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Eric Jerome Dickey-- a man and his artChrishayden01-05-05  10:54 am
Speak, So You Can Speak Again: The Life of Zora Neale Hurston by Lu...Thumper01-07-05  06:41 pm
Upstate by Kalisha BuckhanonEmanuel01-07-05  11:16 pm
Cornel West's Democracy MattersSteve_s50 01-09-05  09:36 pm
If you're missing Thumper . . .Crystal22 01-10-05  12:23 pm
Dark DreamsThumper01-11-05  12:32 pm
Open House by Patricia WilliamsYvettep01-11-05  03:40 pm
Yikes! Jervey Tervalon on PublishingA_womon40 01-12-05  03:59 pm
Chris Hayden Reading/BooksigningSisg01-13-05  02:57 pm
Free Gmail For Whole AALBC Family Amitenejah01-13-05  10:08 pm
Book Signing ReviewAmitenejah01-13-05  10:43 pm
Halle Berry in "Schooling Carmen" ?Amitenejah01-13-05  11:01 pm
Call for Author Promo Materials for African American Literature WeekAmitenejah01-15-05  09:54 pm
We are Looking for Authors to FeatureEmanuel01-16-05  12:13 am
I'm BACK!!Steve_s13 01-16-05  09:47 am
Schooling Carmen?Kathleen_cross01-17-05  03:54 am
Lets Support a Black Owned Publisher in 2005A_womon01-17-05  09:45 am
Iceberg Slim: The Life as Art by Peter A. MuckleyThumper01-19-05  11:10 am
Unforgivable BlacknessMahoganyanais15 01-21-05  03:05 pm
Books for Young Black Boys!!!Mahoganyanais01-21-05  03:20 pm
Art Groups--Pro or Con?Mahoganyanais01-22-05  02:48 pm
Is Anybody Home?Amitenejah12 01-23-05  12:27 am
The New Girl to the Group-I have a question Missbrandy01-24-05  11:48 am
Publishing My Novel OnlineAlmondmami701-24-05  02:01 pm
Kathleen Cross will be on Dr. Phil talk show...Amitenejah01-24-05  05:53 pm
Authors on the BoardAdrianerik54 01-25-05  12:07 pm
Carey you wrongCarey01-25-05  09:16 pm
Zane #11 on NYT Bestseller ListRashena01-25-05  09:25 pm
TOUGH LOVE!Jasmine01-27-05  11:25 am
Your Turn To Review Thumper's Corner (and AALBC too)Amitenejah35 01-27-05  12:17 pm
Art Sanctuary's 21st Annual Celebration of Black Writing FestivalMahoganyanais01-27-05  03:56 pm
NEW AUTHOR!!! A MUST READ!!Jasmine01-31-05  03:21 pm
Call outs for NCTE Read-In Participants!Yvettep02-02-05  04:18 pm
Faith AdieleMahoganyanais02-03-05  02:48 pm
"Slavery and the Making of America"Mahoganyanais02-05-05  06:41 pm
G-Spot by Noire! Surprisingly enough, a real good book!Thumper02-06-05  05:12 pm
Video Salon w ith author of The Real Live of Strong Black...Troy02-07-05  04:16 pm
Review of New Stanley Crouch book, "The Artificial White Man"Cynique02-07-05  06:03 pm
I've been bitten by the technology bugThumper02-07-05  07:56 pm
What is the difference between a book being "Urban", "Street", or j...Jmho02-09-05  10:24 pm
Chris Hayden Short Story, "Me and Lord Moe Pull a Vamp" at the TimB...Chrishayden02-10-05  05:46 pm
24 Hour Comics DayChrishayden02-11-05  12:52 pm
William Saroyan International Literary PrizeTroy02-11-05  07:26 pm
15% off Won't Be Denied-newest suspense novelPurpose02-14-05  09:32 am
Lines and themes you will never see in a bestselling AA novelChrishayden02-14-05  01:15 pm
Baby Got BookYvettep02-16-05  01:11 pm
Random House sues PuffyRashena02-20-05  09:36 pm
New website focusing on black books and authorsTroy02-23-05  04:36 pm
Echoes of a Distant SummerShevi43 02-24-05  08:29 am
Another Voice in the Low Brow vs. High Brow WarsCarey14 02-24-05  06:49 pm
Guilty PleasuresMahoganyanais02-25-05  02:00 pm
Oscar nominations...Carey watch this!Yvettep36 03-01-05  02:43 pm
