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Picks--Fictionalized History?Cynique12 01-05-06  01:56 pm
A Question For Colson Whitehead FansYvettep01-06-06  09:37 am
Are New Publishers Paying Up?Snakegirl01-07-06  03:44 pm
Black Male Authors??Michael_t_owens01-09-06  06:48 pm
~January 2006 Edition of  11:04 pm
Never In Your Wildest DreamsDmiked01-14-06  12:18 pm
Ann Rice Finds JesusMetasmith01-18-06  07:12 pm
What ya'll reading now???Renata01-18-06  09:07 pm
Ever read books by Iceberg Slim?Renata01-18-06  09:09 pm
Publishers Ain't Got a ClueMichael_t_owens13 01-25-06  03:35 pm
The Slave Side of SundayKris_broughton01-27-06  01:16 pm
Nikki Turner LIVE on ArtistFirst RadioJustwrite01-30-06  07:33 pm
The Big O Backs DownChrishayden17 01-31-06  02:44 pm
Keeeeeeep your head up!Litgrrl12 02-01-06  05:32 pm
Kola Boof LIVE on ArtistFirst RadioJustwrite02-03-06  06:52 pm
~February 2006 Edition of  09:41 am
Stanley Crouch vs Rhichard Pryor..???Deebaby24 02-06-06  06:25 am
A Sample of Nick Chiles' Writing >>>NY Times Smut Piece...Cynique02-06-06  02:16 pm
"Pimp My Memoir: Jazz Autobiographies' Tricked-Out Personae"...Steve_s11 02-06-06  04:53 pm
Jenice Armstrong | Thug culture wins again...Deebaby20 02-08-06  12:28 am
Author Q&A'sCynique02-08-06  05:29 pm
What Comes to Mind?Deebaby16 02-09-06  11:59 pm
The Kighter Side of AfAm LitYvettep02-10-06  09:53 pm
John Henrik Clarke: A Great and Mighty Walk (DVD) Troy02-13-06  11:47 pm
Pre-register for Nat'l Black Writers Conf. & save 50% on all AALBC....Troy02-15-06  12:05 am
"Street Lit With Publishing Cred"Yvettep02-16-06  02:44 pm
Interview with Octavia ButlerBlack_wisdom_02-16-06  08:06 pm
National Black Book AwardsChrishayden02-17-06  01:23 pm
Four Books Reviewed by Greg TateBlack_wisdom_02-20-06  10:35 am
Flies on latest Oprah pick?Chrishayden54 02-21-06  02:02 pm
Roundtable: Black Authors in Spotlight (Nick Chiles & Relentless)...Urbanreviews02-21-06  07:19 pm
Haki Madhubuti interviewCynique02-22-06  11:08 am
Deluge of new titles swamped readers in 2005 Cynique02-22-06  09:38 pm
What Are You ReadingCynique37 02-26-06  11:44 am
Discussion Board Problem Troy02-27-06  09:57 am
Octavia Butler Passed Saturday Emanuel02-27-06  01:32 pm
What if ROOTS is a fraud?Itwwm3438 03-03-06  04:01 pm
Photos From Borders SigningMichael_t_owens03-04-06  12:22 am
~March 2006 Edition of  10:34 am
Where is the Love-->High on BN.comEmanuel03-04-06  09:48 pm
Tavis Smiley'sThe Covenant with Black America #2 on AmazonAbm37 03-06-06  12:12 pm
Rest In Peace - Mr. Gordon ParksCynique03-08-06  12:28 am versus BarnesandNoble.comYvettep03-08-06  07:06 pm
"She is JT LeRoy"Emanuel03-09-06  09:21 am
DEVIL IN THE MIST - excerpt from RT's 4.5 stars reviewSisg03-09-06  12:21 pm
Troy Johnson one of the Powers Behind Black Books!Troy10 03-09-06  11:41 pm
Steve! Where ya at?Chrishayden03-13-06  04:18 pm
Writers AND Publishers!!!!Esaali03-14-06  04:24 pm
DC, VA, MD folks?Michael_t_owens03-15-06  09:36 am
A Writing QuestionSnakegirl03-17-06  01:39 pm
E. Lynn Harris ArticleChrishayden03-17-06  03:12 pm
Book Expo America - May 19-21, 2006 - Washington DCTroy03-18-06  06:50 pm
Simon and Schuster, Inc. Acquires Strebor Books Catalog of TitlesPrecious03-18-06  09:52 pm
