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I'm a newbie!idrissa11 01-05-04  01:44 pm
The Last Samuraiyukio01-06-04  02:06 am
Presently, who is the dominant black female author Anonymous40 01-06-04  02:55 pm
The Other Woman by Eric Jerome Dickey -- The End of a Love AfffairSarai41 01-07-04  02:03 pm
Where are your books?idrissa31 01-08-04  12:25 am
Hip Hop Lit, an empowering resource for our peopleyukio65 01-08-04  05:14 pm
DARK THINGS THE NEWEST NOVEL!-by David M. Humphrey Sr.P wiebe01-09-04  07:31 pm
Black southern male we have any?paulette22 01-09-04  07:35 pm
Literary ResolutionsTee C. Royal15 01-09-04  10:55 pm
Naughty or NiceTee C. Royal01-09-04  10:59 pm
Has anyone read Married Men by Carl Weber?Tee C. Royal01-09-04  11:16 pm
First Editon Books by AA WritersTee C. Royal01-09-04  11:25 pm
Going against the grain is actually quite pleasant.Radiah15 01-10-04  08:39 am
Readers Who Also WriteAnonymous16 01-10-04  04:58 pm
Book Covers...I am still a cover personAnonymous73 01-11-04  12:14 am
Chocolate Flava--Zane Does it Again--and again--andCynique10 01-11-04  12:51 am
The Darkest ChildAnita01-11-04  08:02 am
Wheres Thump at?Thumper01-11-04  12:11 pm
EJD FANS...Kathleen Cross01-11-04  05:39 pm
MAJOR EVENT...on MLK Los AngelesNanette Fuller01-11-04  06:39 pm
More on MinionThumper63 01-11-04  09:31 pm
DARK MATTER Giveaway & Reading!Sheree Renée Thomas 01-12-04  05:15 am
Book clubs VS bookstoresCmack01-12-04  09:49 am
EDJ the other woman is it really that good? or overated opinions pl...Anonymous01-12-04  04:35 pm
The New Year -- Books, books, books and more booksCarey01-13-04  05:18 pm
EntangledCarey18 01-13-04  05:43 pm
Thumper's Corner, THE MOVIE.Thumper49 01-13-04  08:45 pm
Hey everyone, I'm backLinda01-13-04  11:46 pm
BAB of all BABsbkwteam23 01-14-04  02:34 pm
The Good House by Tananarive Duebkwteam01-14-04  02:41 pm
Must Read Books!bkwteam96 01-14-04  03:07 pm
LoveAnonymous01-14-04  03:38 pm
InPrint Goes Out of PrintJustTheFacts11 01-14-04  03:40 pm
Intro to new novelRED13 01-15-04  07:21 pm
Search your name!Carey01-15-04  09:45 pm
"Gonna Lay Down My Burdons" by Mary MonroeRadiah01-16-04  06:58 am
Smart Readers...Anywhere?Carey65 01-16-04  01:47 pm
Thumper's Corner ......THE MOVIE! Mad Mama01-16-04  06:49 pm
Carey, what's up?Carey01-17-04  03:18 am
Reviews how helpful are they for book sales?Chris Hayden01-17-04  10:45 am
Visiting.The Gang...Ant,Lori 01-17-04  07:40 pm
The Coldest Winter Everyukio56 01-19-04  11:05 am
Who is the best street fiction writer to date.ABM75 01-19-04  02:27 pm
More on the Vanguarde StoryABM01-19-04  08:27 pm
Gloria Mallette will be in the house February 4, 2004 @ 8 PM ESTThumper01-20-04  08:50 pm
**Now Playing** Thumper's Corner.......THE MOVIECynique45 01-21-04  11:30 am
Classics of Erotica?Cynique14 01-21-04  11:54 am
We have some new reviews up.Cynnara Collins01-21-04  10:31 pm
Thumper's Corner...........THE MOVIE.......cond,StopdaPresses01-22-04  10:52 am
Books vs. Audio BooksABM01-22-04  02:14 pm
New book: A Love Letter To Black Men...Bayou Lights01-22-04  03:53 pm
Superfly has died.Chris Hayden01-24-04  11:04 am
An important book - Escape from SlaveryRED01-24-04  06:51 pm
Dark Corner by Brandon Massey... your thoughts?Zane01-24-04  09:00 pm
On Percival Everettyukio19 01-25-04  01:24 am
