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GHETTOHEAT's "THE HOTNESS IN THE STREETS!!!" TOUR H_i_c_k_s_o_n01-02-08  12:21 pm
The Best and Worst in Black CinemaChrishayden01-02-08  01:52 pm
Editing or Mutilation--Raymond Carver and Gordon LishUrban_scribe01-02-08  07:54 pm
Blogs Scoured for Book DealsEmanuel01-04-08  06:07 pm
Exalted Members of the Literary Canon--Henry JamesEmanuel01-04-08  10:46 pm
Do You Sell Used Books?Libralind201-04-08  11:22 pm
"...a hardcore, riveting novel"Belletristic01-08-08  10:24 am
" entertaining and thrilling read"Belletristic01-08-08  10:30 am
Fidel Castro: My LifeOsjo7301-10-08  07:44 pm
Carl Weber Green Lights Susan Taylor's Latest BookTroy13 01-10-08  10:29 pm
Fraud Bookseller Finally CaughtCynique01-11-08  07:55 pm
An Imaginary PublicistA_womon39 01-13-08  08:33 pm
"The Kids at Latimar High" Brown Bookshelf NomineeDjcopeland01-15-08  12:22 am
Urban Fiction Giveaway!Belletristic01-16-08  10:22 am, and Join ForcesCarey28 01-16-08  03:03 pm
The Year in [book] AwardsWfcooper01-16-08  03:11 pm
I met another Thumper's Corner Regular Last NightCynique30 01-16-08  04:58 pm
Useful Blog for Freelance WritersEmanuel01-17-08  01:03 am
Tolstoy's WAR AND PEACECrystal01-17-08  05:42 pm
Harry Belafonte, Kola Boof and SUDAN!Nafisa_goma01-18-08  08:30 am
Oldie but Goodie – The Last Dream Before Dawn – D.V. BernardYvettep17 01-18-08  09:10 am
Review of my second book posted on AALBCA_womon01-21-08  12:08 am
Sorry Sorry SorryCarey01-21-08  04:36 pm
Do Traditional Publishers Like Product Placement?Zane10 01-22-08  08:15 pm
More Ghetto Lit. Drama...Urban_scribe56 01-22-08  08:33 pm
The Elements of Style (free online version)Cynique01-23-08  11:30 am
Tavis Smiley Requesting Submissions for New BookRobynmarie01-23-08  09:41 pm
NY Times: 100 Notable Books of 2007 Troy01-24-08  07:59 am
PW's Best Books of the Year: by Staff -- Publishers Weekly, 11/5/20...Troy01-24-08  08:05 am
Strebor Books Starts Book Club/Zane Book Launch Party-February 9, 2008A_womon01-24-08  04:12 pm
ISBN #s For SaleEmanuel01-24-08  05:11 pm
My Book Rooftop Diva released in audio Griot CollectionHen8101-24-08  11:45 pm
A CleverBook Trailer (promotional video)Troy01-28-08  01:24 pm
The Water Cure by Percival EverettNcgirl01-28-08  04:15 pm
HBO to Air "The Black List" DocumentaryTroy01-28-08  08:51 pm
Zane - She tore up my 2007 Best Seller's ListTroy01-28-08  11:06 pm
My Website - Opinions PleaseTroy01-28-08  11:26 pm
Incredible Advertising Option - 1,000,000 Views of Your Book in 1 YearTroy01-29-08  11:05 pm
"...a book worth reading."Belletristic01-30-08  01:03 pm
Felisha Bradshaw on LezNationBelletristic01-31-08  09:10 am
GHETTOHEAT's "THE HOTNESS IN THE STREETS!!! TOUR 2008H_i_c_k_s_o_n01-31-08  10:46 am
2008 ESSENCE LITERARY AWARDS FINALISTS Wfcooper36 01-31-08  11:31 am
Why Is Literary Fiction So Downbeat?Wfcooper01-31-08  11:40 am
Mosaic Magazine Call for WritersEmanuel02-01-08  02:07 pm
Karibu Books is Closing All StoresHen8137 02-01-08  10:56 pm
2008 Essence Literary Awards Nominees - The Votes Have Been Cast!Steve_s02-04-08  09:22 pm
Cellphone Novels?Emanuel02-05-08  04:56 pm
Technology may be speeding up the news cycle, but [not] in publishingUrban_scribe02-06-08  08:33 am
Black Heroes and SheroesRobynmarie02-07-08  08:24 am
RingShout a place for black literatureTroy02-08-08  04:18 pm
JANET HILL Exits Random House/Harlem MoonConnie_briscoe02-08-08  06:49 pm
The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao--Junot Diaz GotsThangChrishayden02-09-08  11:06 am
Giving BackCynique02-10-08  09:45 pm
Emanuel- What do You Think About Writer Friendly Software?A_womon02-10-08  10:38 pm
