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Kola Boof Is A Mind Control VictimNuuon01-16-10  02:08 pm
Take The-Did Limbaugh Go Too Far Poll Hen8101-16-10  11:32 am
Massive relief effort underway in HaitiSerenasailor01-14-10  02:33 pm
Teddy Pendergrass diesSerenasailor01-14-10  02:31 pm
New post in response to Kola Boof's response to TroyTroy17 01-16-10  02:21 am
Too bad.....Too sad.....Ntfs_encryption01-15-10  03:35 pm
Dingy Harry Reid Shows His True ColorsNels17 01-13-10  08:03 pm
NAKED AT THE FEAST (Video by Kola Boof)Nafisa_goma11 01-15-10  02:54 am
So You Want To Know Why. Bend Over.Carey01-08-10  11:15 pm
"If you learned it, then you shoulda got an 'A' on it..."...Yvettep01-07-10  11:03 pm
Slooooooooow DayYvettep01-07-10  11:05 pm
Another Dream for Y'allChrishayden10 01-11-10  11:27 am
Black Airline Pilot Trying to Fly DrunkChrishayden01-06-10  10:53 am
Another mag cover controversy: This time, TigerChrishayden01-12-10  11:53 am
Tiger Woods on the Downlow?Chrishayden01-05-10  10:58 am
ABC News "investigates" why Black Women can't find a Black Man...Troy84 01-15-10  05:04 pm
"Obama’s Presidential Campaign Explored by Language Scholars"Carey01-06-10  09:44 am
Jacob Zuma Marries 5th WifeChrishayden01-04-10  11:54 am
Shelby Steele on Barack ObamaChrishayden01-02-10  11:10 am
The GeeseCynique01-03-10  01:03 pm
Happy New Year, ev'rybodyCarey01-01-10  02:53 pm
Rush Limbaugh Rushed To HospitalChrishayden12-31-09  10:45 am
Weird Dreams Last NiteLibralind221 01-08-10  06:24 pm
H1N1 RevisitedChrishayden12-30-09  10:42 am
Old Schoolers, Beware!Ntfs_encryption12-31-09  03:04 pm
Umar Farouk AbdulmutallabChrishayden12-31-09  10:20 am
Daley Machine Warns ObamaChrishayden12-30-09  11:03 am
Mary J Blige Goes 'Chris Brown' on Husband...In PUBLIC!Nels12-29-09  10:41 pm
NOEL, NOELNels12-28-09  05:00 pm
Yoo Hoo! It's all about meChrishayden12-26-09  10:28 am
Locked Up -- Broke Down -- A HickChrishayden12-26-09  10:32 am
Obama as toastChrishayden12-22-09  10:46 am
And da booty was ashy as hell!Libralind212-29-09  12:08 pm
She was hot from the top - to the bottom of her toes.Carey11 12-23-09  11:25 am
The Black Woman Still Can't Get Paid.Brownbeauty12326 01-02-10  01:55 pm
Deck Da Halls an all Dat!!!Chrishayden12-17-09  10:46 am
Tiger Poker Deck and Security Camera Crash FootageHen8112-17-09  07:10 am
Black Women and Flared Nostrils: The No-Go SistaNels12-20-09  10:29 pm
I Warned You All! Now the Day of Reckoning is at Hand!!!Chrishayden12-17-09  10:31 am
Disney's 1st Black princess hit #1 at the box officeMoonsigns12-24-09  07:18 am
No Golden Globe for Monique??Cynique12-17-09  02:31 pm
Monogamy - One Sexual Partner for Life - Is It Possible?Abm134 01-03-10  01:28 pm
Kola Boof at Nancy Pelosi Event Feb. 25thNafisa_goma12-23-09  05:29 am
Is Limbaugh Right....???Ntfs_encryption10 12-17-09  08:38 pm
John Conyers: Why I'm Sick of ObamaChrishayden12-11-09  11:53 am
Chris Hayden must admit--"Yes, thangs are better"Chrishayden12-12-09  10:49 am
Tiger Loves BarbieNels12-17-09  01:39 am
Too Hard Core or Justice....?Chrishayden12-12-09  11:03 am
Tiger Woods: How Did the Liberal Media Miss This?Chrishayden12-10-09  11:27 am
Obama in Oslo: Send in the ClownChrishayden12-10-09  10:43 am