A new review website-A Nu Twista FlavahCarey01-25-04  02:17 am
Essence best seller listBayou Lights01-25-04  09:39 pm
Omar Tyree-The Other WomanSarai25 01-26-04  12:23 pm
National Book Critics Circle Nomineesyukio10 01-26-04  02:43 pm
New York Times Book Review to De emphasize Literary FictionThumper01-26-04  10:25 pm
Comments on Chief Moose's book-any?Lambd11 01-27-04  03:58 pm
Favorite AA Mystery/Crime WritersMsveevah16 01-28-04  03:16 pm
It's time to be honest -- for fans and writers of the U-go-girl boo...Msveevah01-28-04  03:41 pm
NEED FOR BLACK SCI-FIMsveevah12 01-28-04  03:47 pm
Martin Luther King/ Civil Rights BooksYukio104 01-29-04  03:22 pm
Drinking Coffee Elsewhere by ZZ PackerCrystal20 01-30-04  04:23 pm
Szirine - ezine with excerpts and short-stories by African authorsNl1108702-02-04  04:57 pm
CWMYB January selection: The First Thing Smoking by Nelson EubanksThumper02-03-04  04:13 pm
Laelia by Ruth Miriam GarnettCrystal02-03-04  06:24 pm
The battle of the sexes...ain't it time to stop and re-evaluate the...Cynique02-03-04  06:31 pm
The Man in My Basement by Walter MosleyYukio38 02-03-04  08:55 pm
A reading by bell hooksScullars02-04-04  08:24 pm
Intimacy: Erotic Stories of Love, Lust, and Marriage by Black MenBookgirl02-05-04  01:09 am
A question about the BookExpo America...Whistlingwoman02-05-04  01:11 am
The real grower in AA literature is Inspirational/religious books.Shevi14 02-06-04  09:43 pm's January 2004 Best-Seller Lists PostedTroy02-08-04  08:34 am
ENTANGLED by K. Elliott....I ENJOYED IT!Thumper02-09-04  10:53 am
Requesting your opinion...Yukio02-10-04  01:39 am
The Man In My Basement - SPOILER POST!Yukio02-10-04  11:57 pm
Interesting VideosTroy02-11-04  11:03 pm
Eden, Ohio by Shawne JohnsonAkaivyleaf02-12-04  01:15 pm
Selling books is a tough businessPenknife_press10 02-12-04  01:22 pm
Memoir: Delaware County Prison by Reginald L. HallAkaivyleaf02-12-04  01:40 pm
The Maya Angelou ProblemPenknife_press02-12-04  04:00 pm
While reading The Big Mango...this is for Cynique or YukioYukio02-13-04  01:15 am
Lord of Dark Places by Hal BennettThumper02-16-04  08:04 pm
Registration Required to Post on Discussion BoardsCynique57 02-18-04  05:13 pm
Burning Down My Masters' House: My Life at the New York Times by J...Yukio16 02-21-04  12:39 am
God Is Love: E-mail From My Baby In HeavenBookgirl02-21-04  08:47 pm
BCALA award winners announcedZambia14 02-21-04  09:25 pm
Watcha reading this weekend?Shevi41 02-22-04  01:29 pm
Zane's New Book Store - Zane's ENDEAVORS Yukio02-24-04  04:00 pm
James baldwinLitgrrl02-27-04  02:15 pm
A Phat Death by Norman KelleyThumper03-01-04  07:28 am
Falling back in love with Norman KelleyThumper03-01-04  07:32 am
CWMYB Febraury selection: The Darkest Child by Delores Phillips. D...Bookgirl03-01-04  06:49 pm
A new author to watch for: Lisa Teasley and her novel DiveAlways_lurking03-05-04  10:09 am
Has anyone seen the book GOAT?Troy03-05-04  11:16 am
NERVOUS vs LOVE? *possible spoilers**Cynique48 03-07-04  12:54 am
SISGAL...a "publisher" has been found for you.Passion03-07-04  11:44 am
Calling SisGalSisg03-08-04  01:54 pm
Hollywood Animal by Joe EzsterhasChrishayden03-08-04  05:18 pm
Who's Gonna Take the Weight by Kevin PowellChrishayden03-08-04  05:29 pm
