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Posted on Friday, April 04, 2003 - 05:40 pm:   Delete Post View Post/Check IP Print Post    Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only)

Kola and others,

When I said that there is only the human race, I was talking about scientifically. Your post and story about what you were taught as a child, illustrates how Arabs tried to brainwash you, a tool of racial marking, producing racial categories. Brainwashing, war, imperialism, and slavery—-conquest created "racial" categories. In others words, "race," is historical, a social construct that is constantly redefined/recreated through time by the powerful. Consequently, although our blood may be genetically “stronger/more superior..etc,” power not blood is the deciding factor of societal change. Blood can not and has not influenced whites or Arabs to embrace black folk--money, political and cultural power have,however.
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Posted on Friday, April 04, 2003 - 07:48 pm:   Delete Post View Post/Check IP Print Post    Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only)

Exactly, Yukio. Now we're all starting to understand each other. We're really on the same side.

I just have a terrible fear that Black Americans become some new monster race that we won't recognize anymore. Coming from my part of the world, you have no idea has easy and how quickly this can occur--and as always, it's only the women who object to it and we're always the ones to suffer directly from it.

I may seem crazy, but I must make a public objection. I am gathering together different African women's groups now to make a march on Washington, hopefully next year, to inform the press of our bitter objections to the assimilation of the AAs. I have encountered Ethiopian, Kenyan and Senegalese women who feel even MORE strongly than I do. The Black Americans MUST NOT perish--as they are now doing. We don't consider looking Puerto Ricans an improvement--we consider it a "threat" to the bloodberry (the living spirit of the dead). Yes, there is Fluidity in human movement....but there is a curse against the whole world of men, because injustice has not been confronted in the case of the Black humans. Our feelings should be put in the history books.

This time.

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Posted on Friday, April 04, 2003 - 09:47 pm:   Delete Post View Post/Check IP Print Post    Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only)

TROY and Cynique:

The whole nation of INDIA, 1 billion and counting, is filled in the veins with BLACK BLOOD.

That fact has not stopped their government from making laws against the marriage of certain Indians to the dark black Indians...nor has it stopped all those Mixed people from actively and socially hating Black blood.

You mention the power of Black blood...but where is this power?

Black blood was not strong enough to stop the Arab race from coming into being--it didn't save the Moors from being wiped off the planet. Nor has it stopped the slave trade in 2003 in North Africa--genocide and ethnic cleansing of "black blood" is being carried out in Sudan as we speak...nor has black blood stopped the atrocities in Brazil or made the Sicilians, Italians or Greeks acknowledge that by U.S. standards..they are all BLACK.

The thing that has always undermined the power of Black blood...is the self-hatred and in-action of Black people. You didn't just learn that self-loathing when you got to America...you came here with it.

How sad this is.

After everything that's happened to the Black Americans...to find the children running the parents...and to find 70% of black children without fathers...bling-bling and "every man for himself" now firmly replacing "it takes a village"....and everyone is so complacent, so passive. Why it's almost like the West African slave trade again.

Black folks standing around saying, "Oh don't worry 'bout it...just let life take its course."

Cynique speaks of your own "unique cultural experience" here in America--of which I know a lot about--but that culture is being allowed to die.

And die without any dignity whatsoever.

Do you all really believe...for one minute...that your children and your grandchildren will be better off scattered, confused and even more lost than you were?

This line of fluidity...is leading your offspring into a burning house. For at least the people in Africa have their own countries, languages, names--there is no ceiling on what they can become. But here...our children are at a disadvantage because the black adults offer no leadership, no heritage whatsoever.

It's pathetic and I know we can do better for our children.

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Posted on Saturday, April 05, 2003 - 10:35 am:   Delete Post View Post/Check IP Print Post    Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only)

Kola, the whole planet is filled with the blood of Black people.

To expand a little on what Yukio wrote. Race is an artifical tool to place people into convenient little buckets. As yukio said that tools has become the tool of the white supremact.