Career Opportunity: Editorial AssistantBelletristic02-11-08  01:14 pm
Protégé Iman JordanBelletristic02-11-08  01:50 pm
HarperCollins Will Post Free Books on the Web Emanuel02-11-08  05:25 pm
My Interview of Troy JohnsonYvettep02-11-08  06:28 pm
What was the last book that Sean "Diddy" Combs read?Troy02-11-08  07:40 pm
Message from Kola BoofKola_boof02-12-08  04:22 pm
2008 Essence Literary Award Winning Books AnnouncedConnie_briscoe02-13-08  10:45 am
RFP for Official Book Seller at the NAACP Author Pavilion 08'Mochascafe02-13-08  06:08 pm
Behind The Books: A DocumentaryCaleb_alexander02-16-08  12:39 pm
Borders Books: Dinosaur Goes DigitalConnie_briscoe02-18-08  02:22 pm
NAACP Image Award Winners for Literature CategoriesConnie_briscoe02-18-08  02:25 pm - February 2008 NewsletterUrbanreviews02-18-08  03:05 pm
Crabs in the Barrel Libralind202-19-08  09:44 am
Thanks for helping Succulent: Chocolate Flava 2 Become A NY Times B...Chrishayden02-19-08  10:08 am
College Student wins "Debate Team" Advancement PretendingChrishayden02-19-08  11:50 am
Essay critique, please!Robynmarie17 02-19-08  03:37 pm
Interview with Chinua AchebeChrishayden02-21-08  02:46 pm
Fanon by John Edgar WidemanCynique12 02-21-08  02:52 pm
Zane signs Succulent/Cinemax Live Taping at EventZane02-23-08  10:29 am
Does anyone have a photo of Octavia Butler that can use?Troy02-24-08  05:42 pm
Interview with Kim McLarinEmanuel02-25-08  12:10 pm
Felisha Bradshaw: Book Discussion and SigningBelletristic02-28-08  09:24 am
Q&A with Troy JohnsonTroy02-28-08  10:10 am
HOT BOOKS in '08!! Interview with AALBC Founder, Troy Johnson Troy02-28-08  11:37 am
Simba Sana InterviewYvettep02-29-08  10:24 am
Break the 'Street Lit' HabitCynique23 02-29-08  05:51 pm
Cynique's Review of The Lazarus ParableCynique03-01-08  09:52 pm
Trey Ellis "Bedtime Stories"Ferociouskitty03-02-08  01:21 am
Review of Jump at the Sun (and author interview)Cynique03-03-08  02:02 am
March is Small Press MonthBelletristic03-03-08  09:12 am
What are you reading?Cynique26 03-03-08  09:38 pm
From Whom Shall We Seek AdviceJoymarie14 03-04-08  07:43 pm
INCOGNEGROYvettep03-04-08  09:23 pm
Why I Haven't Self PublishedCynique39 03-05-08  10:58 am
Best Selling Author is a Fraud!!Chrishayden03-06-08  01:06 pm
I was on this great panel for Harvard University's AASU.Connie_briscoe13 03-07-08  09:36 am
Angelina Jolie and Winnie Mandela--Which One?Chrishayden03-07-08  12:18 pm
Don't Miss Kola Boof with her PARENTS tomorrowAlexdouglass03-08-08  01:38 pm
The 1st Aannual Ernest J. Gaines Award for Literary Excellence Troy03-08-08  03:06 pm
Looking For Publishing Industry Pros for InterviewsEmanuel03-09-08  05:35 pm
106.1FM's Radio Interview with MIKA MILLER, author of AND GOD CREAT...Mika03-10-08  11:18 am
Who are the most frequently clicked authors?A_womon14 03-10-08  06:51 pm
Rawsistaz Review of my latest book - Fools' HeavenHen8103-12-08  11:17 pm
An "Old-Fashioned" Rent Party for Poet MO BEASLEYA_womon03-13-08  12:52 pm
Register for the Nat'l Book Club Conf and save $50Troy03-14-08  09:10 am
I got PMS!Chrishayden03-15-08  10:34 am
Stuff TC Posters LikeChrishayden03-15-08  11:20 am
Paul Beatty on Barak ObamaChrishayden03-17-08  10:05 am
New Book about Pulitzer-Winning PhotoChrishayden03-17-08  11:25 am
Free Homepage AdvertisingA_womon11 03-17-08  06:55 pm
Reading grown-up booksLibralind203-17-08  08:28 pm
Another lying "memoirist"Ferociouskitty03-18-08  01:42 pm
A Sincere "THANK YOU!" For your support!A_womon03-18-08  06:07 pm
This Writer Kicks Ass (WORD!)Kola_boof03-20-08  07:36 pm
McNally Jackson Bookstore is looking to ExpandTroy03-21-08  12:51 pm
The Black Library Booksellers co-founder Lloyd E. Hart, Jr. passesTroy03-22-08  10:00 pm