Washington Post: The Writer's LifeBimsha03-19-06  09:22 am
All I Ever Did Was Love a ManTrisch03-20-06  08:11 am
Closing the Racial Academic Achievement GapBatmocop03-21-06  08:24 pm
An Excerpt from my pending novelCynique03-21-06  09:43 pm
Black Chameleon Memoirs: Survival by AssimilationChrishayden03-22-06  02:46 pm
The Covenant with Black America makes NY Times Bestsellers ListTroy03-22-06  10:13 pm
I attended The Self-Publishing SymposiumTroy03-22-06  10:29 pm
Target Market News buys Black Issues Book Review from Cox, Matthews...Troy03-22-06  10:46 pm
Urban Fiction Anthology Submission Guidelines Troy03-22-06  11:20 pm
The Other Brother, by Brandon Massey - Galleys AvailableLibralind211 03-23-06  08:45 pm
Colored Ghost Writer NeededBatmocop03-24-06  10:04 pm
Binary Symmetric Book (Holy Quran)Mahmuud03-25-06  03:21 am
Maximum Cultural DevelopmentCodestream03-30-06  10:51 pm
Maximum Cultural DevelopmentCodestream03-30-06  10:54 pm
New AuthorsBatmocop03-31-06  03:40 pm
What are you reading?Troy33 04-03-06  09:07 pm
New AuthorMarchel04-03-06  09:34 pm
Excerpt from my upcoming novelDakota04-03-06  10:55 pm
Forever My Lady by: Jeff RiveraDawnny04-03-06  11:07 pm
What's In a Name?Dakota04-04-06  05:32 pm
How Do You Create Your Own History?Twbrooks04-04-06  07:02 pm
$100 Contest Deadline is April 15thEmanuel04-05-06  09:45 am
April 2006 Edition of Urbanreviews04-05-06  06:24 pm
My book, CatharsisMsprissy04-06-06  02:05 pm
Do you want to buy my book?Urbanreviews04-10-06  07:33 pm
NY Times-->Their Eyes Were Reading Smut Aisha37 04-12-06  09:50 am BEA Special OfferTroy04-13-06  01:33 pm
Hollywood Fantasies of Miscegenation Stephgirl04-14-06  06:54 pm
Child Of PolygamyKosi Avotri, MD04-15-06  02:11 pm
Is Gloria Naylor For Real??Dawnny04-16-06  02:11 am
April Book ReleasesDawnny04-16-06  02:19 am
Authors Becoming Radio HostsDawnny04-16-06  02:30 am
My sister died...Robynmarie04-18-06  05:08 pm
The Same Sad StoryVa_sis04-19-06  04:00 pm
The Kaavya Plot Thickens - An Inside Look at GhostwritingChrishayden04-28-06  02:22 pm
Oprah's Book Selection a fraud?Aglae55 05-01-06  04:07 pm
Sex lies and Consequences by April McDonald a Zane WannabeLibralind205-01-06  06:06 pm
Marita Golden on CSPAN2 BOOK TV - April 24 at 12:30 amNcgirl05-02-06  03:35 pm
New Photos UpdatedMichael_t_owens05-03-06  07:18 am
"SANDRAEL"- remember my name. Up and coming at cha' author:-)...Emanuel05-04-06  03:28 pm
THIS WEB SITE IS MY SAVIOR - WITH A SMALL "S"Chrishayden05-06-06  10:23 am
A Question for Zadie Smith fansRashena36 05-08-06  11:12 pm
Lilith's Brood--The Xenogenisis Trilogy by Octavia ButlerChrishayden05-10-06  04:37 pm
*** Exclusive ***Blackvoice05-11-06  03:29 pm
Things Fall Apart by Chinua AchebeYukio05-11-06  05:40 pm
Real Men Don't Read BooksBatmocop20 05-14-06  08:42 pm
Finish this sentence...After I was done with my manuscript, "I wish...Cynique05-15-06  02:07 pm
Where is ThumperA_womon05-16-06  08:47 pm
Billy Collins shows his abysmal ignorance--how history is rewrittenChrishayden05-17-06  02:27 pm
I'm back for the summer!Chrishayden05-20-06  10:32 am
Is "Beloved" beloved?Chrishayden05-22-06  11:37 am