Mama's Baby Daddy's Maybe by Jamise L. Dames...Have you ever......Thumper03-09-04  08:40 pm
Only Twice, I Asked For Heaven by Dawn TriceSoul_sister03-10-04  09:35 am Bestsellers for Feb 2004Cynique31 03-11-04  12:34 pm
UCLA or THE PACKAGE which is the safest?Eviana03-13-04  12:00 am
Mississippi Blues by Carolyn Darden BellThumper03-16-04  06:46 am
Triple Take by Y. Blak MooreSolomonjones03-16-04  11:54 am
ZZ Packer and Caryl Phillips nominated for PEN/Faulkner awardChrishayden11 03-18-04  12:18 pm
Olympia Vernon's new novel, Logic, is a masterpiece!!Thumper03-21-04  05:01 am
A History of the African-American People (proposed) by Strom Thurmo...Cynique03-21-04  09:43 pm
Are We Snobs?Yukio47 03-22-04  02:37 am
Without Sanctuary...James AllenDpoetist03-22-04  08:50 am
E. Lynn Harris & Muhammad AliLambd14 03-22-04  03:15 pm
What book would get the attention of an African American male colle...Soulofaauthor48 03-25-04  08:58 am
Claxton Give me a hollaChrishayden03-25-04  12:51 pm
Nathan Heard, Newark-born author dies at 67Chrishayden03-25-04  04:14 pm
Top 20 search terms of AALBC.comTroy03-25-04  08:45 pm
One Day I Saw A Black King by J. D. MasonSoulofaauthor03-26-04  07:35 pm
Notes And Documents of Free Persons of Color Alani92003-27-04  11:39 pm
Write On, Write On!!!Tee03-28-04  01:18 pm
One Foot in Love by Bil WrightAnita03-29-04  07:02 am
Very Funny First Chapter for freeEmanuel03-29-04  10:10 pm
Dmx in never die alone Cynique19 03-29-04  11:05 pm
The Dew BreakerCrystal03-31-04  05:04 pm
Cry Me a River by Ernest HillYvette03-31-04  07:44 pm
African American AchievementWhoswho04-01-04  09:35 pm
Confessions of a Mid-List AuthorAlways_lurking26 04-01-04  11:34 pm
Hey, Whatch'all Readin'Shevi61 04-02-04  02:02 pm
Where I've been...Thumper04-02-04  07:09 pm
New reviews at The Midwest Book ReviewBookgirl04-02-04  08:59 pm
All I Need to Get By - Sophfronia ScottAkaivyleaf04-06-04  03:42 pm
CWMYB March selection: Rendezvous Eighteenth by Jake LamarThumper04-07-04  07:33 am
Business Trends--Black Bookstore ClosesCynique29 04-08-04  06:36 pm
The Darkest ChildYukio83 04-10-04  05:15 pm
Book CoversSpratlin04-11-04  01:54 pm
Black Sci-Fiction FestivalBookgirl04-12-04  07:25 am
Goines, hip hop, and masculinitySpratlin21 04-13-04  01:37 pm
CWMYB April selection: The Heart of Redness by Zakes MdaThumper04-14-04  09:35 pm
Norman Kelley will be here for an on-line chat on May 5, 2004 at 8 ...Thumper04-14-04  09:41 pm
Oprah/Halle Berry/Zora Neale HurstonBookgirl46 04-15-04  08:43 pm
"Black Woman in Europe" - Have Writing, Wanna Must PublishChrishayden04-16-04  10:50 am
Redemption - The MovieCynique45 04-17-04  01:07 pm
3 Best Writers, 3 Worst Writers- POLLLitman51 04-17-04  03:41 pm
Other AA fiction that Might have copped a PulitzerSteve_s04-17-04  06:47 pm
Alice Walker vs Toni MorrisonCynique31 04-19-04  03:57 pm
The Man In My Basement by Walter MosleyCynique16 04-20-04  02:33 pm
Edward Jones wins this year Pulitzer Prize for The Known WorldYukio106 04-21-04  03:01 pm
Perciaval EverettKlb04-21-04  11:03 pm
Commentary: An Open Letter to Writers of Urban Literature by Tiffan...Thumper41 04-22-04  05:31 am
Alice Walker's new bookChrishayden04-22-04  04:07 pm
Why do we continue to support anything?Linda62 04-24-04  04:46 pm