A New Race Catergory...?Chrishayden12-10-09  10:37 am
Arabs blasted Beyonce before showChrishayden12-10-09  10:40 am
Obamarama: And now FISTGATEChrishayden12-08-09  12:44 pm
Well Troy, this one is for you. *snicker*Carey12-08-09  05:37 pm
Not a Black Thang....?Ntfs_encryption12-07-09  12:43 pm
The Watts 103rd Street Rhythm BandChrishayden12-05-09  11:19 am
Whatever...Chrishayden12-05-09  10:41 am
Robert Gibbs versus April Ryan: Cynique get your niece, please!Thumper12-04-09  05:06 pm
Latest Obamanation--he bumps Charlie Brown's Xmas!Chrishayden12-04-09  11:12 am
Grammy Nominations--Cynique, where are ya?Chrishayden12-04-09  10:54 am
Done Deal...!!!!!!Chrishayden12-04-09  10:42 am
Hypertensive Humor--I think--Chrishayden12-04-09  10:44 am
So What did you think of Obama's speech last night?Chrishayden12-04-09  10:47 am
Seven Stories Obama Doesn't Want ToldChrishayden12-01-09  10:52 am
Maya Angelou Presents..Serenasailor12-03-09  01:34 pm
The Mystery of Tiger WoodsMoonsigns60 12-25-09  05:13 pm
Mainstream TV broadcasters are lame and chicken...Nels11-28-09  01:23 am
Greeting To My AALBC Family!Cagedbird11-27-09  08:08 pm
Obama Jumps the SharkNels11-29-09  02:17 pm
"Unfriend" is word of the yearTroy11-24-09  04:04 pm
What has happened to Kalamu Ya Salaam?Chrishayden11-28-09  10:23 am
Am I late in hearing about him???Cynique11-27-09  06:30 pm
CigarettesCynique11-24-09  12:02 pm
Would you become a jehovah's witness?Carey11-25-09  01:02 pm
And so it goes...Cynique11-24-09  12:21 pm
Let Me Flip My Thang... down low.Ntfs_encryption12-01-09  12:53 am
"Oprah's Blackest Moments"Chrishayden11-24-09  10:49 am
Precious Movie poster: Imitation is flattery?Cynique11 11-27-09  06:06 pm
Harriet Tubman vs Oprah Winfrey. Nig*a Please, dont' hate the play...Carey35 11-23-09  06:34 pm
Bye, bye OprahCynique21 11-21-09  05:25 pm
I seen da rappersChrishayden11-20-09  11:42 am
Dear Abby:Cynique11-20-09  06:14 pm
Obama: Master of the GaffeYvettep11-21-09  12:23 pm
C. Leigh McEnnis on Mississippi HBCUsChrishayden11-19-09  10:20 am
Ladies: Holiday Alert!Cynique11-17-09  11:58 am
Movie precious-more "black movie GARBAGE"!Chrishayden15 11-20-09  10:19 am
St anley Crouch reviews PreciousChrishayden17 11-20-09  10:22 am
Did Fergie Out Kanye West?Chrishayden11-12-09  11:07 am
Afghanistan: Make up your mind Barry!Chrishayden11-12-09  10:08 am
Comedian Katt Williams Arrested For Alleged BurglaryAbm16 11-17-09  04:06 pm
Sammy Sosa: The "new" Micheal JacksonCynique32 11-20-09  06:08 pm
Sheneneh v WandaChrishayden11-09-09  11:02 am
How to Remove Glue From TeflonChrishayden11-09-09  10:30 am
Buy a policy or go to jail?Chrishayden11-07-09  11:08 am
You Win, Yvettep!Carey11-08-09  12:34 am
What Obama Got to Do Now?Ntfs_encryption21 11-09-09  06:20 pm
Mo'Nique gives an Oscar Caliber Performance in PreciousCarey48 11-12-09  07:14 pm
Troy's really cool African AdventureChrishayden11-09-09  11:29 am
Serena Williams poses naked for magazine coverCarey81 11-18-09  03:29 pm
Merry Xmas My A**!Chrishayden11-05-09  11:36 am
Obamania Cools OffCynique12 11-05-09  11:35 am
Twittering Inarticulate Air HeadsLibralind216 11-05-09  01:35 pm
The Immortal SUN RAChrishayden10-31-09  11:22 am