Indeed the White supremacist looks at white as the only pure race and everything as a "mongrelazation". Of course this is simply scientifically inaccurate. However a charismatic speaker can easily appeal to the emotions of the uneducated and lead them to believe Black people and other so called mongrels are the cause of our problems.

The racial paradigm meets so much resistance because it does not fit in modern society. When I did research on my family history the US Census 100 years ago, had very few categories white, black, Indidan (I think), and mullato for everything else. Now I think you have about 20 or more. As a side, I don't think the government should continue to waste my money trying to keep track of people's race (but that is the topic of another post).

People want to give Tiger Woods greif because he does not choose to identify himself and totally Black -- why should he? Is he the "victim" of a white racist society or is he just trying to recognize his "multi-racial background".

Kola nothing you or I can do it going to stop the progression of mankind. The mixing of the so called races will continue. Therefore to try to stop it, in my mind, is illogical.

That said; in today's work we are stuck with racial categories defining our very existence. These man made cateogries are ascribed, by men, rankings which tend to correlate with the complexion of that given race. This is my opponent, as I'm sure it is yours.

Maintaining a pure Black race is not an effective tool to combat this problem, simply because it is impossible, for the reasons I mentioned. Even white racists have failed at this.

I think a far better to tool is education. People are so ready to accept white supremacy because they are ignorant. Educated rich white people know better however they have little incentive to change the status quo -- it suits them financially...for now.

When I said Black blood was strong I mean that in a millenium or two when humanity will be darker than your typical white boy -- we are already.

Kola continue to educate Black people about our history, help us undertstand we have a magnificent history, continue to show and fight against, how Black people are undermined today.

As far as keeping the so called "Black race" pure. The only why this can happen is if we took all the "Pure" black people to some island and never let anyone in or out. Even if that was possible, if your gave those pure Black people on that isolated island access to a TV; there would be blond headed blued people running around on that island too.

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Posted on Saturday, April 05, 2003 - 12:41 pm:   Delete Post View Post/Check IP Print Post    Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only)

Troy.....I AM NOT PURE, and I have never thought that keeping Blacks "PURE" was even remotely possible.

**TROY...please read this entire post before you respond.

As I told you once before...interracial love is a natural love that has ALWAYS been in the world. No one who loves GOD is against that. However, interracial love has traditionally encompassed two EQUAL human beings from mutually respected nations. The playing field being even...this love was celebrated by both families...because it was so rare between houses that felt themselves EQUAL.

But we are not discussing that...nor can the total mixing of the entire Black population in America be considered anything else...but an EPIDEMIC of self-hate. Natural, normal healthy Black people who love themselves as HUMAN BEINGS...would, by majority, want to see their own image reborn. They would have systems in place, socially, to ensure their own image. We are ignoring the history of the African slave in America when we act as though this new coming multi-culturalism is totally natural, healthy and "without malice".

There is a healthy hatred in this country for all things "negroid"...especially the Black woman, who of course, is the thing that makes us BLACK in the first place. I cannot tell you how bizarre it was to come here and see that nearly every Black man's wife...was YELLOW...which in itself is a hateful, direct message to all African people...one that Black Americans never noticed they were sending to the Africans. I can assure Yukio that she has never sat in a circle of her African friends as one of them remarked--"Have you noticed how few of their mothers are Black?"

Please think about these images we transmitt.

Having the world be simply "darker" as you say (olive colored?) is not good enough either. If we are BLACK...then that's just not good enough for Black people. We would want our own...and yes, some Black people are redskinned, yellow and upper brown...but they have African hair and the features of the tribe (for in order to be African, you must be born directly from indigenous African tribal clans--as were the Black Americans and ALL Blacks on the planet). We are the most unique of all the races...only WE have African hair, no one else.

I know how this angers Black Americans...but your people in this country never did free themselves from Slavery. They WAITED 400 years for sympathetic Whites to free them.

That is why I don't trust your "complaceny" about the protecting of your ancestor's legacy. Let me expound here...

Thumper has said, as so many Black Americans will stand up and holler...."I ain't no African!!"

Well how many decades will it take TROY before your grandchildren are hollering, "I ain't NO BLACK MAN!"