Be Careful Who You Pitch--Did the Big O swipe the Big Give?Cynique03-24-08  11:52 am
NAACP AUTHOR PAVILION AUTHOR CALLMochascafe03-24-08  02:53 pm
A Shoutout to My Wifey: Dr. Sheila CarpenterCynique03-24-08  09:31 pm
My Chat With Lee McDonald of Karibu BooksFerociouskitty23 03-25-08  10:01 pm
How Can I Get Someone Else to Pay for my MFA?Emanuel03-25-08  11:06 pm
Why Self-Publishers Need Cold Calling SkillsEmanuel03-27-08  12:46 am
What is the last book that Thandie Newton Read?Chrishayden03-28-08  10:13 am
What is Actor, Basketballer Rick Fox reading?Chrishayden03-29-08  10:09 am
Dr.Maya AngelouChrishayden03-29-08  10:16 am
Kam Williams--Interview Gil Scott Heron!!!Chrishayden03-29-08  10:49 am
Books on the election of 2007-2008Nattytom03-31-08  12:44 pm
Borders in trouble-State of future shelf space?Troy10 04-01-08  09:56 pm
Hypnosis as a Writing TechniqueYvettep04-02-08  11:46 am
New Book: Outed ObsessionKwright04-02-08  05:48 pm
Amazon POD policy may push POD books to reader levelHen8104-03-08  12:33 pm
Sisters Nineties BlogspotChrishayden04-03-08  02:26 pm
The Real Deal Behind Why Men Go to Brazil for SexRondall04-03-08  04:06 pm
"Push", the movieFerociouskitty04-04-08  01:01 pm
Black Issues Book Review Magazine - Where Are You?A_womon10 04-05-08  10:44 pm
Just Like a Girl: A Manifesta! Pre-sale under way nowFerociouskitty04-07-08  12:09 am
Junot Díaz - Wins 2008 Pulitzer Prize in FictionArioso_hum04-09-08  02:46 pm
Bob Miller to head new HarperCollins profit-sharing imprintEmanuel04-10-08  07:30 pm
Junot Diaz InterviewChrishayden04-12-08  11:26 am
Changes at Amazon on POD booksUrban_scribe18 04-12-08  11:50 am
Harry Belafonte illCynique13 04-14-08  01:13 pm
Gangbuster ComicsChrishayden04-16-08  11:30 am
GHETTOHEAT ANNOUNCEMENTH_i_c_k_s_o_n04-16-08  03:53 pm
Baby needs a new pair of shoes OR Buy StuffA_womon04-17-08  09:10 am
Oprah's - A New Earth Web EventChrishayden13 04-17-08  12:49 pm
Along the Way by our very own Cynique!Cynique34 04-18-08  04:48 pm
Black Owned BookstoresTroy11 04-20-08  01:11 pm
This Thread.....FOR WOMEN ONLY!Cynique04-20-08  11:37 pm
Art sanctuary's 24th annual celebration of black writing festival, ...Artsanctuary04-21-08  10:22 am
Tonya! Whazzup?Chrishayden04-21-08  03:00 pm
"Revisiting a Classic"Chrishayden04-22-08  02:26 pm
Charles Saunders websiteChrishayden04-22-08  02:44 pm
Black Classic Press and The Tempest Tales and The Beautiful StruggleTroy04-23-08  12:34 pm
BEA 2008 - All the Info Fit to Print & Exhibitors WantedTroy04-23-08  09:39 pm
PEN World Voices Festival of International LiteratureTroy04-24-08  08:16 am
Stanley Crouch on Tyler PerryA_womon58 04-24-08  05:08 pm
Harry Potter and the price of GreedCynique11 04-26-08  02:14 pm
The Boogie Down clique novels: getting' some love from,,,Djcopeland04-27-08  09:29 am
Kola Boof FBI ProbeNafisa_goma04-29-08  06:06 pm
The REAL Reader's Choice AwardsTroy04-30-08  11:04 pm
So Herschel Walker has multiple personalities?!Chrishayden05-01-08  12:26 pm
Netflix for BooksEmanuel05-02-08  03:35 pm
Is Commercial Success For Hacks Only?Nom_de_plume16 05-02-08  06:59 pm
Black Brothers Inc. by Sean Patrick GriffinChrishayden05-03-08  10:46 am
Florida to Host the Historic Black Writers Reunion & ConferenceTroy05-05-08  11:47 am's 25 Best Selling Books - Mar 1 thru Apr 30 2008Troy05-05-08  02:13 pm
Gospel of the Gun-New WesternReviewguy05-05-08  03:24 pm
Check out the novelist Whitney J. LeblancThumper05-08-08  11:02 pm
The Winners of the 2008 Emma Awards are:Urbanreviews05-09-08  10:15 pm
Video Clip from the Self-Publishing Symposium 2008Troy05-10-08  09:04 am
Malaika Adero has been promoted to Vice President, Senior EditorZane05-10-08  11:18 am