The Heather Ellis CaseChrishayden10-31-09  10:47 am
Black DynamiteChrishayden10 11-02-09  10:25 am
Busting the Darfur MythChrishayden10-31-09  10:53 am
Is Racism a SIN?Chrishayden10-26-09  10:50 am
Happy Black History Month!Ntfs_encryption16 11-07-09  07:06 pm
You the white man's b**ch (Aisha SekhmetCarey18 10-28-09  04:41 pm
You Say I am A Moth** F**ker. Like that's a bad thing....Carey10-21-09  10:07 pm
The Latino Tsunami: When Holding Your Breath Is Not An OptionNtfs_encryption27 11-06-09  01:23 am
Pandemic Hustle?Ferociouskitty45 10-28-09  09:30 pm
Interracial couple denied marriage license in LouisianaNtfs_encryption10-28-09  05:09 am
October 16th HonoreesCynique11-02-09  01:40 pm
Can Anybody Say Chris Hayden? Chrishayden10-17-09  10:42 am
Doesn't This Remind You of Carey?Cynique18 10-17-09  01:29 pm
Chris Rock's "Good Hair" MovieCynique52 10-29-09  01:55 am
Coming Out Soon.Cynique33 10-15-09  01:51 pm
And the Nobel Prize goes to...Yvettep10-10-09  01:12 pm
Where does "Black culture" come from and is it endangered?Cynique14 10-11-09  10:51 pm
Update on status of Ebony Magazine Chrishayden10-10-09  10:22 am
50 Great VoicesAbm10-08-09  08:29 pm
It's Like A Poison That's Soaked Into The Ground!Carey10-05-09  12:58 pm
Oh Limp Picks!Yvettep10-06-09  10:00 am
Hollywood's Still Pimping Ugly Black Men...Nels10-11-09  01:18 am
Bill Cosby's comments on Jimmy Carter's racism statementNtfs_encryption09-26-09  02:35 pm
Letter to Joe "You Lie" WilsonChrishayden09-21-09  10:42 am
Jimmy Carter was DEAD ON!!!Ntfs_encryption09-26-09  02:39 pm
Cynique, I ApologizeTroy09-22-09  12:37 am
Sunny Sunday........Ntfs_encryption13 09-26-09  02:44 pm
Welcome to the 1960'sCynique09-21-09  12:59 pm
IMOCynique09-18-09  02:02 pm
Warning: The Cynique ManisfestoCynique12 09-18-09  04:30 pm
REMIX ....Lets try that again. Carey09-14-09  04:49 pm
From Beyonce to Whoopi???Cynique13 10-08-09  05:57 pm
Just How Real are the "Real Housewives of Atlanta"?Cynique09-14-09  12:14 pm
Some Debater Deserve The Hook.Cynique18 09-14-09  12:33 pm
Oldest living woman dies!!Ntfs_encryption09-26-09  03:01 pm
When Black Women Look Like Men: Aw...Say You Didn't Mean ThatNels16 09-14-09  02:01 pm
Talk About Gas Prices!Nels09-14-09  01:52 pm
Down with Glenn Beck!!!Chrishayden09-11-09  11:32 am
Calling Yvettep, or anyone with the answer.Cynique16 09-14-09  01:24 pm
Obama--Too Late to Turn it Around?Chrishayden09-09-09  11:57 am
Colorofchange.orgChrishayden09-09-09  10:58 am
From One Hit Wonder to One Term Blunder - Has Obama's Legacy Alread...Cynique40 09-14-09  03:54 pm
Peek-a-Boo, I See You! ....Behind Every Great Man Is A Good Woman ...Chrishayden09-09-09  11:12 am
Calling Brown Robin, aka RobymarieRobynmarie09-08-09  05:28 pm
No Obama, No Time!Chrishayden09-04-09  11:04 am
COMFORT!!! My Quicksand -- My Lover -- My Drudger, like no other.Chrishayden12 09-09-09  11:14 am
Survey of Professional Black MenFerociouskitty09-01-09  09:50 am
HBO's True BloodCynique12 09-05-09  12:34 pm
Yet they arrest a Negro for breaking in his own houseChrishayden08-29-09  11:55 am
Teddy We Knew Ye Only Too WellChrishayden29 09-09-09  11:16 am
There's Nothing Wrong With A Little "Bump"-n-Wine.Cynique20 08-29-09  10:24 pm