Robert Hayden's Epic of CommunityChrishayden05-22-06  11:53 am
SHA: THE FIRST LADY OF GHETTOHEATH_i_c_k_s_o_n05-23-06  12:50 pm
POETRY BY SHA: THE FIRST LADY OF GHETTOHEATH_i_c_k_s_o_n05-23-06  12:56 pm
GHETTOHEAT.COM (APR '06)H_i_c_k_s_o_n05-23-06  01:00 pm
Tyler PerryAlways_lurking10 05-26-06  12:29 am
Goodbye Amazon...Hello WalMart? Getting to the Heart of Book SalesAlways_lurking05-26-06  12:32 am
Fever in the Blood by Robert Fleming--EXCELLENT BOOKThumper05-28-06  04:20 pm
Re: Ebook PublishingPhilandrews05-29-06  01:27 am
Congratulations, Tee C. Royal!Carey05-31-06  04:36 pm
Advertise in Harlem Book Fair 2006 Commemorative MagazineTroy06-01-06  12:44 am
GHETTOHEAT.COM (MAY '06)H_i_c_k_s_o_n06-01-06  02:54 pm
AN EXCERPT FROM SONZ OF DARKNESS BY DRU NOBLEH_i_c_k_s_o_n06-01-06  03:00 pm
Marcus Majors?Thumper06-01-06  06:50 pm
Previews of interviews: Lyah Beth LefloreTroy06-01-06  10:37 pm
Here is Relentless!Troy06-01-06  10:47 pm
Troy BEA PhotosYukio06-01-06  11:44 pm
The Aura of Love-A New NovelKathyjmarsh06-02-06  07:13 am
The BEA Story 2006 by Heather CovingtonTroy06-04-06  08:17 pm
Novel Based on song by Erykah BaduDawnny06-06-06  08:53 pm
For whom the bells tolled...AA literatureBorn_critic17 06-06-06  11:01 pm
Funky Book CoversEmanuel06-09-06  03:58 pm
Review: Shine Annie by Betty Oglesby PayneAfroerotik06-11-06  01:36 pm
Good Book ALert - Split Indecision By Pierre BateauLibralind206-12-06  09:10 am
RejectionCynique30 06-12-06  02:11 pm
Author cancels booksigning after bookstore owner asks if she's blac...Technic16 06-13-06  02:43 am
"Giving Up On Love" by Lasonya SladeDwoodru1106-15-06  09:27 am
I need good books for teens and preteensDwoodru1106-15-06  09:28 am
What Ya'll Reading?Dwoodru1110 06-15-06  09:30 am
Great !!! New Romance NovelDwoodru1106-15-06  09:32 am
Their Eyes Were Reading Smut Panel & Crystelle Mourning A Novel By ...Troy24 06-22-06  12:18 am
Confirm or deny the rumorMsprissy06-22-06  08:25 pm
A Great Review-The Aura of Love!Kathyjmarsh06-23-06  06:35 am
Congrats Diane/Sisgal!Carey16 06-23-06  09:03 am
Leela James and Hil St. Soul--now THIS is what I'm talking about!Thumper06-23-06  11:55 am
Indianapolis Book Fair--Hey Thumper!Chrishayden06-23-06  12:24 pm
Tattoos On My Soul by Burrel Lee Wilks III & ContestTroy06-26-06  12:49 am
Finished My Latest Novel...Read a sample why don't'chaMichael_t_owens06-27-06  05:44 am
ArtistFirst RadioJustwrite06-28-06  07:38 pm
Getting Older - Do I keep Celebrating my Birthday? Chrishayden06-30-06  11:03 am
Nella Larsen by Darryl PinckneyChrishayden06-30-06  01:18 pm
New Black Websites!Ghettogirlblue07-02-06  08:29 pm
Three Books on Queens Hip HopChrishayden07-03-06  11:04 am
Whos turn is it to tell our story??Yukio20 07-03-06  01:18 pm
What do you have?Cynique07-04-06  11:22 am
Things Fall ApartThumper15 07-04-06  03:17 pm
Thug-A-Licious by Noire: I gotta admit, if loving Noire is wrong I...Thumper07-04-06  03:36 pm
The Meaning of July Fourth for the NegroYukio07-04-06  03:52 pm
Subsidy Books Making Bestseller ListsCynique07-04-06  04:41 pm
~July 2006 - Anniversary Edition of  11:31 pm
Let's talk dirty!Linda07-05-06  08:06 am
Author, Toy Styles on ArtistFirst.comJustwrite07-06-06  05:20 pm