One Flesh by Clarence Major--EXCELLENT!Yukio04-24-04  11:30 pm
Overlooked Black Pulitzer Winner?Brian_egeston04-25-04  01:22 am
AA Gay and Lesbian LitBrian_egeston14 04-25-04  01:41 am
Pearl Cleage -- First Oprah now Good Morning AmericaBookingmatters04-27-04  11:48 pm
Brian Egeston in the Quarterly Black Review of BooksChrishayden04-29-04  10:33 am
The Last Bad DecisionJustwrite04-29-04  11:58 am
I gotta question concerning the U go girl books and Omarosa (and he...Klb50 04-30-04  10:08 am
Exciting, upcoming Summer ReadsTee19 05-01-04  07:54 am
Same Book CoversChrishayden05-01-04  10:45 am
What are you reading? And, some thanks.Mojochica36 05-01-04  03:11 pm
May Reviews @ The Midwest Book ReviewEmanuel05-02-04  12:17 pm
I finished Love and Death in Brooklyn and Camilla's RosesAnita05-02-04  10:46 pm
Fred Wesley Jr .BiographyChrishayden05-03-04  10:06 am
Slap OmarosaA_womon11 05-03-04  09:14 pm
Help on Maya Angelou please!!Tee05-04-04  09:30 am
Rejection lettersA_womon27 05-04-04  06:03 pm
Am I alone on this one, ladies....A_womon05-05-04  11:03 pm
Shifting Through NeutralYukio05-07-04  01:36 am
Creative Brother's Sci Fi Magazine #4Cynique05-07-04  01:46 pm
How much do you love money?A_womon17 05-08-04  09:04 am
Join the Harlem Book Fair Volunteer Army! Troy05-08-04  05:02 pm
No Wonder Negroes Ain't Readin'A_womon52 05-08-04  08:04 pm
Where's all my Virgo's at? Cynique05-10-04  06:41 pm
Steven Barnes's "Charisma"Cynique05-11-04  01:20 pm
Investment ClubsKc_trudiva05-11-04  02:46 pm
Author in Columbus, OhioA_womon73 05-12-04  07:31 pm
Vanity Fair Essay ContestCynique05-12-04  09:20 pm
'A Raisin in the Sun' Tony NominationsSoulofaauthor05-13-04  11:26 am
August WilsonMojochica05-13-04  12:50 pm
Remember Jason Blair, well no one's talking about this.Solomonjones31 05-13-04  03:38 pm
Not trying to be a man basher butSoulofaauthor05-13-04  05:10 pm
Michael Jackon and the MediaMojochica05-15-04  07:10 pm
Book clubsMojochica19 05-15-04  07:12 pm
Rare Book FindsMojochica05-15-04  07:21 pm
James Baldwin's Collected EssaysReppskearn05-15-04  07:38 pm
The Known World revisitedYukio97 05-16-04  05:46 pm
"Tired of being "a credit to my race"Sese62 05-17-04  04:08 pm
DRUMROLL PLEASE......I felt like Mike, I couldn't sit on my hands a...Carey68 05-17-04  06:19 pm
The Jones versus Tarver fight...I am thoroughly disgusted!Eviana19 05-18-04  05:14 pm
Today's Africana SpotlightCynique69 05-22-04  02:05 pm
Sunday Morning Wake Up.Bookgirl10 05-24-04  12:05 am
Dopping the "N" bomb.Abm24 05-27-04  11:42 pm
What's The Use in Having Rules On This Board?!!! Are They Only For ...A_womon05-30-04  07:35 am
Is this what Black Men really thinks of us??? Abm57 06-01-04  12:27 pm
Blood Done Sign My NameEmanuel06-01-04  11:21 pm
Book Expo America 2004 Chitown - Who is Going? Troy33 06-02-04  07:18 am
Any American Idol watchers in the house?Lambd74 06-03-04  09:53 am
I saw Soul Plane over the weekend...Cynique23 06-03-04  02:32 pm
"Waitin' For Sweet Saphronia Mae" by Chris HaydenAbm36 06-04-04  01:01 pm
Caryl phillips' article on naipaulYukio06-08-04  01:33 am
A horror story...of a sort...Cynique11 06-08-04  12:32 pm
Aaron McGruder's The Right to be HostileAbm22 06-08-04  04:12 pm
Chinua Achebe and Caryl Phillips discuss Conrad's Heart of Darkness...Yukio23 06-10-04  09:31 am