And what other races do you know that would accept that from it's offspring?

And why should we, as HUMAN BEINGS, give birth to an entire race of Tiger Woods, Mariah Carey, Vin Diesel and The Rock?

Is that progress? Is it better for me to breed people who can't relate to my blackness than it is to breed my own black babies who love me and keep my seed alive? (My personal babies, I'm speaking of--not the average black American child).

Linda and so many others feel that I am putting down Black Americans...but it never occurs to them that everytime I turn on BET or go to a black movie or watch some dark brown PLATINUM BLONDS sashay down the boulevard like jokes.....I feel that the Black Americans are putting down the entire race of Black humans.

How dare them extoll me for putting them down!!!

I don't want the Black Americans replaced by a race of Blue veins. I don't want Micheal Jackson in my family. I don't "respect" Tiger Woods or his self-hating father. I don't feel as you all feel--that I should just sit back, relax and let nature take its course.

Nature has NEVER taken its course. The hand of Man is the one that rocks the world. Parents raise their kids and teach them what to think...then when they get older, they change their mind to their own way of thinking...but the father and mother's hand is always EMBEDDED in that thinking. We don't have to stay on plantations of the mind and keep FEEDING our children to this religion of White Supremacy.

And in my mind...many of you are just conditioned to the religion of White Supremacy. You're so used to it, that you don't even challenge it other than to complain about racism. YUKIO is the only one who has directly said that we should resist it. Cynique calls her passiveness "fluidity".

Simply being people of color, Troy, will not challenge White Supremacy...which is far more threatening and far more REAL than racism. Look around you. Every race of COLOR that is not black....champions and promotes the religion of White Supremacy all over the world. Everyone looks down on Blacks...because we have not yet honored ourselves.

Every single day...White Americans reinforce their ties to Europe. In the classroom, at the movie theature, by watching t.v., but having good sex with other White, Caucasoid beings. By loving and attending the "superior whiteness" of their White children. They reinforce their ties to EUROPE...their fatherland.

Your children...whether anybody wants to hear it or not...are NOT "motherless children". They have a motherland in Africa that is THEIR birth right...I don't care how snooty SOME Africans can be.

I would not LOVE the Black American people--who BELONG TO ME and are my bloodberry and are the children of the Goddess Africa, my mother---I would not love them if I did not tell them the truth.

We are not yet free--nowhere near it.

Breeding more of your DNA away will only lead your offspring further into the burning house that your people inherited. You are WEAKENING your own people instead of empowering them if you teach your children that a Man can fail to give birth to his own image....and still be respected by the Whole world.

Before there can be love and justice...there must be respect.

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Posted on Saturday, April 05, 2003 - 12:51 pm:   Delete Post View Post/Check IP Print Post    Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only)


My Black American parents also fight with me all the time on these issues.

It wasn't until I took my Mother with me to Morocco and then to Sudan that she totally understood that we...as Black Americans...must begin to think of terms of "the next 100 years" instead of "the next 10 years". We also have to realize that there is a worldwide system in place to continuously destroy Black people.

In America, the media is now pushing race-mixing, because there are so few blacks here that between the Latinos, the Whites and others...your seed could easily be absorbed and bred OUT.

There's only 36 million of you. Few of that number is pure. SO GET REAL. You aren't going to darken America.

You won't even be Creoles in 300 years.

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Posted on Saturday, April 05, 2003 - 02:13 pm:   Delete Post View Post/Check IP Print Post    Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only)

It is so difficult to limit one's discussion to one thread, so if i go off the mark, i apologize. Also, I want to say that I'm not trying to "convince" anyone or change anyone's feelings but to engage them, sincerely(this is to everyone).

