-28-08  03:37 am
Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick in BIG trouble...Doberman2301-28-08  03:44 am
GOTDAM! yaaaaaaaaaaaay! CALIFORNIAChrishayden01-28-08  10:21 am
Craig Crawford Slams the MediaCynique01-28-08  10:32 am
Brown is the new black for the ClintionsCynique01-28-08  10:41 am
TONY MORRISON ENDORSES OBAMA!Chrishayden01-28-08  11:20 am
Ted Kennedy "cussed out" Bill Clinton--NY TimesChrishayden01-28-08  11:21 am
So When Obama Gets The Democratic Nod Who's Gonna Be His Running Ma...Yvettep01-28-08  11:24 am
Tom Hayden endorse BarackCynique01-28-08  11:32 am
Evidence-Free Bias Hands Barack Obama South CarolinaTonya01-28-08  11:37 am
I HAVE SEEN THE LIGHT!!Cynique01-28-08  11:38 am
Speaking of Bill...Tonya22 01-28-08  12:01 pm
Bootynose Bill Craps Out!Tonya01-28-08  12:02 pm
I'm not voting if Hillary doesn't winCrystal01-28-08  12:10 pm
Super TuesdayTonya01-28-08  12:30 pm
Kennedy Family Feud, Kathleen Kennedy Releases StatementAbm01-28-08  12:42 pm
Shelby Stelle, Calvin Butts, and the CBC - Go Obama!Cynique01-28-08  02:35 pm
Hmmm, I wonder what them New Negroes are up toTonya01-28-08  02:46 pm
NYT: BILL IS KILLIN HILL!Cynique01-28-08  06:01 pm
But seriously...Cynique01-28-08  09:31 pm
As Obama Rises, Old Guard Civil Rights Leaders ScowlTroy01-29-08  07:07 am
Washington Post Starts Online Magazine for Blacks Tonya01-29-08  12:33 pm
How To Play The Race Card...CLINTON Style!Cynique01-29-08  02:28 pm
Senator Obama's Shady Real Estate DealTonya16 01-29-08  04:21 pm
Kennedys for ClintonTonya01-29-08  04:33 pm
Senator Obama's Racist (Reagan) Comments Yvettep25 01-29-08  05:21 pm
Katrina Trailers: FEMA accused of twisting science Tonya01-29-08  07:54 pm
Would-Be Peacemaker Killed in Kenya Tonya01-29-08  08:01 pm
Regardless of who you're for in the 2008 election...Nels01-29-08  11:15 pm
Pros and Cons of a Black PresidentAbm01-30-08  01:42 pm
Dramatic Photos on the Campaign TrailYvettep01-31-08  09:40 am
John Edwards Drops out of RaceChrishayden01-31-08  01:42 pm
MAXINE WATERS Endorses HILLARY CLINTON Cynique10 01-31-08  02:33 pm
Bootynose Bill Tries to Make Nice?Tonya13 01-31-08  03:09 pm
Tonya and Cynique out for a WalkCynique01-31-08  04:10 pm
Black America: About To Face Its DestinyNels02-01-08  12:44 am
Deval supporters go for ClintonNels02-01-08  12:46 am
Boondocks episodes critical of BET yanked?Yvettep02-01-08  11:09 am
We get it tonyaTonya02-01-08  12:27 pm
Ward Connerly's Super Tuesday for Segregation Chrishayden02-02-08  10:14 am
Bootynose Bill Clinton aka The Thing That Wouldn't LeaveChrishayden02-02-08  10:17 am
Bill Clinton as White Negro?Chrishayden02-02-08  10:56 am
Hillary and Martin Luther KingChrishayden02-02-08  11:14 am
Obama’s Nazi in Skokie Offense against ClintonChrishayden02-02-08  11:37 am
MOCHA ENDORSES OBAMA!!!!Cynique02-02-08  12:06 pm
No matter what, it's a good thingTonya02-02-08  02:39 pm
Kawme kilpatrick (the quick report)Doberman2302-02-08  04:56 pm
Obama Raised $32 Million in January!!!!Tonya02-03-08  11:33 am
NYT: Nuclear Leaks and Response Tested Obama in Senate Tonya02-03-08  11:58 am
Hillary - Yesterday...Obama - Tomorrow?Nels02-03-08  06:56 pm
THE PIECE OF SHYT HAS DONE IT AGAIN Tonya02-04-08  06:37 am
GO F\UCK YOURSELF SENATOR CHENEY Tonya02-04-08  07:02 am
Some Money Got Messed up Last NIGHT!Chrishayden02-04-08  10:09 am
Tapped Out Nation?Renata02-05-08  09:16 am
Study: "Black-ape association" linked to dehumanization & discrimin...Schakspir02-05-08  02:04 pm
WTF? Isnt Maria Shriver wife of a Republican Governor? "Maria Shriv...Renata02-06-08  07:29 am
About TonyaCynique02-06-08  10:44 am
GIFsDoberman2302-06-08  11:39 pm
Grand Rapids, MichiganRobynmarie02-07-08  08:06 am