The most frequently read posts of the year.Mochascafe05-11-08  09:49 am
"Gaming for Love"Nancy_lee05-12-08  08:28 pm
Nominations for the 4th Annual African American Literary Awards Sho...Troy05-13-08  11:52 am
A Tribute to's 10th Anniversary Troy23 05-14-08  01:59 pm
Dr. Boyce WatkinsChrishayden05-14-08  02:31 pm
My new obsessionYvettep05-15-08  11:46 am
Very Funny Video - Authors will defintely relateA_womon05-15-08  10:27 pm
The Writer Magazine: 10 Things to Know Before You Self-publishEmanuel05-18-08  09:16 am
50-Line Signatures and Not a Damn Book SoldMochascafe05-18-08  02:44 pm
New Book--Complete Lies!Chrishayden05-19-08  10:15 am
Okay Chris, you asked for it.Carey05-19-08  01:13 pm
I'm Back!!Carey20 05-19-08  01:26 pm
Marketing vs book salesHen8105-20-08  09:45 pm
Chronicles of a Lesser-Known WriterAuthorterralittle05-21-08  02:14 am
NEW BOOK: A SECOND TO DIEJohn_lilton05-21-08  02:39 pm
Running from Mercy by Terra LittleAuthorterralittle05-22-08  12:49 am Founder on Literary Nation Talk Radio KABF Radio FM 88.3 Troy05-22-08  10:53 am
Kola Boof SLAPS Paris Hilton! Alexdouglass05-24-08  01:35 am
GHETTOHEAT BLAZES AT BEA 2008H_i_c_k_s_o_n05-24-08  11:17 am
What is Afrofuturism?Chrishayden05-24-08  11:52 am
I just LOVE sunday mornings, don't you...listen.Carey10 05-25-08  08:59 pm
National Black Book Festival - ReportHen8114 05-28-08  06:00 pm
Sunday's Stream Of Consciousness.Carey05-29-08  12:08 pm
What effect will soaring energy prices have on the book biz?Troy05-29-08  07:48 pm
HELLO THUMPERCarey05-30-08  08:07 pm
Rebecca Walker's WAR against Alice WalkerKola_boof05-31-08  12:03 am
To Troy.Kola_boof05-31-08  05:15 am
Can White Men Jump? Weigh InAuthorterralittle26 06-01-08  02:16 am
SundaySisg06-02-08  07:09 pm
What's everybody reading?Steve_s37 06-03-08  12:41 pm
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GHETTOHEAT!!!H_i_c_k_s_o_n06-04-08  10:09 am
ANN COULTERSchakspir06-04-08  12:00 pm
Sorry for my sudden disappearanceTroy06-04-08  05:34 pm
Booksellers talk big, act quietly at conventionTroy06-04-08  09:06 pm
Hi Every - I'm C.F. - I'm New Here :o)Cfjackson06-05-08  11:56 am
BEA Report---Troy JohnsonTroy16 06-05-08  04:33 pm
The Book World - 1 Year from nowTroy06-06-08  03:37 pm
"Gaming for Love"Nancy_lee06-06-08  08:50 pm
Website Makeover Workshop for Authors & WritersCfjackson06-09-08  01:55 pm
Publisher sues Victoria Gotti over book advanceCfjackson06-09-08  02:01 pm
Is Your Website Address Marketable?Cfjackson06-09-08  02:05 pm
Bookstores like Yogurt ShopsChrishayden06-10-08  02:38 pm
The Glyph Awards 2008Troy06-10-08  05:03 pm
Amazon's Website has been down for a couple of hoursFerociouskitty27 06-12-08  05:09 pm
Video - Author, J.D. Mason, A Proud Lurker Troy06-13-08  01:33 pm
Video - Kassahun Checole - Required ViewingTroy06-13-08  01:47 pm
Put an ad banner on your website or blog and earn $4.00 f...Troy06-14-08  02:45 pm
Inheriting the Trade: A Northern Family Confronts Its Legacy as the...Troy06-14-08  09:06 pm
Parts of a whole!Carey14 06-14-08  09:56 pm
What Does Your Email Address Say About You?Cfjackson06-16-08  01:27 pm
The Happening - Film Review by Kam WilliamsRondall06-17-08  12:39 pm
Videos - Nat'l Black Book Fest. Houston, TXRondall06-18-08  08:44 am
Mosaic MagazineFerociouskitty06-18-08  08:56 am
Black Masculinity Essay ContestChrishayden06-21-08  10:32 am
Death of the "point-virgule"?Cynique06-21-08  10:50 pm
Black Writers Reunion & ConferenceA_womon12 06-22-08  10:09 pm
Did You Know Flash, Videos & Music Are Killing Websites?Cfjackson06-23-08  01:07 pm
The Incredible Hulk - Film Review by Kam WilliamsCarey06-23-08  01:20 pm
Eric Jerome Dickey Carey13 06-23-08  02:08 pm