Walter Mosley ArticleAbm12 06-10-04  03:54 pm
Omarsa's BookChrishayden06-11-04  10:13 am
American Desert - Percival Everett is one strange dude!Thumper06-11-04  08:55 pm
Sister Girl vs Black Chick LitYukio06-12-04  12:12 pm
Black Women and BookstoresBookgirl16 06-12-04  03:20 pm
The coldest winter everYukio62 06-12-04  06:27 pm
The Last King by Nichelle Tramble. Ooooooo, it's so good!!Nichelletramble06-13-04  08:09 pm
What's upper, A Woman!!!!!!Lambd18 06-15-04  11:37 am
The 2003 Bulwer-Lytton Awards Scullars06-16-04  09:40 am
The New Bylines Calendar Emanuel06-18-04  12:06 pm
I'm back from the BEA...and I see some people don't believe fat mea...Blkmalereading43 06-18-04  03:51 pm
NY Times on Black Chick LitLambd162 06-19-04  04:38 pm
New Book of StoriesLatimer06-21-04  12:06 am
What are the characterisitcs of "good writing" and "literary fictio...Thumper60 06-21-04  09:51 pm
Win A publishing contract enter Twoofakind's Best Sellers writing c...Mgink06-22-04  12:38 am
Would you go see a movie with a Black Superman?Chrishayden24 06-23-04  02:29 pm
Bias towards non-traditional publishing?Akaivyleaf06-23-04  04:52 pm
Are books ruined by page minimums?Akaivyleaf17 06-24-04  08:27 am
A Literary Agent SpeaksKc_trudiva06-25-04  09:37 am
Characters of ImaginationCarey15 06-25-04  01:52 pm
The Literary Game...Cynique14 06-26-04  02:49 pm ready for this?Lambd42 06-27-04  03:26 pm
A REAL Black Bestseller ListTee06-27-04  05:39 pm
Authors Books in Chronological order...Chrishayden06-28-04  10:15 am
Calling Thumper and Carey re: The Dying GroundCrystal13 06-28-04  02:02 pm
The Upper Room/Mama Ruby/and Mr.BoatwrightSoulofaauthor06-28-04  08:11 pm
Daddy Cool by Donald Goines -- The Graphic NovelSoulofaauthor12 06-28-04  08:48 pm
Is the market too full for greatness?Bimsha06-29-04  05:06 pm
Weekly Bestseller List UpdatedCheire06-30-04  04:23 am
Harlem Book Fair - Panel Discussion Info AvailableCynique10 07-01-04  02:03 pm
The Autobiography -vs- The BiographyLambd31 07-03-04  12:01 pm
Support Is Important - Who are the Supporters?Ronn07-04-04  10:34 am
Novels with errors...Cynique66 07-04-04  12:27 pm
A History of the African-American People (proposed) by Strom Thurmo...Ronn07-04-04  12:36 pm
Cynique, may i have a copy of your book?Cynique07-05-04  02:32 pm
July 2004 LIST Literary Information, Stories, and Titles now availableNjanene07-06-04  03:05 pm
Where in the World is Yukio?Abm23 07-06-04  03:23 pm
After Hours on the AALBC.COMAbm17 07-07-04  11:05 am
Antoine Fuqua's King ArthurCynique39 07-07-04  11:40 am
TOP 100 Bestsellers for JulyBlackbooks22 07-08-04  10:02 am
Big Drop in Reading in the U.S.Chrishayden07-08-04  11:38 am
Is the Sun Setting On Black Bookstores?Cynique07-08-04  01:12 pm
Racism in American LiteratureLambd32 07-09-04  11:15 am
Little Ghetto Girl A harlem StoryMgink07-09-04  11:47 am
Baby, have I been reading books!Crystal07-09-04  07:14 pm
Calling Justwrite!!!!!Thumper07-09-04  08:29 pm
Best Black Books Bestseller List Bookgirl07-10-04  10:05 pm
NY Times reviews BlingChrishayden07-12-04  01:28 pm
The Blackbird PapersAkaivyleaf07-13-04  04:34 pm
Danielle Santiago is the newest Essence Bestseller!Mgink07-13-04  04:45 pm
Boston Book BazaarNishe07-14-04  03:07 am
The mask comes off.Carey27 07-15-04  12:09 am