Can a book be revivedEmanuel07-08-06  04:59 pm
At Canaan's Edge: America in the King Years, 1965-68Cynique07-09-06  07:36 pm
Carl Weber "So you call yourself a man"Emanuel07-11-06  10:02 am
Chicken Soup for the Menopausal SoulChrishayden07-11-06  04:11 pm
Hear My VoiceRobynmarie07-12-06  09:21 pm
Is it wrong? A question for writers.Solomonjones19 07-16-06  04:17 pm
What's Done in the Dark by Gloria Mallette -- it's a true ass-wipe...Babygirl07-17-06  07:33 pm
India.Arie's TestimonyAlways_lurking07-18-06  05:33 pm
Will the Publishing world ALLOW another Wright or Baldwin?Thumper25 07-18-06  06:39 pm
So, I just finished the MinionThumper07-19-06  06:48 am
Bookpage's Hot Debut Novelists (no Black people)Yukio16 07-20-06  07:16 pm
C-SPAN2 coverage of the '06 Harlem Book Fair Mzuri07-20-06  09:01 pm
The Legend of Quito Road by Dwight Fryer --- A DAMN GOOD BOOK!Soul_sister07-24-06  09:44 am
The Dew BreakerYukio07-24-06  06:32 pm
Stories by Ron RayeLatimer07-25-06  11:02 pm
10 Things Self-Publishers Should KnowEmanuel07-26-06  04:23 pm
Question About Mass Paperbacks?Emanuel07-27-06  10:45 pm
What Ya'll Buying?Nom_de_plume07-29-06  03:43 am
GHETTOHEAT.COM (JUNE - JULY '06)H_i_c_k_s_o_n07-31-06  11:27 am
AN EXCERPT FROM GHETTOHEAT BY HICKSONH_i_c_k_s_o_n07-31-06  11:28 am
AN EXCERPT FROM SKATE ON! BY HICKSONH_i_c_k_s_o_n07-31-06  11:30 am
YOU WANT FAME? AN ESSAY BY HICKSONH_i_c_k_s_o_n07-31-06  11:32 am
THE CONVICT'S CANDY TOURH_i_c_k_s_o_n07-31-06  11:33 am
How to Get More Blacks to Read Speculative FictionChrishayden08-01-06  02:45 pm
A Killing in This Town by Olympia Vernon1rudebway08-01-06  04:15 pm
Urban Fiction: Creative License or Stuck on Stupid?Cynique48 08-02-06  07:23 pm
5 Things Readers Can Do To Support Authors Without Spending A DimeChrishayden08-05-06  10:41 am
The Black Power of FictionBatmocop49 08-07-06  11:51 pm
Fortunate SonTroy10 08-09-06  01:27 pm
~August 2006 Edition of  10:53 pm
12 Stories High: The Imaginative Trip Thru a Black MindDoncross08-11-06  01:51 am
Caramel Flava and Asian SpiceMrgameshow08-16-06  05:11 pm
New Black magazine launchedBlkmalereading08-16-06  05:57 pm
Enough by Juan Williams - what do you think?Snakegirl22 08-17-06  06:00 pm
Black Pearl Books Robs Author Eric MyrieckesSchakspir15 08-18-06  12:01 pm
Bill Gates' RuleCynique08-19-06  11:07 am
FREE Advanced Copies--HURRY!Cynique08-19-06  12:15 pm
NATE, by P. Lewis, wins American Book AwardMellany44 08-19-06  03:37 pm
Support The Authors, Not The Publishers Black Pearl BooksRobynmarie08-21-06  12:09 am
They Tell Me of a Home: A Novel Blkmalereading08-22-06  05:30 pm
Need A Laugh? Watch Monica Jackson's TrailerEmanuel08-24-06  12:41 pm
Writers: Any Tips on Writing Your First BIO?A_womon26 08-24-06  12:42 pm
The Truth Behind Subsidy and Print on Demand PublishingZane08-25-06  12:46 pm
Strange FruitChrishayden08-26-06  10:16 am
All Classics on sale at B&NNom_de_plume08-27-06  01:23 am
How many books do you read at the same time?Renata10 08-27-06  02:12 pm
Cast Your Vote for - Book Club of the YearBlkmalereading08-29-06  11:50 pm
Earthseed: A New Path to God?Chrishayden08-31-06  10:53 am
All Aunt Hagar's Children by Edward P. JonesNom_de_plume09-01-06  04:00 am