Taking a Summer Vacation!Emanuel06-23-08  04:02 pm
After the MFA-Good ArticleYvettep06-24-08  01:56 pm
In Search of Nella Larsen by George Hutchinson..its an old one but ...Chrishayden14 06-26-08  02:19 pm
Favorite Non African American Authors?Vanders21 06-27-08  05:27 pm
Suggestions!Carey13 06-29-08  01:22 am
Resources for WritersAfrika06-29-08  08:43 am
What's everyone 06-29-08  11:25 pm
Harlem Godfather: WHICH COVER IS BETTERVanders13 06-30-08  08:00 pm
Did we just go through our own Renaissance and didn't know it?Yukio16 07-01-08  12:05 am
A Sample of some Hardcore Hard Sci FiChrishayden07-01-08  02:15 pm
IUniverse vs Publish America - or neither?904diva07-01-08  03:31 pm
Singers/Song lyrics included in a fiction book?904diva24 07-01-08  03:38 pm
Literary Agent Sues Sites for Ruining Her ReputationEmanuel07-01-08  09:36 pm
Knocking at the golden gateHen8107-01-08  11:02 pm
Calling Terra Little!Authorterralittle07-02-08  03:14 pm
"'Slumberland' Offers High Ambitions, Low Comedy"Carey11 07-02-08  04:21 pm
Private Chat on Thumper's CornerYvettep23 07-02-08  06:47 pm
GHETTOHEAT BLAZES AT THE HARLEM BOOK FAIR 2008H_i_c_k_s_o_n07-02-08  08:07 pm
Found treasuresFerociouskitty19 07-02-08  11:36 pm
Cinder by Albert French -- Carey, Cynique one of you should have to...Mike_e14 07-03-08  08:15 am
Fledging by Octavia ButlerCynique19 07-03-08  12:23 pm
Sassy by Gloria Mallette - In stores July 16, 2008Shevi07-07-08  09:18 am
Omar Tyree retires from Urban LiteratureYvettep32 07-07-08  12:42 pm
Video: Amiri Baraka: Evolution of a Revolutionary Poet Ferociouskitty12 07-08-08  10:39 pm
GHETTOHEAT HOTNESS: CHARLES D. ELLISONH_i_c_k_s_o_n07-09-08  09:32 am
"Goodnight Bush"Yvettep07-09-08  04:16 pm
Anyone heard of Enaz Publishing?Afrika07-10-08  06:06 am
Boston Book Bazaar 2008Nishawnda07-11-08  12:52 am
Little victoriesRondall07-11-08  08:16 am
Freelancing 101Chrishayden07-11-08  11:43 am
Zane's Apology for the Status of Today's WorldTroy19 07-11-08  12:03 pm
Paul Beatty in the Village VoiceChrishayden07-11-08  12:51 pm
Black Science FictionCac07-12-08  01:41 pm
Cost of Self Publishing?Cynique54 07-12-08  09:32 pm
Sci Fi Rant (from the Notorious BIG of SF)Troy07-13-08  02:46 pm
Harlem Book Fair InformationCac07-13-08  02:52 pm
I'm depressed!! Blonde Faith by Walter MosleyThumper32 07-14-08  07:39 pm Sells Books Too!Troy07-15-08  11:31 am
Toni Morrison's new novel - A MercyCynique07-15-08  06:10 pm
New Bookstore Opens - Asante Books - Forestville, MdAfrika07-15-08  09:39 pm
New Social Site for African--American writersAfrika07-16-08  09:33 am
Winning Query Letter Samples?Emanuel13 07-16-08  08:05 pm
Carey, here's one for you...US Stamps featuring Black CinemaCarey07-16-08  11:48 pm
Amazon Added Search Inside To My Book?Emanuel07-16-08  11:56 pm
Traditional vs. Self-Published Real Life ExampleHen8107-17-08  12:16 am
Wishing I lived in Chi-townFerociouskitty07-17-08  11:52 am
Is NanoWriMo's 50,000-word goal misleading?Ferociouskitty07-19-08  08:25 am
Insight from a little girlDisciple72407-20-08  03:25 pm
Why Do We Read?/Why Are We Writers?Cynique62 07-20-08  09:40 pm
Stephen Carter signs The Palace Council 7/15 @ Union SquareNom_de_plume12 07-21-08  04:47 pm
Library Book Sales BumpCfjackson07-21-08  05:15 pm
Having fun with a book videoCfjackson07-21-08  05:48 pm
Santuary by William Faulkner - Low & CheapThumper17 07-21-08  06:10 pm
Book Titles/Books In Print?Hen8107-21-08  07:58 pm
Anyone Having Success with ebooksHen8107-21-08  08:11 pm
Quick Question for DTEmanuel07-21-08  08:19 pm
Recommended Books on Revision?A_womon12 07-22-08  09:44 pm
Miracle at St. Anna - The MovieCarey07-23-08  12:12 am