Stanley Crouch slaps book reviewerCynique07-15-04  07:05 pm
Nominees for the Hurston/Wright AwardsEmanuel07-15-04  07:59 pm
Share some of your favorite quotesCrystal19 07-16-04  11:36 am
Article: Literary Reading Is Declining Faster Than Before, Arts End...Chrishayden58 07-17-04  11:25 am
Colin Channer--Passing ThroughAzucar_negra07-19-04  12:35 pm
Book Boom in HarlemRonn07-19-04  11:33 pm
Literary Reading in Dramatic Decline, According to National Endowme...Troy07-20-04  05:00 pm
Living on the Down Low by J.L. KingYlonjure44 07-20-04  06:59 pm
A DOLLAR AND A DREAMCarey07-23-04  02:13 am
JustWrite aka Paula Edwards on Radio !Carey07-23-04  02:15 am
E. Nunez's Beyond the Limbo SilenceThumper07-23-04  02:24 pm
Roll Call Please...F/M, B/W, Age, Location...Aurorab0520 07-23-04  04:14 pm
Should books have ratings?Booked07-23-04  09:44 pm
Achebe's essay on Conrad's heart of darknessA_womon07-24-04  09:38 am
Blood on the Leaves by Jeff Stetson -- EXCELLENT!!Whistlingwoman07-25-04  12:06 pm
Jill Scott's Book of PoetryChrishayden07-27-04  11:16 am
Top Five in 2004 So FarYlonjure07-27-04  11:19 am
"Healing In Harlem": Gospel Fest 2004Markt07-27-04  04:03 pm
Whatcha reading now?Latimer37 07-27-04  09:46 pm
Tell The Court I Love My Wife by Peter Wallenstein Thumper07-28-04  09:01 pm
Crouching Stanley Hidden GangstaThumper23 07-29-04  06:43 pm
Dark Dreams edited by Brandon MasseyChrishayden07-30-04  09:54 am
Dealin' (The New Daily Motivator by Anthony Hilliard)Anthonyh707-31-04  11:36 am
Frederick Douglas's July 4th Speech (1852)Watastar07-31-04  10:25 pm
Match Your Mood To a PoemLambd08-01-04  01:34 pm
Do we have literary DIVAS?Abm08-02-04  02:29 pm
The Best Art Always Gives A Surprising First Impression!Valersing08-02-04  06:29 pm
Amazon Book Reviews No Longer AnonymousWhistlingwoman08-04-04  01:56 pm
Dante's Inferno - In What Level of Hell Do You Reside?Linda08-07-04  07:26 pm
Annual August Hiatus--I am outta here!Carey08-07-04  10:04 pm
A list of Books Sold by in July 2004Troy08-09-04  11:57 pm Award winning website & newsletter!Abm08-10-04  01:22 pm
2004 Harlem Book Fair Panel Discussions - Video on CSpanAkaivyleaf08-10-04  05:22 pm
Fourplay by Jane Moore makes Essence's August Bestsellers ListTroy08-10-04  08:20 pm
My Favorite Harlem Book Fair ShotCarey08-11-04  04:48 am
The First Literary SalonBlades08-11-04  09:49 am
Whatever Happened to---Cynique?Yukio15 08-11-04  03:57 pm
Which e-mail, hit mine at 9, 10 your timeCarey08-13-04  09:40 am
Troy Johnson and Zane Photos in QBRNathannothin08-15-04  10:11 pm
Washington Post Weighs in on Street LitRashena08-16-04  02:56 am
Sales Figures for booksRashena08-16-04  05:25 pm
Contacting Chris HaydenNathannothin08-16-04  11:49 pm
Tananarive Due's The Good HouseChrishayden17 08-19-04  10:07 am
Ride or DieCrystal31 08-19-04  12:03 pm
A Replay That's JustWrite!A_womon08-19-04  07:01 pm
Re:September, 2004 Harlem Book Fair on Long Island, Freeport Long ...Philandrews08-21-04  03:08 am
It's All About the Moon When the Sun Ain't Shining by Ernest Hill...Yukio14 08-24-04  05:18 pm
To Cos from Charles DickensAbm108 08-26-04  04:32 pm
Is There A Company Where One Can Sell Black Books Or Have A Book Pa...Urban_child08-26-04  07:30 pm