McArthur FellowshipChrishayden13 09-02-06  10:14 am
When the Levees Broke - Review of Spikes FilmChrishayden63 09-06-06  10:11 am
Call for Speakers in Cleveland for 2007Emanuel09-06-06  11:03 am
She Said She Wanted ItSohra09-06-06  11:05 am
The First Ladies Club who is a member? -MUST READ!!!!!!!!!!!Kathy109-07-06  09:55 pm
~September 2006 Edition of  11:17 am
Kam Williams, Answer This QuestionCynique38 09-12-06  05:55 pm
Edward P Jones Interview in BookpageEmanuel09-13-06  12:35 pm
New Author Book SigningLaquinta09-14-06  07:40 pm
Error- April McDonald is suing Amazon for 10.5 millionKem09-15-06  06:04 pm
Book Recommendations from Black Men here.....Emanuel09-19-06  09:38 am
Support Independent Black Witer'sPsychezpub09-20-06  11:50 am
The Kids at Latimar HighDjcopeland09-22-06  01:32 am
Chavez Si, Oprah No?Chrishayden09-24-06  01:46 pm
Kimani Press launches Young Adult imprint…KimaniTRU Troy09-24-06  05:29 pm
BOOK SIGNINGS IN MILWAUKEE, WIMsdefrho09-26-06  05:30 pm
Colin Channer Interview - (Required Reading)Troy09-30-06  02:15 pm
Looking for an exciting new book for your teen?Djcopeland10-01-06  01:38 am
Buy Books on Author's Looks?Theroneshellman20 10-01-06  08:28 pm
VIBE Street Lit Acquires the First Novel from C-Murder A_womon17 10-02-06  09:13 pm
HUNGRY in PhillyRobynmarie10-04-06  10:33 am
Who is Lance Tooks?Chrishayden10-04-06  01:05 pm
GHETTOHEAT.COM (AUG '06)H_i_c_k_s_o_n10-04-06  01:24 pm
Check out Blogging in BlackYvettep10-04-06  07:19 pm
Hip-Hop Lit Is HotLibralind223 10-05-06  10:26 pm
~October 2006 Edition of  12:37 am
Creative Brother's Sci Fi Magazine #8Chrishayden10-10-06  02:45 pm
Hello All, this is Carey, it's been a long way home!!!Sisg23 10-10-06  07:50 pm
A young brother with a story to tellSurvivor10-21-06  03:57 pm
Tavis Smiley's Book TourMsprissy10-22-06  08:27 pm
Deesha Philyaw's interview with Kola BoofYvettep10-23-06  08:58 pm
Can A Big Sister Get Some Love?Jackie10-23-06  11:17 pm Accepting Paypal Emanuel10-27-06  10:41 am
Me and Lord Moe Pull a VampChrishayden10-27-06  02:20 pm
Black Horror Movie SiteChrishayden10-28-06  10:58 am
Black New Yorkers: Booklover hopes to profit from his passionTroy11 10-28-06  06:16 pm
Column: Juan Williams Deserves Heat for New Book Blaming BlacksNels10-30-06  01:51 am
Panel: From Self-Published to Published: Developing A Strategy - Br...Troy10-30-06  09:42 am
Did you see Hickson's Book on HBO's "The Wire"Mzuri13 10-30-06  10:20 am
Z.Z. PackerLinda10 10-31-06  02:13 pm
Between the Devil and Miles Davis by Lance TooksChrishayden11-01-06  11:19 am
What Went Wrong in Ohio reviewed by Kam WilliamsChrishayden11-03-06  02:02 pm
~~November 2006 Edition of  06:54 pm
HUNGRY in HarlemRobynmarie11-05-06  08:52 am
Essence of Motown Literary Conference in DetroitEmanuel11-09-06  11:46 am
Kam Williams review Euroweb/Syndicated..."Diary of a Lost Girl"...Kam43 11-14-06  06:09 pm
Tiki Barber on Kola BoofNafisa_goma11-15-06  03:16 am
Mary B. Morrison Signs with Dafina BooksTroy11-17-06  08:28 pm
Waiting 'til midnight hourYukio11-21-06  11:21 am
What Are You Reading.?Yukio10 11-21-06  07:53 pm
American Africans in GhanaJackie11-21-06  08:39 pm