Now, Troy, race is artificial, but i wouldn't go so far to say that it is just a tool of a racist white supremacit appealing to "uneducated" people.(I need to be more accurate but i'm not neccessarily editing it). The fact is that most people around the world, still believe that "racial" categories are legimitate. One reason is that it is not taught in schools, educated people still continue to use the term, black people, whites, asians, people across the world continue to use. Another reason that it is used is that people confuse "race" with "racism," the former typically an identification and the latter a practice upon a "race", assuming that the former is a viable category. Race is not real, but racism is alive and well. And racism is so old; some say that this contemporary notion of race, through phenotype not blood, emerged with new world slavery, before that people were primarily defined by their blood, nationality, and religion, mostly blood and religion.

Troy wrote:
"The racial paradigm meets so much resistance because it does not fit in modern society."
This is not necessarily true, since some people try to identify their racial identity by blood, which does really work, as you stated. Yet, most people, since they have no history of their geneology, would not even consider finding out because of their phenotype and the place they and their family stand in a society, so often it is not even about blood, but their external features.

So we have two biologized racial markers; one is blood, the much older identifier of race, and the most recent is phenotype, which obscures blood. Both are incorrect. Yet, now the latter allows people with african blood, to maintain a "white" identity. I think some of us should reread Kola's statement about race in the Sudan, because it essential that we think about it as a global phenomena. In this country race is primarily identifed through phenotype and the black/asian/white/hispanic category. In Latin America is much different,where their are dozens of racial categories...multiple color variations. In addition, one's national identity can place them in a different racial category then the one they would have in their own country. Hence Kola's point about black Americans being white in the Sudan; I'm a bit skeptial of us being seen white but being labeled as white is possible since US nationality have greater currency in this world, at least if the country is a friend of the US.

Now, in terms of Tiger Woods, i respect his and Vin Diesel to identify themselves as multiracial. Yet, this is not a race neutral world and their identitiy has racial and political manifestations. In other words, if race is articial, yet a tool, then how a public celebrity identifies themselves is a political statement. And to be multiracial i think abets what Kola is trying to fight against, since Tiger Woods through affirming an "ambiguous" category does not substantiate the presence of intellect of black people. Now, this should not be so, it is wrong, but in this country, it was thought that black people couldn't play golf because its too intellectual or quaterback, etc... I'm talking less about how things should be and how empirical sources illustrates certain truths, than how the world really works...we have to deal with the world how it really works.

Also, the mixing of the races was just an element of Kola's point, i think. She and I were also talking about ideologies, and the racial mixing and the ideology of black inferiority and ugliness is closer to what Kola point was. It not just a biological "warfare," but a cultural and ideological.

Also, this is about education, but most people do know race is artificial. Educated rich white people are as uneducated concerning the notion of race as poor people; they don't know better either. White supremacy is not just a belief, but they perpetuation of that belief through social institutions, so that education is just one element, societal change is another, since they aren't mutually dependent. Accepting this world as it is white supremacist. If we accept Christianity, we're white supremacist, if we accept a linear notion of time, rather than the simultaneity of past, present, and future we are white supremacist, if we are empiricist then we are white supremacist, if we believe in universality then we are white supremacist...our cultural beings in infused with a white supremacist epistemology and cosmology, so that i our thoughts and values are those of a Euro-WASP culture.

This racist culture perpetuates racism, through obscuring the reality of racial organization of society.
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Posted on Saturday, April 05, 2003 - 03:06 pm:   Delete Post View Post/Check IP Print Post    Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only)

YUKIO said:

Hence Kola's point about black Americans being white in the Sudan;

I'm a bit skeptial of us being seen white but being labeled as white is possible since US nationality have greater currency in this world


Yukio, if you went to Sudan as people like Louis Farrakhan and Maya Angelou and others have done--you would be seen as "ABEED" (a nigger) and called "WHITE". Abeed is still higher, however, than indigenous African...because the Abeed Stock can be "worked with".

Please make a mental note of something that is GRAVELY important....

A person who is perceived as "a nigger"--is a person who will not challenge or buck the White Supremacist system of hierarchy in the socialization process. They will JOIN the dominant culture (the Arab Muslim ruling class) in "breeding out" undesirable qualities such as dark coloring, African facial features, the Proof (nilotic-negroid hair).