2005 BCALA Literary Award winnersJmho03-02-05  03:03 pm
Whatever Happend to.....ABM?Cynique10 03-04-05  04:19 pm
Yo, Solomon Jones, about that blurp on The Apostles....Solomonjones35 03-07-05  12:52 pm
Art & Soul vs. The Dividends...which should artists choose?Cynique03-07-05  05:10 pm
How come?Solomonjones34 03-08-05  05:52 pm
Sex, lies, and more sexMjlore03-09-05  11:22 pm
What Book Are We Reading Now For Book Club?Nulu1903-10-05  09:43 pm
Chris Hayden - thanks for the laughs.Chrishayden03-12-05  11:24 am
Attention Book ClubsMjlore03-13-05  11:15 pm
An Article on the Black "Street" novelA_womon68 03-14-05  07:48 am
The People Next Door by Bettye Griffin -- A real decent, fun fille...Thumper03-15-05  08:43 pm
Can Any Book be Controversial Today?Cynique12 03-16-05  06:20 pm
Breaking the Cycle edited by ZaneA_womon03-17-05  12:39 pm
Brand New BlogNcgirl03-18-05  03:32 pm
Does "size"really matter?Mjlore03-18-05  10:28 pm
Gumba wackka, gumba wackka, halla ka zoo!Pandora03-20-05  05:23 pm
Watchers and Witnesses: Oprah, Zora and JamesWonderboy1903-21-05  10:21 am
Black Bookstore OwnersMjlore11 03-21-05  09:49 pm
God's Gym by John Edgar WidemanChrishayden03-25-05  12:46 pm
I can't believe that I'm reading a BET book!!Linda03-26-05  03:00 pm
Sophia Stewart, an African author--the Mother of the Matrix?Libralind203-26-05  06:18 pm
She's Back!! J. California Cooper's new novel Some People, Some Ot...B_ball03-31-05  07:18 pm
Books for young girlsB_ball03-31-05  07:32 pm
Brandon Massey - Galley of WITHIN THE SHADOWSBrandonmassey04-03-05  01:38 pm
Toot, toot...Mahoganyanais04-04-05  02:42 pm
CWMYB March selection: Platitudes & "The New Black Aesthetic"...Mike_e04-05-05  10:29 am
6 Days in January by William Frederick CooperEmanuel04-08-05  11:40 am
Eddy L. HarrisPlewis17 04-08-05  05:50 pm
The next person to ask me if I've read a Zane Book...Libralind204-08-05  11:22 pm
Support Alert!Linda04-09-05  02:37 pm
Calling All Bloggers -- send me your URLsYvettep04-10-05  11:57 pm
African American GriefYvettep04-11-05  11:04 am
At last! An intelligent worthy of reading by us.Libralind204-13-05  02:33 pm
What summer reads are u looking forward to?Libralind204-13-05  02:36 pm
Octavia Butler NewsLibralind204-13-05  06:14 pm
Help!Lilacdawn04-14-05  02:11 pm
Time for a new one: What Are You Reading?Crystal46 04-19-05  05:48 pm
Buy a book save and help save a cultureBimsha04-20-05  09:18 am
Help! Need some dissertations on Poetry written by African AmericansAncestry04-20-05  11:18 pm
Just inCynique04-21-05  12:52 am
Developing a THICKER skinLiterarylicense04-22-05  10:12 am
Their Eyes Were Watching God: The FilmCat20533 04-22-05  12:20 pm
Good new book.Chardeb04-26-05  07:57 pm
Now, isn't this a trip...oh, Oprah, Oprah, plleeeezeeeeSoul_sister04-27-05  04:17 pm
Titles Sold by March & April 2005troy05-01-05  07:09 pm
Thumper's Corner Archives & ChangesCynique05-03-05  11:21 pm
Looking for "California" authors...Justwrite05-06-05  05:25 pm
I've been a little busy lately.A_womon05-09-05  10:48 am
Help Finding a BookArioso_hum05-16-05  12:14 pm
1980s African American literatureAbm05-17-05  05:03 pm
Trustworthy Distributor?Stories291105-21-05  12:45 pm
Black Sci Fi--Free DownloadChrishayden05-24-05  02:54 pm
AA children literature titles...where's the good stuff?Rlwinche05-29-05  09:01 pm
Frankfurt Book FairYvettep05-31-05  08:01 pm
Is there a REAL need for non-fiction AA titles now?Snakegirl20 06-01-05  10:56 pm
