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Gloria Mallette Chat Transcript - February 4, Wednesday 8:00 p.m.


The Honey Well
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by Gloria Mallette

ISBN: 075820468X
Format: Hardcover, 298pp
Pub. Date: November 2003
Publisher: Kensington Publishing Corporation

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Gloria: = Gloria Mallette:

Gloria: Hi, Thumper

Thumper: Hello Gloria, how are you doing this evening?

Gloria: I'm fine. I'm excited to be speaking (typing) with you

Gloria: How are you?

Thumper: I am fine, thank you. It's a pleasure to be speaking with you. I should have had you here a long while ago.

Gloria: There is no better time than the present. Thank you for inviting me at all.

Gloria: Is that too light?

Gloria: I'm trying colors here.

Thumper: A little bit. As you already know, I love...LOVE your new novel The Honey Well.

Thumper: I like the green.

Gloria: Thank you, Thumper. I've read your review at least ten times. I love it.

Gloria: The Honey Well was fun to write

Thumper: Ah now, you're making me blush. How did you come to create the charcters in The Honey Well, especially Esther?

Gloria: Well, I'd heard a story years back about a woman back in the 1930's....

Gloria: down in SC who's husband died and left her with six daughters to raise....

Gloria: with no viable means of support, this woman turned her daughters into prostitutes

Gloria: and her home into a brothel. This is a true story.

Gloria: I wanted to know what kind of mother would do that?

Thumper: No kidding.

Gloria: So I created Esther. A manipulative, calculating, vindictive witch. No kidding.

Thumper: Esther's love for Arnell, I think, was twisted. She loved her but wanted to use her.

Thumper: Did Esther love Arnell?

Gloria: Exactly. Esther's money was initially tied up in Arnell.

Gloria: Yes, I believe Esther loved Arnell. They were all each other had.

Gloria: But Esther let the almighty dollar become her God

Gloria: To Esther, Arnell meant money

Thumper: Esther certainly built a career on Arnell's back that's for sure.


Thumper: But why did Arnell stay for so long, even after she had a house, a college degree and all that?

Gloria: For sure. Yesterday, I got an e-mail wherein the writer said that it was as if I watched her grow up.

Thumper: Hello Shevi, how are you this evening?

Gloria: Hi, Shevi

Gloria: Arnell stayed because to Arnell Esther was her only family. She had been attached at her mother's hip since she was three

Shevi: Good, and excited to be here!

Thumper: Gloria: Did you have any qualms protraying a truly dysfunctional mother-daughter relationship?

Gloria: Qualms? Please. Not at all. I've seen dysfunctional mother-daughter relationship in the real world.

Gloria: They truly exist and at times, it has nothing to do with jealousy, but control

Gloria: What I worried about was how readers would receive Esther. Of course, every one hates her.

Thumper: With Esther, it was a love-to-hate thing.

Gloria: But book club members have told me that they have had issues with their mothers.

Gloria: YEs, Thumper, I agree---love to hate

Thumper: Esther was the perfect villian.

Thumper: She did evil things, but there was a side to her that was touching and loving. She was complex.

Shevi: Esther was a hard to love, glad she was fictional.

Thumper: And THAT'S what I loved most about her.

Gloria: Yes, but she was to be pitied. She had her own baggage from her childhood.

Gloria: Arnell had self esteem issues, while Esther had anger issues.

Thumper: Yes, I agree.

Gloria: YEs, Shevi, this Esther was fictional, but what about Shanta Kimes? Did I spell that even close?

Shevi: Is there a chance for a sequel, digging into Esther's past, explaining why she acted that way?

Gloria: What she did to Kenneth Kimes is a sin? Thumper, like Arnell, Kenneth in real life stayed with his mother

Gloria: Well, Esther was molested by an Uncle and she probably felt that her father, who was a minister, should have done something to help her, but her father never knew.

Gloria: Sequel? At this point, I don't do sequels.

Thumper: With Arnell, you had to walk a fine line. She could either have went to sappy or too strong. Did you have any concerns with how Arnell would be preceived?