This is why you don't see many NUBIAN slaves in Sudan. The Nubians only number 100,000 at this point (a drop in the bucket) and the majority of the males have become Abeed (they are called this to their face) and they marry with imported Turkish prostitutes to breed a lighter, more Arabic child. The government ships these women in expressly to breed with the Nubians---the Nubian women are sterilized or sold off as prostitutes to foreign Arab countries.

The Nubians in the cities...rarely speak NOBBIN anymore (the Nubian language). They embrace ISLAM, they speak Arabic and they allow their children to be Arabisized. Mixed Raced Nubians are ALSO...not considered BLACK. They are as dark brown as I am but are allowed to be "Arabs"...because they are willing to submitt to the task of breeding out.

Do some reading about the creation of Lake Nuba (the world's largest man-made lake that now stands over what was once the Nubian Valley). Their entire culture has a LAKE covering it up. Like your American Indians--the Nubians are facing extinction. My dead father fought very hard against the building of Lake Nuba...because he knew that it would mean the total destruction of the Nubian people.

Because my father was an Arab Egyptian Muslim...I was able to live quite well in Sudan, and both me and my Charcoal Oromo mother were protected from overt racial violence and prejudice. But once my parents were murdered, because of Pappuh's activism...I was sent to my grandmother in Egypt. She took one look at my dark skin and put me up for adoption. It was that moment, at age 8, that I realized that it wasn't right. This pathology about COLOR that yellow, tan and BLacks allow to exist.

The charcoal black Dinka are TWO things---the world's blackest people and the world's tallest people.

These Dinka, along with the Shilluk, Nuer and other smaller groups...are Sudan's majority AFRICAN people. They are pure and do not wish to join ISLAM or to lose their coloring. While they do not recognize yellow Black Americans as "BLACK"--they did teach me as a child that all Black Americans (including the mixed race ones) were "our mother's stolen children". I was taught by Dinkas and Shilluk that the Black Americans..."are made of our blood". Only the AFRICANS of Sudan recognize the Black Americans as our own people. The Arabs teach against that.

You are right, Yukio...the Africans go by BLOOD. That is so true. You must have their blood and it must be "visually present" for them to recognize you. This is why actress Thandie Newton...is an AFRICAN, although she's not black.

ARAB PEOPLE, Yukio, are well aware that they need your Black American support...in order to have some foothole on American political acumen. Just look at all the shows Oprah Winfrey has devoted to the "good Arab people" who are so unfairly stereotyped and mistreated. Look at how leaders such as Farrakhan portray the Arab as our brother--he even accepts huge monetary loans from Sudan's President Al Bashir and overlooks the fact that Sudan's BLUE BLACKS are enslaved and face genocide. He knows all about it, I assure you. Look at Maya Angelou's completely sympathetic writings about the wonderful Arab people who welcomed her with open arms and "didn't see her color". Of course they didnt--she's a rich American woman with influence. She can help them to convert more Black Americans to ISLAM.

I warn you to be wary of anyone who cannot SEE and appreciate your color. That's an enemy if ever there was one.

If you, YUKIO, ever went to Sudan...here is what would happen...

the dark brown, good obedient Arab-speaking, Muslim-worshipping NUBIANS would be presented to you as proof that "it's not so bad for blacks over here".

NUBIANS are Sudan's only "northern" black tribe. I, too, am a northerner (it's the Arab north against the Black south in Sudan). The Nubians would do their nigger jig and make everything look honkey dorey as the Real Arabs stroked your ego, made derogatory comments about the White Imperialist Opressor and they would call you "My Sister...My Brother".

These dark brown NUBIANS (who are mixed race if they are dark brown instead of jet black charcoal) would be sicked on you like dogs to promote the image...and the falsehood...that black people in Sudan are living and working as part of the community.

The southern blacks...the real Africans...would be portrayed to you as "shiftless", "worthless", backwards people....their women topless in the rivers...etc. You would be kept away from them.

I was so sad when I read one of Maya's books and she talked about the wonderful Arab Egyptians who whined and dined her in Cairo....but then spoke desparingly of the lazy charcoal Sudanese maid they provided her with.