Reggie Hudlin websiteAbm25 06-02-05  12:55 pm
STEVENParsona06-04-05  11:26 pm
Who is going to BEA?Troy06-07-05  10:19 pm
CRASH - The movie!Soul_sister06-08-05  09:15 am
QBR The Black Book Review and Black Issues Book Review Join ForcesTroy06-09-05  12:10 am
Is this About Race or Money-Hurston Fest MovesAbm06-09-05  12:55 pm
Hurston/Wright Award NomineesSteve_s11 06-11-05  02:27 pm
Emanuel's New Blog with Featuring 1st 3 Chapters Emanuel06-15-05  11:59 am
A few reflections on the BEAJmho17 06-19-05  12:17 pm
Videos from BEATroy06-22-05  12:09 am
Need a laugh?Mjlore06-22-05  08:43 pm
Fiction for 10-12 yr oldsReppskearn06-22-05  11:02 pm
NYT: "Young Publishers Dominate Black Fiction"Emanuel06-24-05  08:31 am
Afeni Shakur:Evolution of a RevolutionaryAbm26 06-24-05  05:34 pm
What ya'll reading now???Cynique142 06-28-05  07:43 pm
L.A. Banks - Vampire Huntress SeriesQuick07-04-05  02:53 pm
Bernice McFadden goes mainstream commercial!Solomonjones07-05-05  12:04 am
Luther Vandross is dead!Solomonjones07-05-05  12:09 am
Information RequestSese07-06-05  09:50 pm
Thumper - what's your word on EJD's Genevieve?Thumper10 07-09-05  11:50 am
Summer Reading Lists - here's mine - what's on yours?Steve_s26 07-12-05  04:36 pm
Want your critique of my humor essays!Viqi_french07-16-05  11:34 am
Great Deals On Black Books - FUBU - Support Your OwnSisg07-21-05  10:02 am
A new online resource: Urban-Reviews.comCharles_h07-26-05  09:47 pm
Harry Potter Crossing Racial LinesCrystal07-27-05  01:15 pm
National Book ConferenceSisg08-08-05  03:52 pm
BAD NEWS RE: NEW BLACK AUTHORRenata08-08-05  09:04 pm
An Aspirin for a Heartache (Excerpt): One woman's struggle with a h...Renata08-08-05  09:11 pm
Publisher John Johnson DeadChrishayden08-09-05  11:34 am
Within the ShadowsCrystal08-11-05  01:45 pm
Genevieve by Eric Jerome DickeyKina_w2e08-11-05  05:38 pm
A section for "Suggestions and Comments" ...?West_africa08-11-05  06:43 pm
Oprah now spinning her special form of black magic on Morrison's Pa...Kina_w2e20 08-14-05  01:54 am
Black "street lit," reduxCynique08-16-05  11:35 am
Moving To A Next Level Of Analysis...Cynique08-16-05  11:44 am
Bid your name into a Grisham novelYvettep08-17-05  01:11 pm
This is deep -- Neo Soul deep!Viqi_french08-18-05  02:29 pm
Maryse Conde --- new work by a truly excellent person...West_africa08-23-05  02:12 pm
Terry McMillan divorcing husbandWest_africa08-24-05  01:36 pm
Pride of Carthage by David Anthony DurhamSteve_s08-26-05  10:04 pm
August Wilson is dying!!Cynique08-27-05  11:18 am
Yep, I'm still here and I'm still readingDeebaby08-30-05  12:38 am
Literary Novels by Black Males: Box Office Poison?Deebaby35 08-30-05  04:12 pm
POV RejectionCynique29 09-01-05  11:23 am
Writers Affected By HurricaneSisg09-03-05  02:42 pm
"Imagine my frustration..." Random ThoughtsSteve_s13 09-05-05  12:30 am
I Got Somebody in Staunton by William Henry LewisSteve_s09-05-05  07:34 pm
How can the Discussion Board become better ?Cynique22 09-09-05  10:50 am
Kanye West salute at ViqiFrenchFever.blogspot.comKellyjane09-11-05  05:07 pm
On Faulkner and RaceChrishayden09-14-05  03:36 pm
Henry Louis Gates, Jr on the challenges...West_africa09-17-05  03:10 pm
DARK DREAMS III: Call for SubmissionsBrandonmassey09-18-05  01:08 pm
Mark Anthony Neal, a 'New Black Man'Yvettep09-19-05  09:14 pm
Fuentes: In Praise of the NovelChrishayden09-21-05  03:45 pm