On D'AngeloCarey08-24-09  01:02 pm
On Mary J. BligeCynique13 08-29-09  11:08 pm
The Destruction of the Black Middle ClassCynique41 08-29-09  10:28 pm
Troy, it's Sunday, am going to church. *snicker*Carey08-23-09  11:35 pm
Poise in Da HoodNtfs_encryption08-22-09  09:44 pm
Another UNreality showChrishayden08-21-09  10:43 am
Update on Obama's health care proposalChrishayden08-22-09  11:10 am
AALBC NovelCynique45 09-03-09  09:11 pm
I guess acting white ain't enough after all--Troy34 08-24-09  12:39 am
Shut The Fu*k Up! So I Said A Cuss Word. You Can Kiss The Pink Part...Carey08-17-09  12:30 pm
Big Mama Thornton and Buddy GuyChrishayden08-15-09  11:15 am
Where Da AALBC Divas At?Libralind219 08-22-09  12:03 am
Hitlerizing ObamaChrishayden08-14-09  11:07 am
"Mr. Obama"Chrishayden08-15-09  10:40 am
Red Baiting and RacismChrishayden08-12-09  11:08 am
The health care debate: Look!! Everyone wave at the Idiot!! Chrishayden12 08-14-09  11:13 am
Sundays I Pray - Well- And Other Things!Carey17 08-17-09  02:33 pm
Sen Chuck Grassley...aint he from Iowa!Carey08-18-09  09:27 pm
Get Your Mama's Off MySpaceChrishayden08-14-09  11:16 am
Head of ACLU made racist remarks!!!Chrishayden08-10-09  11:02 am
MEDITATIONS ON A SLOW DAYBleekindigo08-09-09  02:11 am
Dead at 61:-(...Cynique08-04-09  04:11 pm
Michael Jackson Changes the MediaChrishayden08-05-09  11:19 am
Next Survey - Let Us Know What You ThinkNtfs_encryption07-31-09  10:00 pm
Need ideas for a SurveyFerociouskitty07-29-09  10:51 pm
OMG!! Kim K and Reggie Bush split!!!Ceelove07-30-09  07:10 pm
Have you checked out Maxwell's latest?Carey07-30-09  11:02 pm
Is Obama Clueless?Ntfs_encryption72 08-02-09  04:37 pm
Please share feedback on Black in America 2Troy11 08-08-09  10:25 am
Crime News--What's da 411?Chrishayden07-24-09  11:36 am
For Colored Girls revivalChrishayden12 07-25-09  11:57 am
Henry Louis Gates, Jr. his own homeNtfs_encryption23 07-30-09  04:47 pm
Is This What We All Be Comin' To?Ntfs_encryption07-29-09  02:26 pm
When is Michael Steele gonna figure it out?Ntfs_encryption07-25-09  08:50 pm
R..I.P. Walter CronkiteCarey13 07-29-09  09:50 pm
We're #1Ntfs_encryption08-13-09  08:29 pm
15 yo Kimberly Anyadike youngest AA to fly cross countryYvettep07-16-09  10:55 am
So has Obama taken on too much?Chrishayden07-17-09  11:18 am
Where was McCauley Culkin?Chrishayden07-13-09  11:04 am
J'ACCUSE!Cynique07-15-09  10:39 pm
That Ain't Right!Carey07-13-09  12:39 pm
Black Joe Lewis and the HoneybearsChrishayden07-11-09  11:28 am
Where was Emmanuel Lewis?Chrishayden07-13-09  10:59 am
3 Hour Motel Rooms -- 6 Hour Grave Plots. Sorry Emmett Till!Cynique10 07-11-09  11:34 am
What has happened to us?Cynique17 07-16-09  07:19 pm
No Darkies in The Pool...??????Chrishayden07-11-09  11:14 am
Jackson Had Lupus?Hen8107-08-09  10:30 am
Where Was Bubbles?Yvettep07-09-09  11:23 am
My Daughter Said ....She Understands.Ntfs_encryption72 07-15-09  02:21 pm
B.E.T. ......Were You Taking Notes!?Moonsigns07-08-09  06:54 pm
Steve McNair, 13 yr NFL great - dead.Ntfs_encryption35 07-08-09  05:48 pm
Michael Jackson Musings.Cynique07-08-09  02:20 pm
The Michael Jackson I RememberUrban_scribe07-09-09  08:03 am