Arabesque 10th Anniversary - Landmark Milestone and Celebration Urban_child08-26-04  07:59 pm
Hip hop lit goes to mtv via Triple Crown PublicationsA_womon08-26-04  08:02 pm
Do I have to be a professional writer to publish a book?. Urban_child08-26-04  08:03 pm
What Yall READING ?Urban_child26 08-26-04  08:15 pm
Self-publishing versus Print on DemandUrban_child08-26-04  08:21 pm
Literary Agent--Or Racketeer?Urban_child08-26-04  08:30 pm
What book ignited your love of reading?Moonsigns25 08-29-04  12:06 am
In mourning of Ray Charles' passing...Brother Ray by Ray Charles an...A_womon08-29-04  07:24 am
Chris Hayden's Jihad on Spec FictionA_womon42 08-30-04  11:30 am
BlackBoard BEA Booth - Author SigningsDemi23 08-30-04  01:05 pm
Off topic - Joss StoneSupagrl30 08-30-04  08:04 pm
Question about book advances?Rashena08-31-04  08:32 am
Wendy Williams Interview With Shannon HolmesTasty70115 09-02-04  05:01 am
Gettosake EntertainmentSsmoothe200309-03-04  06:38 pm
Historical Fiction LoversDjeliba09-03-04  06:53 pm
What is African American LiteratureCynique30 09-04-04  06:39 pm
MFA programsRichp09-06-04  02:11 pm
Frank YerbySavant09-07-04  01:47 pm
Is It a Crime by Roy GlennThumper09-07-04  07:52 pm
WELCOME BACK!!!A_womon09-08-04  08:04 pm
Toure's new book!! Soul CityRashena09-09-04  10:05 pm
What is the definition of a Black book?Soulofaauthor29 09-10-04  08:16 pm
Shameless Self-promotionA_womon09-11-04  09:28 am
Pretenses by Keith Lee JohnsonThumper09-13-04  07:25 pm
More on Hip Hop Lit & Urban / Street LiteratureLbrown135 09-14-04  12:36 pm
The Things I Could Tell You - A_womonA_womon09-14-04  01:16 pm
What's Illin' Wit Comic BooksCynique09-15-04  02:47 pm
Writer Residency ProgramChrishayden09-16-04  10:20 am
Re: Queens Book Fair April 30, 2005Philandrews09-20-04  09:53 pm
Speaking of Oprah--Miss_wysteria09-21-04  05:55 pm
The Second Life of Samuel TyneAnita09-21-04  08:07 pm Literary Salon - September 23rd Glenville Lovell & Kenji ...Rashena09-23-04  08:43 pm
Terry McMillan's Agent - Great ArticleEmanuel09-26-04  05:21 pm
Horror Fiction Boom over?Cynique09-27-04  01:00 pm
Why Do Authors Use Pen Names?Philly_bbw09-28-04  06:02 pm
Question? What artist is in your CD players right now?Erroline76 09-29-04  12:29 pm
We Are On The Moon by Chris HaydenBleekindigo22 09-29-04  01:09 pm
New/Seasoned Authors - Let's exchange linksErroline09-29-04  01:37 pm
Dismissing Hip Hop/Street Novels Is Only Putting a Bandaid on The R...Philly_bbw85 09-30-04  10:05 pm
Abm Done Got to the Brothers and Sisters in the Motherland!Chrishayden10-01-04  04:00 pm
I Never Loved a Man the Way I Loved You : Aretha Franklin, Respect,...Tee10-02-04  02:28 pm
Thumper's Corner Conversations ArchivedTroy10-03-04  11:52 am
WWW.THEBACKLIST.NETMspride10-04-04  11:11 am
RAWSISTAZ Site UpdateCarey18 10-05-04  01:35 pm
Woes for Writers of Reality TVMichael_t_owens10-07-04  03:08 pm
Knock-knock on the mike. Hello, anybody READING anying up in here?Philly_bbw46 10-08-04  07:30 pm
Huckleberry Finn--on the DownLow?Thumper10-10-04  09:31 am
Boy, have I been reading?!Jeff_stetson43 10-10-04  11:21 am
EJD's Friends and LoversTee22 10-11-04  05:56 pm
Chris Hayden short story at Vampire Church MagazineCrystal10-11-04  06:04 pm
October CWMYB selection: Segu by Maryse CondeThumper10-11-04  07:35 pm