Celllll-a-brate good times COME ON!!! let’s celebrate!Tonya22 02-07-08  08:12 am
Erica Jong's: Hillary vs. the PatriarchyAbm23 02-07-08  05:18 pm
Oprah, Stevie Wonder and Maria Shriver Campaign for ObamaCynique02-08-08  12:37 pm
I'M READY TO PROJECT A WINNERNels02-08-08  07:52 pm
RNC warns Obama: We punch harder than ClintonCynique02-08-08  09:12 pm
Amiri Baraka Has SpokenCynique02-08-08  09:14 pm
I VOTED FOR OBAMA!!!!Chrishayden02-09-08  10:50 am
A Femnist For ObamaCynique02-09-08  11:52 am
Hillary Clinton Ain't Hardly Presidential!!Cynique02-09-08  11:54 am
Oh Hillary! Say it ain't so.Nels02-09-08  04:54 pm
MSNBC Under Fire for Latest Clinton-Hater RemarkNtfs_encryption13 02-10-08  06:17 am
Media Downplay Widespread Support for HillaryNtfs_encryption02-10-08  06:21 am
The REAL SuperHERO!!!!!!!!!!!Ntfs_encryption12 02-10-08  06:23 am
"Death of the Father"Abm10 02-10-08  09:55 am
DAVID BROOKS: Questions for Dr. Retail Tonya02-10-08  12:38 pm
Take that, Gloria SteinemAbm20 02-10-08  10:33 pm
Ten Year Old Mother...??? Renata31 02-11-08  09:50 am
Obama wins in MAINE!Chrishayden02-11-08  10:30 am
Obama Is Just Flatout BETTER!!!Chrishayden19 02-11-08  11:10 am
Condi--Better stop all those trips to the danger zonesChrishayden02-11-08  11:46 am
TIME BRINGS ABOUT CHANGE!Cynique24 02-11-08  12:29 pm
Can Obama Go All the Way?Cynique16 02-11-08  12:56 pm
Sexist coverage of Hillary brings women to her cornerCynique02-11-08  01:03 pm
Clinton Campaign in Disarray!Renata02-11-08  02:55 pm
A Calumny a Day To Keep Hillary AwayCynique02-11-08  03:10 pm
PredictionEnchanted02-11-08  04:19 pm
Would a REAL femnist support Hillary Clilnton?Enchanted31 02-11-08  04:20 pm
Super-Delegate Speaks Out!Enchanted02-11-08  04:37 pm
"I want a lover with a slow hand..."Abm02-11-08  06:09 pm
It’s a White ThingTonya02-12-08  09:49 am
Nas & Kelis Taking Class & Gender GlobalTonya02-12-08  11:21 am
Brothers, Take Heed. This Could be YOU!Ferociouskitty15 02-12-08  02:05 pm
Words from the Source.Chrishayden02-12-08  02:43 pm
Sexist---or PSYCHIC?Tonya11 02-12-08  03:07 pm
Dreams of our mothersTonya15 02-12-08  04:19 pm
Ohio Texas and PennsylvaniaDoberman2302-12-08  11:53 pm
The Clintonian Spin Goes ‘Round n’ ‘Round...Chrishayden02-13-08  01:22 pm
"In Our Lifetime"?Cynique44 02-13-08  03:44 pm
Another History Making WinDoberman2302-13-08  10:26 pm
Movie QuizDoberman2311 02-13-08  10:31 pm
I'm Voting for Barack Obama - Period! - 1 year AnniversaryCynique50 02-14-08  12:19 pm
Kanye West Craps Out AgainNtfs_encryption17 02-14-08  05:07 pm
Should Senator Obama go BLACK?Ntfs_encryption29 02-14-08  05:31 pm
Why Must I Cry! (Part Two)Sabiana02-15-08  03:03 am
Amazing Double Standard (Roger Clemens)Chrishayden02-16-08  10:07 am
Northern Illinois University ShootingChrishayden02-16-08  10:10 am
The Clinton's Chrishayden02-16-08  11:23 am
Tonya--How does it FEEL?Tonya16 02-16-08  07:50 pm
When Obama is President...Tonya02-16-08  08:13 pm
The Road to Denver Tonya02-16-08  08:50 pm
Divided They Run Tonya02-16-08  09:37 pm
More Sublime to Ridiculous--Aretha Beyonce Feud?Tonya02-17-08  12:23 am
KRUGMAN: Hate Springs Eternal Cynique02-17-08  01:56 pm
An Open Letter to SuperDelegatesNels02-17-08  08:45 pm
Is this true...????Ntfs_encryption02-18-08  03:55 am
Good Book to Read...?Ntfs_encryption02-18-08  03:59 am
"Obamaphilia has gotten CREEPY"Tonya10 02-18-08  12:05 pm
Atlanta: THE LAND OF BLACK MILK & HONEY!!Doberman2315 02-18-08  01:19 pm
Joe Klein: Inspiration vs. SubstanceCynique02-18-08  07:08 pm
Barack Obama wax figureDoberman2302-18-08  07:40 pm
Mp3 fillerDoberman2312 02-18-08  07:56 pm
Herbie's RiverDoberman2302-18-08  09:35 pm