"If my purse ever gets stolen, it's Dave Chappelle's fault..." ...Yvettep07-07-09  02:57 pm
Glass House - Looking Back Through The WindowsCarey16 07-05-09  10:38 pm
Al Sharpton gits his GRIND on at the Jackson "Wake"Chrishayden07-08-09  10:22 am
Who KILLED Michael Jackson?Nels07-01-09  09:12 pm
BET-EBT-Foodstamps-The Pigeon Drop-3 Card Molly!Carey14 07-01-09  02:41 pm
The Meal Ticket is GONE!Cynique07-01-09  01:27 pm
Putting Jacko Into PerspectiveChrishayden06-27-09  10:05 am
LAPD looking for Jackson DoctorChrishayden06-26-09  11:45 am
The Stereotyping of the (Typical) Black Male ImageNels10 06-27-09  11:11 pm
Michael Jackson has passed awayCarey45 07-09-09  03:43 pm
Farrah Fawcett diesNtfs_encryption07-04-09  01:02 pm
Gov. Mark Sanford - file under WTF?!Cynique29 06-29-09  02:04 pm
Barack Obama: A Joke in Hope's ClothingChrishayden06-27-09  11:14 am
What it means to be Black Man in America?Troy06-22-09  10:54 am
Say It Ain't So,Morgan Freeman!Carey49 06-27-09  01:55 am
Burris Dodges BulletChrishayden06-20-09  10:58 am
Carey and Co-ParentingFerociouskitty25 06-22-09  11:06 pm
Of Course, stuff like this could get MiMi's Dander upChrishayden06-15-09  10:52 am
Hold NPR's Feet to the Fire!Chrishayden06-13-09  11:55 am
Country Singer Darius RuckerChrishayden06-13-09  10:51 am
Working at the Holocaust MuseumChrishayden06-12-09  11:36 am
12 Things The Negro Must Do For Himself by Nannie Helen BurroughCynique53 06-29-09  04:31 pm
Affordable Health Insurance is brewing to become a MAJOR fight!Ntfs_encryption06-21-09  04:08 am
Black Music MonthChrishayden06-08-09  10:37 am
Venus and Serena are still in thereCynique06-13-09  12:23 pm
Backstairs at the White HouseCynique06-15-09  12:07 pm
I might live in the ghetto but...Chrishayden06-08-09  10:13 am
"Don't hold Obama to race agenda"Ferociouskitty06-08-09  04:19 pm
Do you want to talk basketball?Cynique22 06-08-09  11:33 am
What percentage of the population is crazy?Cynique16 06-04-09  03:03 pm
Barry's Tin Ear Part 2 DozenCynique06-03-09  01:21 pm
Chocolate City by ParliamentChrishayden05-30-09  10:06 am
"Ursula Burns to Head Xerox"Ferociouskitty10 06-01-09  10:30 pm
Michelle is "no great beauty" says model ImanCynique18 06-05-09  12:06 pm
News You Can UseChrishayden05-23-09  10:28 am
Can Obama Handle Netanyahu?Chrishayden05-20-09  11:04 am
Final accounting of my occult adventures.Troy18 06-02-09  09:37 am
The Internet: A Deadly Weapon?Chrishayden05-20-09  10:12 am
I Finally Moved Last FridayNtfs_encryption10 05-21-09  06:41 pm
The marriage-go-aroundChrishayden05-16-09  10:52 am
Fill out 8 question social networking survey for chance to win $50Troy05-11-09  01:46 pm
Happy Mother's Day!Chrishayden05-15-09  10:12 am
A-Bomma?Chrishayden05-06-09  02:44 pm
The First GrannyChrishayden05-04-09  11:05 am
Africa Most Genetically DiverseNels05-03-09  09:25 pm
Had me some Jamaican style SWINE yesterday!!!Ntfs_encryption05-06-09  12:06 am
A freaking nightmareCynique05-04-09  12:41 pm
Kid 'Surgeon' Invents New Technique For Sewing Up Hysterectomy Pati...Ferociouskitty04-30-09  05:40 pm
Raising Him AloneNtfs_encryption05-06-09  12:09 am
Sojourner Truth statue unveiledCynique05-03-09  11:23 am
Obama in St. Louis--sortaChrishayden04-29-09  11:18 am