So, you're right....you would not be SEEN as WHite, but you would also not be seen as Black African, either...which is a far more important distinction.

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Posted on Saturday, April 05, 2003 - 03:11 pm:   Delete Post View Post/Check IP Print Post    Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only)


God bless you for saying this....our King Pem said this in the year 360...YOU ARE RIGHT MY SISTER!!

YUKIO said:

if we accept a linear notion of time, rather than the simultaneity of past, present, and future we are white supremacist, if we are empiricist then we are white supremacist

King Pem said:

"there is no such thing as the past, the present or the future...all three are simutaneous."

This...in a nutshell...is why Africans worship their ancestors in African religion.

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Posted on Saturday, April 05, 2003 - 05:18 pm:   Delete Post View Post/Check IP Print Post    Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only)


So let me ask some questions for clarifications:

Are you stating that to be african is to have African blood and "african" features?

Also, "Black" primarily pertains to color, which signifies the "purity" of African blood. Correct?

If so, we should be very clear about this cultural differences. I think since we both tend write lengthy posts, it can become confusing of how one identifies the relationships between race, color, blood, etc...

Now as it relates to Maya Angelou and others, it is extremely typical for people to relay their own individual experiences, which are usually mediated by their own status, ie Nationality, wealth, etc...

The fact of the matter is, and now i'm being repetitive, is that our life chances are not solely determined by our individual effort--what we do, see, accomplish, etc... Yet, people believe this is so. Consequently, they tend to take their experience as the general or universal experience of the phenomena, ie their experience in a country either their own or another. The problem is epistemological, of knowledge, so that as an empiricist, one believes that what they see is truthful and valid. In other words, that evidence is representative or a reflection of a truth, where as it may only be a Fact, but a Fact is not the same thing as the abstract truth. So when one considers your example of black Americans in the Sudan, they must think you're wrong, since black skin for most people, especially American blacks, means black person. Yet, if we consider the politically positioning of black americans as US residents, as well as their access to power, it is quite clear that the color of one's skin doesn't necessary determine their identity.

Yet, it goes both ways. As Thumper lamented, SOME Africans will call African Americans "shiftless", "lazy", and "cultureless, " and argue that racism is insignificant since they--the socalled "real/authentic" black people--succeed, which means that racism is not a barrier and that something is wrong with black americans. From my own experiences, those on the very bottom will remain so in their own country, but once they leave to another space, they can distance themselves from those of their same color and/or ancestry.

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Posted on Saturday, April 05, 2003 - 06:08 pm:   Delete Post View Post/Check IP Print Post    Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only)


1) The reason Africans come here and claim that there is no "racism"...is because Whites treat Africans better than Black Americans. I myself have received superior treatment...until I opened my mouth and complained about it. The same goes for a Black American going to an Arab nation or to Europe--two places where Africans are treated with enormous hostility. But I think that Thumper would do himself a great benefit to travel to Senegal...where the Blacks absolutely worship Black Americans--because that's one of the main places your ancestors came from.

Black Americans should really stop praising "colorist" societies like Egypt and Ethiopia and focus on the lands of their ancestors...Senegal, Ghana, Benin, Nigeria...These are countries where you can actually get a fat lip if you say anything mean about Black Americans. Senegal especially!!

1) African people have a millenia-old system to determine who is African and who is not.

It is recognized in every single nation....that any person who is born from (or born from a person who is born from) an indigenous African tribe and has a Clan name...is African.

**This is why Whites in Africa, no matter how many centuries they've lived there, have never been accepted by the Africans as "African people". They don't have "proof" of having our blood--neither the color nor the Proof (some variation of nappy hair).

This ancient rule is also why Black Americans have every right to call themselves Africans...they are the only people on earth who are usually mixed with 6 to 10 different African tribes. You walk down any street in America...you will see in the face of one Black American...Mandinka, Wolof, Fulani,Bambara, Ashanti,Zulu. This new rapper--50 Cents and the model Tyson Beckford and Micheal Jordan--are clear examples of this "African-mix".