SHA READS EXCERPTS FROM "HARDER" AT BARNES & NOBLE 11.30.06...H_i_c_k_s_o_n11-28-06  01:01 pm
New TV Program - Literary Living on Black Family Channel.Yvettep11-30-06  02:17 pm
Book Clubs...Advanced Reading Copies of Ladies' Night Out by Electa...Carey11-30-06  03:56 pm
Books for the Holidays!Cynique11-30-06  10:44 pm
Are You Litrosexual???Yukio12-03-06  04:59 pm
~~December 2006 Edition of  08:35 pm
R.I.P. Bebe Moore CampbellZane12-10-06  08:36 pm
"I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings" Attacked in WisconsinZane12-10-06  08:38 pm
For Readers a New Forum for Black LiteratureZane12-10-06  08:46 pm
Black Horror BooksZane12-10-06  08:48 pm
Bern Nadette Stanis - Pens Book on RelationshipsZane12-10-06  08:49 pm
My Novel Nominated For a Book AwardZane12-10-06  08:57 pm
Any Black Books Becoming Movies Soon?Zane12-10-06  09:02 pm
April McDonald Sues Amazon and vanity press for 8.5 millionZane17 12-10-06  09:15 pm
CafePress Print On Demand ServiceMzuri12-10-06  09:49 pm
Future of Black Literature by Dr. Molefi Asante in ParisMzuri37 12-11-06  01:57 am
Borders Bookstore - Best Selling AA Fiction 2006Bimsha12-11-06  04:07 pm
'Book Industry Sees the World Split by Race' Wall Street Journal Re...Abm24 12-11-06  05:43 pm
GHETTOHEAT.COM (SEP/OCT '06)H_i_c_k_s_o_n12-12-06  12:53 pm
SHA SIGNS "HARDER" AT HUE-MAN BOOKSTORE 12.15.06H_i_c_k_s_o_n12-12-06  12:58 pm
Support Black ImagesZane12-14-06  03:20 pm
NOW THIS SHOULD GET SOME BLANK LOOKS.......REALLY!!!!!Carey21 12-14-06  03:34 pm
A Relentless Aaron QuestionEmanuel12-14-06  04:37 pm
72 Hours by Bebe Moore Campbell?Bookgirl12-15-06  01:44 pm
N.Y. University Legal Trial...Vs. Kola BoofChrishayden12-20-06  12:37 pm
The ZANE Empire is Growing and GrowingNafisa_goma12-21-06  11:41 pm
How METRO Helped Me ReadCynique15 12-22-06  11:59 am
Baby Brother by Noire Melissabx12-23-06  06:57 pm
The Black Shakespeare?Cynique12-27-06  01:07 pm
Fan FictionCrystal01-03-07  02:07 pm
NAACP Image Awards Nominees include Heather CovingtonLola_ogunnaike01-04-07  12:27 am
A Question For Authors on the Board on MarketingCynique39 01-04-07  02:28 pm
Exhibitors Wanted for the 2007 African American Pavilion at Book Ex...Troy01-07-07  03:45 pm
"MOTHER GODDAMN: Live Performances.."Renata01-09-07  02:48 am
K.Elliott's book, The Ski Mask Way, to be turned into a movie.Gbmscm01-10-07  08:28 pm
Carmello by: Rahsaan AliDawnny01-10-07  08:59 pm
A Terrific New Children's/Young Adult Fantasy AdventureAmywozabookscom01-10-07  10:39 pm
Imagine if Harry Potter was Black and children all over the world w...Amywozabookscom01-10-07  10:43 pm
N.Y. TIMES: Saddam Hussein's love 4 Whitney HoustonSchakspir01-11-07  12:45 pm
The 10 Best Black Books of 2006Schakspir13 01-11-07  01:00 pm
Booksigning of "The Ski Mask Way"Gbmscm01-11-07  02:49 pm
10 Axioms for Understanding the Book BusinessYvettep29 01-12-07  01:27 pm
Book Club Blow Out Sale (48 Books for $20)Cynique21 01-12-07  07:53 pm
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All Aunt Hagar's Children by Edward P. JonesChrishayden01-17-07  02:42 pm
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AND GOD CREATED WOMANH_i_c_k_s_o_n01-24-07  11:32 am
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