"My Baby Rides the Short Bus" (an anthology)Ferociouskitty07-23-08  12:17 am
Are We There Yet/ Is It Sunday?Yvettep16 07-23-08  06:56 pm
Does media content play a major role on our social-economic condition?Cynique46 07-23-08  11:29 pm
Wendy Williams & Omarosa Book ClashThumper14 07-24-08  01:37 am
"Street Cred: Expanding the Canon of African-American Literature" ...Ferociouskitty07-24-08  11:07 pm
Just a couple of things since I'm sitting at an ergo keyboardCynique36 07-26-08  01:56 am
My Music -Right NowSteve_s14 07-26-08  01:59 am
Websites that Support Black BooksTroy07-26-08  01:31 pm
Lil' Kim & Foxy Brown Renege on BooksTroy07-26-08  01:54 pm
The books all college freshmen should have readEmanuel07-26-08  09:08 pm
Cover TalkChrishayden07-27-08  03:31 pm
The Hamlet by William FaulknerSteve_s07-27-08  09:34 pm
I just LOVE sunday mornings, don't you...listen.2Cynique07-28-08  04:26 pm
What do you think about this cover?Ferociouskitty14 07-28-08  05:06 pm
Rx for "Reader's Regret"?Thumper15 07-29-08  09:29 pm
Have you heard of the "National Black Book Award"?Troy07-29-08  10:42 pm
CNN's Black In AmericaTroy07-30-08  09:00 am
I finished Cinder by Albert FrenchCynique07-30-08  11:44 am
Out of print books and publisher's contractThumper07-30-08  09:48 pm
The End of the Black American Narrative by Charles JohnsonYukio14 07-31-08  04:24 pm
Favorite story collections by black authors?Nom_de_plume44 07-31-08  05:11 pm
Troy, Sisgal are we on for dinner Fri or what?Ferociouskitty18 08-01-08  07:02 am
Quick Question/Survey: What Does This Book Cover Say To You?Authorterralittle20 08-04-08  09:15 pm
Troy and SisgalA_womon08-05-08  07:21 am
Vote for your favorite Authors - The African American Literary Awar...Nom_de_plume11 08-05-08  09:00 pm
Is Steven Barnes the dean of African American SF writers?Thumper08-06-08  08:26 pm
My Books go on Strike to get on Oprah - VideoCynique08-07-08  12:36 pm
National Book Club ConferenceCynique29 08-07-08  09:54 pm
For 904Diva904diva08-08-08  02:40 pm
GHETTOHEAT's THE HOTNESS IN THE STREETS!!! TOUR 2008H_i_c_k_s_o_n08-08-08  04:34 pm
GHETTOHEAT HOTNESS: CHARLES D. ELLISONH_i_c_k_s_o_n08-08-08  04:37 pm
AN EXCERPT FROM TANTRUMH_i_c_k_s_o_n08-08-08  04:40 pm
GHETTOHEAT's HAVING A TANTRUMH_i_c_k_s_o_n08-08-08  04:43 pm
CHARLES D. ELLISON'S INTERVIEWH_i_c_k_s_o_n08-08-08  04:52 pm
Don't Play That Song For MeCynique08-09-08  10:56 am
I have a little questionCynique54 08-11-08  10:22 pm
Spotlight on two authors: Toni Cade Bambara and Paule MarshallChrishayden08-13-08  10:34 am
Woman Televangelist Arrested Naked In Heels(Video)Rondall08-13-08  06:14 pm
Authors read the fine printHen8108-13-08  10:33 pm
Literary Soapbox - New Blog Presented By Urban ReviewsUrbanreviews08-14-08  04:22 am
I got a saying for yawl!Yvettep08-14-08  07:49 am
Tulisoma - Book Fair in DallasHen8108-14-08  11:00 am
A cute clip of the real Queen and KingYvettep08-14-08  07:16 pm
Ralph Ellison's Invisible Man--Too Much Cussin'?Emanuel10 08-15-08  02:56 pm
Jerry Wexler diedChrishayden08-16-08  10:04 am
Trey Ellis on a possible October SurpriseChrishayden08-16-08  11:23 am
The Gayle Jones ThreadChrishayden11 08-18-08  11:26 am
Hey Thumper!Carey08-18-08  11:36 am
HICKSON @ HARLEM BOOK FAIR 2OO8H_i_c_k_s_o_n08-18-08  07:55 pm
"Walter Dean Myers, A 'Bad Boy' Makes Good"Vanders08-19-08  03:34 pm
"The Legacy Of A Nation's 'Native Son'"Thumper08-19-08  08:00 pm
Getting a WebsiteStaceyn10 08-20-08  10:37 pm
Deal with the Devil?Steve_s08-24-08  12:02 am
Where can I find a book reviewer/critique?Emanuel28 08-24-08  09:02 am
Thumper's popular "No Holds Barred" book reviews are back! ...Carey08-24-08  04:35 pm
Mat Johnson's Niggerati ManorNom_de_plume26 08-24-08  06:22 pm