First of their kind books?Emanuel10-12-04  02:22 pm
New World of Self-PublishingEmanuel10-12-04  04:08 pm
An Honest Book Review From Kirkus? Only $350Tee58 10-12-04  07:41 pm
"911 is a Joke!"Abm10-15-04  01:40 pm
Question for the literary folk.....Rashena10-15-04  08:09 pm
The Best of 2004Fool_onthe_hill10-17-04  02:43 pm
There here!Soul_sister51 10-18-04  10:16 am
This is for A_womon: would Kenji Jasper's novels be considered Hip ...Thumper10-19-04  08:56 pm
Thumper, I know you've been waiting - EJD's Drive Me CrazyCrystal10-20-04  01:58 pm
An InvitationLawchic10-20-04  05:39 pm
Speak, So You Can Speak Again by Lucy Anne Hurston, et alJmho10-21-04  09:23 pm
The Coyote Kings of the Space-Age Bachelor PadChrishayden10-23-04  10:24 am
Well, black people, is this true?Njanene107 10-23-04  10:38 pm
An Important Message about VotingNjanene10-25-04  04:04 pm
Zora Neale Hurston - Speak, So You Can Speak AgainTee10-26-04  12:58 pm Literary Salon - October 5th Colin ChannerTroy10-26-04  09:52 pm
Lawsuit involving McFadden's - The Warmest December ...Rashena10-27-04  05:33 pm
Favorite African or African American Horror Books and storiesLambd18 10-29-04  07:22 pm
ZZ Packer Interview with Senator John KerrySteve_s11-02-04  07:48 pm
The High and Low of Black LiteratureSteve_s28 11-05-04  05:01 pm
The Sweethearts of SoulAnita11-06-04  05:49 pm
Seeking feedbackBmcn11-12-04  02:48 pm is up and running!Emanuel11-15-04  12:52 pm
Another View of the Low Road by C. Leigh McEnnisChrishayden11-17-04  03:23 pm
Greg Tate on EminemChrishayden11-17-04  03:56 pm
Where in the wool is Lambd?Cynique11-19-04  03:57 pm
Between GOD and Gangsta RapChrishayden11-22-04  12:35 pm
Would Your Kid Buy These? Would you buy them for your kid?Lawchic11-22-04  02:58 pm
Thumper's Corner Discussions ArchivedTroy11-22-04  10:36 pm
Happy BirthdayTroy10 11-22-04  11:33 pm
Ghost Town?Carey11-26-04  08:56 pm
3 Stupid White BooksChrishayden11-27-04  10:39 am
Here is a Christmas tale I posted at Bella OnlineScullars11-29-04  12:42 pm
For those writers who live in Chicago...Scullars11-30-04  12:32 am
ABM, I need you advise and help!Carey12-04-04  11:48 am
Favorite Characters?Reppskearn12-04-04  08:23 pm
Where is Thump?Carey12-05-04  09:14 pm
Stephen King's Magical NegroesSteve_s68 12-10-04  10:25 pm
New author website - interesting Blog on publishingTroy12-12-04  11:49 pm
Got " A Vampyre Blues" yesterday!!!!Lawchic12-13-04  03:45 pm
Won’t Be Denied: a suspense novel - (Avail. Nov. 9, 2004)Jam1long12-14-04  01:16 pm
BlackWords Calling it QuitsTroy12-15-04  11:02 pm
Holiday Books - what are you giving/ what do you want?Solomonjones23 12-17-04  09:50 pm
Ursula K. LeGuin on what the Studios did to her Earthsea bookA_womon12-20-04  08:38 pm
Should Authors READ at Book readings/signings?Troy47 12-20-04  10:01 pm
The WSJ reports that Random House is considering selling book son-l...Soul_sister12-21-04  09:40 am
Reallionaire Author to Appear on Good Morning AmericaNjanene12-21-04  12:10 pm
I am concerned!A_womon12-22-04  01:34 pm
Seasons GreetingsTroy12-25-04  09:05 am
Class, the word for today is PROSE!!Alkebulan12-29-04  05:53 pm
From My Soul To YoursPhilly_bbw12-29-04  07:16 pm
Jess Mowry on WritingChrishayden12-30-04  03:04 pm
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