On NPR: Bridgett M. Davis: 'Shifting Through Neutral'Yvettep09-23-05  07:23 pm
~October 2005 Edition of  09:55 pm
August Wilson is dead!Thumper10-03-05  07:57 am
50th Anniversary of "Lolita"Thumper10-03-05  08:03 am
Book CoversCynique10-03-05  10:28 am
Bye-Bye BET Books!Babygirl10-06-05  06:07 pm
What is Afro Futurism?Chrishayden10-11-05  02:49 pm
Black Anti War NovelsMike_e10-12-05  01:52 pm
A Rage in ChicagoDonnymichael10-15-05  06:16 am
Bessie Smith and the Night RidersSnakegirl10-18-05  12:45 am
What happened to Gloria Naylor's New Book?Deltagirl_1610-19-05  09:50 pm
Oprah's book "flub"?Steve_s10-20-05  11:53 am
The Best of the Black Book Web SItesTroy10-20-05  10:19 pm
Harold Pinter: The Silence of WritersLibralind210-23-05  10:38 am
What genre is next?Libralind215 10-23-05  10:53 am
Is anybody reading?Libralind257 10-23-05  11:16 am
Percival Everett's "Wounded"Mike_e10-24-05  01:01 am
The purpose of a novelChrishayden10-24-05  10:02 am
You Reap What You SowFgoodwin10-24-05  10:30 am
The Magic Keys by Albert MurraySteve_s10-25-05  09:46 am
Looking for books that humorous, light, funny...Solomonjones11 11-03-05  07:47 pm to Offer Self Published and Small Press Books Direct to C...Troy15 11-06-05  12:49 am
Dancing in the Dark by Caryl PhillipsCynique59 11-07-05  07:27 pm
What the Writer IsChrishayden11-10-05  10:09 am
Thumper's Corner a Blast from the Past!Steve_s11 11-10-05  02:14 pm
Speaking of Covers...Emanuel11-10-05  02:54 pm
Hip Hop Lit - PBS Program - News Hour with Jim LehrerEmanuel11-13-05  04:43 pm
1000 free copies of Street Fame will be given away! Visit  08:19 pm
Omar Tyree LIVE on ArtistFirst.comJustwrite11-16-05  12:19 am
Perpendicular to Ralph Ellison. . .Libralind248 11-17-05  11:27 pm
The Future of Self-Publishing and Sudsidy Publishing?Troy17 11-20-05  05:30 pm
Octavia Butler on the radioChrishayden11-23-05  02:58 pm
How and where do you buy books?Troy11-24-05  12:11 pm
Prologue and Act One of "Dancing in the Dark" by Caryl Phillips...Solomonjones41 11-25-05  11:55 am
~November 2005 Edition of  09:11 pm
Vote For Jayson BlairJenn15 11-27-05  08:16 pm
BEAUTIFUL. AND UGLY TOOYvettep11-28-05  01:54 pm
The Writings of Eric Jerome DickeyThumper10 11-28-05  07:31 pm
Who Slashed Celanire's Throat by Maryse CondeSteve_s11-28-05  11:56 pm
Blood on the LeavesDorez165011-29-05  07:51 pm
Of Beetles and Angels by Mawi AsgedomSteve_s11-29-05  11:44 pm
Fleet Walker's Divided Heart by David W. ZangSteve_s11-30-05  11:51 pm
Radio Interview with Electa Rome Parks Justwrite12-03-05  01:31 am
Urban Fiction Editorial on Unheard WordsSoul_sister12-06-05  02:34 pm
Books for the Holidays!Crystal12-06-05  03:55 pm
Aaw America, from sea to shining sea is right...Snakegirl12-06-05  05:06 pm
~December 2005 Edition of  03:54 am
Update on Where is the Love? Emanuel12-09-05  08:21 am
Oh yeah, I'm still here!!Steve_s12-10-05  09:20 pm
Controversy re the Cover of HOKUM by Paul BeattyYukio55 12-12-05  12:01 am
They Poured Fire on Us From the Sky by Alephonsion Deng, et alSudan12 12-12-05  04:17 pm
Nervous Conditions by Tsitsi DangarembgaSudan12-15-05  12:16 pm
HANGING another Black Man...this one IS INNOCENT!Snakegirl12-15-05  06:53 pm
Vickie Stringer LIVE on ArtistFirst RadioJustwrite12-16-05  02:27 pm
On Beauty by Zadie SmithSteve_s10 12-29-05  06:59 pm
Beasts of No Nation by Uzozdinma IwealaSteve_s12-30-05  01:36 am
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