Maybe the glory days of "high brow" AA lit was BEFORE "Exhale"...Ferociouskitty17 08-25-08  10:40 am
My Book Review Days Are OverRondall08-25-08  03:24 pm
How's the summer reading going?Steve_s35 08-27-08  02:00 pm Invites You to Awards Show - FreeA_womon08-27-08  02:09 pm
Has anyone ever dealt with Nevaeh Publishing?904diva08-27-08  06:50 pm
AA author biographies: why are they so BIG!?Thumper26 08-28-08  12:09 am
White Rat: stories by Gayl JonesNom_de_plume08-28-08  02:31 am
Looking for members - Harlem Chapter - The CWMYB Book ClubTroy08-28-08  10:41 am
Are you a Lesser-Known Writer?Carey45 08-29-08  01:18 am
New City for Writers - Space Available!Authorterralittle08-31-08  03:55 am
Little Black Sambo SymposiumChrishayden09-03-08  12:16 pm
Faith Evans Autobiography: Keep The FaithTroy09-05-08  06:18 pm
D T, T O and Victoria Rowell at Tulisoma Bookfair Dallas (Photos)...Troy09-06-08  12:34 pm People Come to Antigua in NovemberTroy09-06-08  12:37 pm
CFS: Down to The Wire: An Anthology of Black Thought on HBO's Great...Ferociouskitty09-06-08  06:11 pm
"Listen up, females..."Yvettep25 09-07-08  07:23 pm
Thump's show timeSoul_sister09-11-08  05:14 pm
Interesting "Nat Turner Author" Article at NY TimesChrishayden09-12-08  12:13 pm
Trouble the Water (Katrina Documentary) - Film ReviewJackie09-12-08  10:24 pm
"Zane's Sex Chronicles" on the Big Screen this Friday in NYC...Libralind217 09-14-08  10:22 am
A few random thoughtsThumper09-14-08  04:09 pm
The "Support" Book BuyTroy09-15-08  09:21 pm
Blood Colony by Tananarive DueYvettep09-17-08  09:09 am
GHETTOHEAT ON ULR 9.18.08H_i_c_k_s_o_n09-18-08  01:54 am
GHETTOHEAT INTERVIEWH_i_c_k_s_o_n09-19-08  10:55 am
The Yale Series of Younger PoetsChrishayden09-19-08  11:31 am
Call out: Where is Zelda Lockhart and Delores Phillips!?!Emanuel09-20-08  01:59 pm
I met Tracy Price-Thompson in HawaiiNafisa_goma09-23-08  12:26 pm
Fuhrer's Heart: An American StoryMitchellb99909-23-08  06:37 pm
Zane Presents the Judge Mathis Book Release PartyNom_de_plume09-24-08  01:45 am
Attention Troy JohnsonNom_de_plume09-24-08  01:56 am
Humans Actually Need Good StoriesYvettep09-24-08  10:22 am
Bodyslick by John SibleyChrishayden09-24-08  11:21 am
Critique of "Palace Council"Cynique09-24-08  12:15 pm
Never As Good As The First TimeEmanuel09-25-08  09:05 pm
Can Black Authors Live Only on Black Support?Yvettep20 09-28-08  11:00 am
Light in August by William FaulknerSteve_s27 09-28-08  04:30 pm
Read any "why have I waited so long to read this" books? Beloved...Thumper09-28-08  04:35 pm
Author Gets Removed from National Book Club Conference Schakspir62 09-29-08  04:24 pm
Thump ...I thought I'd never say this...Carey20 10-02-08  10:33 am
3rd Annual Up South International Book FestivalTroy10-03-08  06:28 pm
African American Literary Awards Show - 2008 NYCCarey10-04-08  02:35 am
The Devil Take the Hindmost by Edward ChancellorChrishayden10-06-08  11:04 am
RNC Sarah Palin commentary YouTube Video904diva10-07-08  04:50 pm
Recent Book Reviews by ThumperZane10-07-08  05:56 pm
US writers too "insular" to competeSteve_s12 10-09-08  09:45 pm
Hollyween Countdown!Chrishayden10-11-08  11:02 am
Zane Leads Strebor Books Into Its 10th YearTroy10-11-08  12:58 pm
What Famous Black Folks Are ReadingTroy10-11-08  03:29 pm
GHETTOHEAT BLAZES CIRCLE OF SISTERS 2008 Nom_de_plume10-13-08  02:35 pm
What are you reading?Schakspir40 10-13-08  04:54 pm
"THAT ONE" IS VERY CLOSE... By William Fredrick CooperCarey10 10-14-08  08:23 pm
Going Down South by Bonnie J. Glover - Book Review by ThumperBonnie14 10-15-08  07:14 pm
21 Nights by Prince book Review by ThumperYvettep10-16-08  12:54 pm