To the Clinton Hillbillies--Don't even THINK about stealing this on...Cynique02-19-08  12:22 pm
It's all in the StarsCynique16 02-19-08  12:57 pm
Bill Clinton: "'Screw It, I'm Running"...Cynique02-19-08  02:47 pm
"Folks, you’ve been played like a fiddle"!!!!Nels02-19-08  09:08 pm
Obama Wins JapanYvettep02-20-08  10:28 am
"Obama Will Walk Your Dog..."Yvettep02-20-08  10:37 am
Bias in school shootings coverage?Ntfs_encryption02-20-08  01:05 pm
Clinton's struggle vexes feminists Cynique02-20-08  03:35 pm
Clinton clings on after latest Obama rout Doberman2302-20-08  04:50 pm
Hillary Clinton’s Feb. 19 Speech Doberman2302-20-08  05:02 pm
FINALLY…Some Truth and Some Common SenseCynique34 02-20-08  11:09 pm
"Raising Obama"Yvettep02-21-08  02:06 pm
Black White House CooksYvettep02-21-08  02:09 pm
"Where Hillary Went Wrong: A Pre PostmortemCynique19 02-21-08  02:58 pm
AbortionFerociouskitty49 02-21-08  03:23 pm
For All of Those Who THINK Hillary's Record in the Senate Is Better...Yvettep28 02-22-08  09:45 am
Cocaine use? Unpatriotic wife? Let the games begin...Cynique02-22-08  04:18 pm
What's THIS now? TEN kicks in the butt?Ntfs_encryption26 02-23-08  03:10 am
"Poverty is Poison"Chrishayden02-23-08  11:57 am
MORE REPORTS: Obama Security "Disappears" At Many EventsNuuon02-23-08  02:43 pm
Obama: Unstoppable (Just like me) HA!Cynique43 02-23-08  08:53 pm
I <heart> Ted RallCynique02-24-08  03:27 pm
Obama got NO Vetoes in HARLEM Precincts???Troy02-24-08  10:53 pm
Obama: Assassination Dry Run by Secret ServiceCynique10 02-24-08  10:59 pm
RIP OMARChrishayden02-25-08  01:30 pm
Getting Our Reputation Back.....???Ntfs_encryption02-25-08  04:11 pm
GOP don't PlayFerociouskitty02-25-08  07:40 pm
VIDEO CLIP: Shows Secret Service Helped Kill Kennedy - Obama Beware!Nuuon02-25-08  09:01 pm
Video---Harlem Minister says "Obama Got a White Mama"Moonsigns02-26-08  11:27 am
All that niggah got is rhetoric and THAT ain’t even his!!!Tonya36 02-26-08  02:39 pm
What is Behind Hillary's Mood Swings?Tonya12 02-26-08  04:35 pm
US military severely strained, officers say.......Doberman2302-26-08  09:49 pm
Is Obamania a Good Thing..????Cynique36 02-26-08  11:44 pm
Saturday Night Live's Version of Hillary vs. Obama [VIDEO]Doberman2302-27-08  12:46 am
"Kendrick Scott: Consulting the Jazz 'Oracle'"Cynique02-27-08  12:57 pm
Raisin of a different kindCynique02-27-08  01:17 pm
Now that we can declare the end to racism...Simeon167 02-27-08  09:58 pm
Is Clinton's black Campaign Manager being duped? Nels10 02-28-08  01:08 am
Hair WarsNtfs_encryption02-29-08  03:32 am
In the spirit of non-HRC/Obama discourse...Ferociouskitty02-29-08  11:26 am
Uncle Thomas still has nothing to say...???Chrishayden11 02-29-08  12:12 pm
Best black tv mom or guardianChrishayden02-29-08  12:12 pm
QUOTE Cynique Ntfs_encryption23 02-29-08  01:46 pm
Calories on the MenuNtfs_encryption02-29-08  02:13 pm
Lizz Wright--OrchardYvettep03-01-08  09:59 am
Clinton Supporter Stabs Obama SupportreCynique03-01-08  12:21 pm
That no talent heifer on News and Notes should take a hike!!!!Cynique03-01-08  12:24 pm
CLINTON RAISES $35 MILLION IN 1 MONTHCynique03-01-08  12:29 pm
"The Wrong Target"Yvettep32 03-01-08  12:36 pm
Citoya Greenwood (activist/resident of Dunbar Village) Relocation F...Ferociouskitty03-01-08  01:03 pm
Did media move Clinton from front-runner to underdog?Cynique16 03-01-08  07:26 pm
The Fear Bomb Falls Flat: Anti-Obama groups flail in desperationRobynmarie03-01-08  10:18 pm
Sammage warz!!!!Ferociouskitty15 03-02-08  10:29 pm
"If Feminism was Wal-Mart..."Cynique03-03-08  12:14 pm
This look says it all !Cynique03-03-08  12:31 pm
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