Now look at Djimon Hansou (of Amistad). He only looks like one tribe--obviously from Benin.

Yes, coloring does usually come along with being born from an African tribe...but don't forget, we have PURE AFRICANS who are also orange colored with burnt red hair (my Aunt's tribe in the Oromo race is such a group in Tanzania--my mother's race being Oromo, too, but of the Somali Blue Black). In Africa, these are the separate African races...Nilotics (the original human race includes Hermetics and Semitics--they are mostly charcoal black), Negroids (the majority of Africa--they have full lips, thick features, muscular bodies, large buttocks, usually short nappy hair), Oromos, Moors (extinct), Berbers (our greatest enemies), Amarics (Ethiopians), Pygmies....all of these are AFRICANS.

The original Nilotic race is the original race of the planet Earth....they have charcoal blue black skin and STICK-STRAIGHT hair. Their noses are slender and their bodies are very tall and skinny.

3) YUKIO...very few Black Americans are as Dark as the Black people of Sudan. Also, your features are clearly Non-Nilotic. You would definitely be treated as OTHER...not as black. Not only your American status, but your lack of color would be a sign of your "agreement" with the Arabization process of Sudan.

A woman who is very lightskinned would, in fact, be treated like a Queen...after all, her lightskin represents the bridge that they have long counted on to deliver them from Blackness. Maya Angelou was considered, by Sudanese, to be VERY lightskinned black. So Linda can just imagine. But the Black Africans would feel distrust for that Black American who is so light and visiting with "northerners" (I am lightskinned a northerner don't forget).

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Posted on Saturday, April 05, 2003 - 08:13 pm:   Delete Post View Post/Check IP Print Post    Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only)

thank you!
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KOLA, my post is in response to what you stated to me in the other post, should the government continue to fund...

What you say may be true, concerning the societal racist policies in the these countries, but the point that i'm making about these people from these Spanish Caribbean countries is that SOME of them do HONOR Africa (Also, SOME whose parents migrated to the US and lived with black Americans and those from the British Caribbean often have a different consciousness/the process of consciousness of Africanity is so complex). The other point that i was not explicit about is that COlOR does not determine one's consciousness, so that many Black Americans, in my opinion, are African, because of their Blood, but do not HONOR AFRICA.

Culturally we have a New World African Culture--the larger continental African American culture, which can be broken down into the islands within Caribbean and coast and within the US known as the Afri-US(what most people call African Americans). Others in these same islands and this country, as in the Continent, are almost fully assimilate to white culture. They don't even recognize their own culture(african american), nor their mother culture (African).

This means that there are a whole lot of Africans of all shades facilitating this breeding out process, which places in question and further complicates the question of "racial mixing," for many of the black Africans as well as the darker Africans are as complicit in this mixing as the lighter ones. This means that one can not single out those light skinned folk or the paler folk from the Spanish Caribbean.

I think that one should honor their culture (African American) and their mother culture (African), both interdependent. It is amazing to speak to Africans who know more about african american intellectuals, artists, etc... than many black americans do. Similarly, i know african americans that can tell africans not only about their country, but the continent. As i've said KOLA, we need to learn about eachother, because although all may be African, our histories of Colonialism and Imperialism also have made us who we are and need to regroup, think, and learn about the ties that bind.

I do and have unfortunately (unfortunate because even when the intensions are benign it often becomes an "authenticity" battle which I loathe. Still, i think these categories are useful, since it enables us not to place all blacks of the Americas in one box or place a continent into a box, as some us often do)labeled some people black Americans and others African Americans. This not an attempt to follow an authenticity authoritive position, but to theorize this blacks in the Americas. There are many gradations, of course, but i label those who are phenotypically black as Black Americans. For whatever reasons, they neither affirm their indigenous culture or their mother culture; This is often from rearing or by choice. Those who consciously and are reared to respect their indigenous culture and their mother culture i call African Americans. Like i said, there are many gradations, since some people solely embrace their indigeous culture and not their mother culture, while others reject their indigeous culture (because its not "authentic,") and solely embrace their mother culture.

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