Graphic Novel: The Life of M.F. GrimmYvettep10-16-08  12:56 pm
The Re:Verse Literary Conference 2008 (NYC)Troy10-16-08  10:50 pm
Move over, Morgan Freeman...Libralind210-17-08  04:46 pm
(Call for Submissions) Don't Hate the Game: Sports Fiction by Black...Yvettep10-22-08  10:38 am
Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie wins MacArthur Genius Grant!!Crystal10-22-08  12:06 pm
THE HANDS ARE ON THE PRIZE by William Fredrick CooperWfcooper10-24-08  09:40 am
Well...the REAL Sarah Palin is beginning to show her true COLORS!!!...904diva10-24-08  02:12 pm
The Root's Fall Reading GuideSteve_s11 10-24-08  03:39 pm
Your Favorite Fictional Character?Cynique11 10-25-08  12:03 pm
Boxing Fans: Sam Langford: Boxing’s Greatest Uncrowned Champion - B...Carey43 10-26-08  02:00 pm
Obama’s Grandparents; perceptions of family & raceCynique10-26-08  07:09 pm
Obituary of ('Kam' Williams' Mom) Floraine Beatrice Williams ...Libralind210-27-08  07:37 pm
CLOSING AGRUMENT: Will The Truth Set Us Free? by William Fredrick C...Wfcooper10-28-08  11:30 am
GHETTOHEAT HOTNESS CONTINUES...H_i_c_k_s_o_n10-30-08  10:23 am
Winter's Coming...Warm Up With "Where There's Smoke" NOW!...Authorterralittle11-03-08  02:18 am
Carey's review of Kam's reviewsA_womon11 11-03-08  02:44 pm
GHETTOHEAT SUPREMEH_i_c_k_s_o_n11-05-08  12:25 pm
Terrance Howard Bounced from New Iron Man FlickChrishayden11-07-08  10:52 am
On Receiving My Last Issue of "The Writer"Cynique11-07-08  01:11 pm
New Toni Morrison Novel OutChrishayden11-10-08  10:49 am
So many thoughts!Carey10 11-15-08  11:52 am
Call for Submissions: Down to the WireFerociouskitty11-15-08  07:16 pm
Antigua & Barbuda Int'l Literary Festival was a Blast!Cynique11-18-08  01:28 pm
I didn't walk out of this movie!Carey11 11-18-08  07:31 pm
Nelson George: Elevating the GameHarlemboy11-19-08  12:32 pm
Harlem Jazz EssayHarlemboy11-19-08  12:38 pm
Bombing Babylon (graffiti fiction)Harlemboy11-19-08  12:44 pm
Holiday Book BuyingCarey11-19-08  02:28 pm
OBIT: Charles WrightYvettep19 11-23-08  01:40 pm
What a week; it's sunday morning!Carey15 11-24-08  01:02 pm
Midnight - Sister SouljahLibralind214 11-25-08  10:59 pm
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!Yvettep11-29-08  11:33 am
American Folk Legend Odetta DeadThumper12-03-08  01:32 am
Congrats to Annette Gordon-Reed for winning the National Book AwardThumper12-04-08  12:15 am
Equiano, the African: Biography of a Self-Made ManSoul_sister12-04-08  04:12 pm
I'm still hereSteve_s12-05-08  07:05 pm
Gather Together In My Name by Tracy Price-ThompsonEmanuel11 12-05-08  11:17 pm
CyniqueChrishayden12-06-08  11:36 am
My Open Letter to Sister Souljah...For What its Worth....Mochascafe12-08-08  05:32 pm
Listen To An Audio Book Preview Hen8112-08-08  09:10 pm
The Adventures of Grand Master FlashZane12-11-08  12:15 pm
My girl NeNe got evicted!!Zane12-11-08  12:16 pm
The State of Black EroticaZane12-11-08  12:20 pm
Christmas releases - moviesCarey12-12-08  02:14 pm
Have Mercy Libralind212-13-08  09:23 pm
New "Tween" Series Recommendations?Yvettep12-14-08  08:41 pm
Christmas CDs -- I am getting old!Cynique10 12-17-08  12:46 am
I Blew Up My WebsiteChrishayden12-17-08  10:41 am
Obama, the PoetChrishayden11 12-19-08  01:23 pm
The best Christmas gift I can give you is....Nom_de_plume12-19-08  09:19 pm
The Writing LifeCynique11 12-19-08  11:56 pm
Deceased Black AuthorsTroy12-22-08  01:17 pm
Reading Too Much Into RaceCynique16 12-27-08  02:06 pm
Turn your head, I am about to throw a year of snowballs.Yvettep11 12-27-08  05:09 pm
Book Market Hammered on Both EndsHen8112-27-08  08:42 pm
What is a book in 2008?Cynique12-28-08  09:27 pm
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