American VioletFerociouskitty04-28-09  10:55 am
The Ghetto is a stressful in many waysSchakspir23 05-08-09  08:22 pm
Black Celeb Admits he has never read a bookCynique26 04-30-09  04:42 pm
Mike Tyson, in his own wordsCynique04-27-09  11:38 pm
The Natural vs The WeaveNtfs_encryption05-04-09  03:12 pm
Old refrigerator time! Duck CrystalCarey04-27-09  05:14 pm
We SPOSED to be broke, butCynique04-27-09  06:13 pm
Sundays week in review!Cynique17 04-27-09  05:33 pm
Marie and BruceChrishayden04-25-09  11:22 am
Obama's First 100 DaysCynique05-14-09  10:12 pm
Troy, I was disappointed by some of your comments..Cynique64 04-30-09  01:22 pm
Where do you get your news?Chrishayden12 04-25-09  10:14 am
Black "Surfer" GirlsKola_boof04-22-09  03:01 pm
Fashion designer Oscar la Renta slams Michelle ObamaAbm04-22-09  03:38 pm
Africans rejecting their Mixed-Race ChildrenNels10 05-01-09  01:49 am
Halle Berry and daughter NahlaNels05-01-09  01:35 am
Woman Rapes Man! (And Man Bites Dog!)Schakspir04-21-09  06:10 pm
Sometimes YouTube is NOT the DevilChrishayden04-18-09  10:11 am
Bo Obama signs book dealYvettep04-16-09  10:08 am
Knowledge Is PowerSchakspir17 04-23-09  05:35 pm
HeartbreakingAbm37 04-17-09  01:08 pm
Magic Money?Yvettep04-13-09  01:07 pm
Most Dangerous Cities in America ListChrishayden04-13-09  11:22 am
I am an old refrigeratorCarey04-11-09  02:32 pm
Let's Talk About ZANESchakspir17 04-14-09  03:33 pm
P.Dummy's Colorist Ciroc AddsLil_ze166 05-30-09  10:11 pm
This don't make no senseNtfs_encryption04-10-09  01:10 pm
Obama is going to have to kill somebody.Chrishayden04-08-09  11:19 am
Most Teen Girls blame Rhianna Chrishayden04-06-09  11:56 am
If in the near future you have a run in with the police....Chrishayden04-06-09  10:15 am
Giants Release PlaxicoChrishayden04-04-09  11:57 am
April 4, 1968---Lest We ForgetChrishayden04-04-09  10:37 am
Tyler Perry? What about Sascha Baron Cohen?Chrishayden04-03-09  11:18 am
I Didn't Work This Hard Just to Get Married: Successful Single Blac...Abm51 04-10-09  03:00 pm
Pardon sought by John McCainCarey04-03-09  01:56 pm
On Tyler Perry: "Inside Black America's Secret Culture War"...Ntfs_encryption36 04-10-09  01:48 pm
(Re)Defining "Deadbeat"Ferociouskitty03-29-09  11:54 am
"Men Struggling to Finish at Black Colleges"Cynique95 04-16-09  12:45 pm
"Strands of Strength"Libralind203-28-09  10:15 pm
Electronic DrumChrishayden03-28-09  11:04 am
Not exactly what Chris Hayden had in mind, but...Chrishayden03-28-09  10:09 am
It's quiet in here.Carey03-26-09  11:32 am
PrinceCynique11 04-07-09  12:43 am
RIP, Dr. FranklinNtfs_encryption04-10-09  02:03 pm
An act of desperationLibralind203-27-09  11:34 pm
Internet Question 2Chrishayden03-25-09  11:37 am
Was it Possible Somebody Engineered all this?Chrishayden03-25-09  10:09 am
Former Black Panther Aoki Dies Chrishayden03-25-09  10:41 am
Will Obama Ever Get it?Chrishayden03-23-09  11:04 am
FK's Boyfriend to Play MandelaChrishayden03-21-09  11:25 am
Economy Hardest on Black MenCarey29 03-25-09  11:23 am
The AIG bonusesChrishayden16 03-25-09  10:42 am
We Must Excel, Not Just ExistNtfs_encryption17 03-23-09  01:47 pm
LudacrisTroy09-07-09  10:56 am
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