Gloria: Well, I knew that readers would ask the question you asked about why she stayed

Gloria: Most have said that they would have kicked their mother's behind

Gloria: Some felt that Arnell should have been stronger and maybe left after she got the money she acquired, but many felt that Arnell's self esteem had been compromised

Shevi: She respected her mother in spite of the things she did.

Gloria: I wanted Arnell to find her strength and take on Esther but until Trena showed up, Arnell wasn't strong enough

Gloria: No, I don't believe Arnell respected Esther, I believe she loved her but hated her for what she did to her.

Gloria: In Trena, Arnell saw herself and in saving Trena from Esther, in a way saved herself.

Thumper: Were you worried about the reception The Honey Well would recieve with the same audience that loved Promises To Keep and Shades of Jade?

Gloria: Oh, yes, I certainly was. Thumper, you hit that one on the head.

Gloria: Readers all tell me that none of my books are the same. So I knew this one was far from Promises to Keep and Weeping Willows Dance

Gloria: Especially Weeping Willows---my grandmother's story.

Gloria: But thankfully, readers say that they love the great differences in my books. They never know what to expcet

Gloria: that expect

Thumper: For a small detour: Gloria could you tell the audience how to purchase Weeping Willows?

Thumper: For those not in the know.

Gloria: Weeping Willows Dance can be purchased on line at or or ordered through

Gloria: their bookstores.---African American or chain stores.

Gloria: I get orders all the time. In fact I'm thinking about letting my publisher publish it because the response to it has been phenomenal

Shevi: Thanks, I will order tommorow.

Thumper: Excellent!! All of your novels are different. Was this a goal you set for yourself as a writer?

Gloria: Weeping is a very spiritual book. Shevi, go on line to or to see what other readers have to say about it.

Shevi: I will.

Gloria: Thank you, Shevi

Gloria: I've always wanted to ask you, thumper. Is there a novel in you?

Shevi: Good question, Gloria!

Thumper: Shoot yeah! If my family ever pisses me off enough, I might write one about them out of spite. But I don't have the patience.

Thumper: Gloria: How do you come up with the stories for your books?

Gloria: Hey, it's that family story that seems to want to come out first.Oh, I'm sorry. I missed that question. I always had so many stories in my head. For years I couldn't get anyone to publish me, so now that they are pouring out, I'm just commiting them to paper in whatever manner they want to come out.

Thumper: I have learned that with you to expect the unexpected. What's next?

Gloria: Now the stories that come to me come from things I hear. When you read If There Be Pain, you're going to ask, "Where in the world?"

Gloria: In october, this is Distant Lover. I just finished, What's Done in the Dark, perhaps for next year, and I'm working on If There Be Pain. But waiting in the file cabinet is Suffer the Children

Gloria: Thumper, I'm still hungry to get a book written. I write all the time so I don't get a chance to read others. I don't know where you find the time to read a zillion books like you do

Gloria: By the way, none of those titles are like the other, but they all have one thing in common...

Thumper: Dang Gloria! I'm loving it! As you know, I'm a huge fan of yours, but How do you keep it all going? What's changed for you that now, your stories are getting published? I haven't read a dud from you yet, so I can't comprehend what their problem was in not publishing you.

Gloria: a study in relationships between friends, family, and lovers.

Gloria: PUblishers said there was no market for my titles. I figured they had their quota. Even now, I don't sell like the most popular

Gloria: books out there---urban, erotica, street.

Gloria: I'm beginning to think my tales are too dark, but then when one gets into the phyche of relationships, it can be dark. I just hope not boring.

Thumper: Reading the books is easy because I reading GOOD fiction. Does that bother you that your books doesn't sell the same numbers as some of these other books?

Gloria: Yes and no.

Gloria: Yes, because all writers want to post big numbers

Thumper: I meant to put because I LOVE reading Good Fiction.

Gloria: No, because I know that the readers that are reading me are serious about their reading time and with each book, I hope to build my readership.

Gloria: Oh, don't worry about the typos, Thumper. I've posted tens of them.

Gloria: Shevi, you're so quiet.

Thumper: It's for the editor. *LOL*

Gloria: oh.

Gloria: Thumper, I'm honored that you like my tales. I pray I never disappoint you.

Gloria: But you'll let me know. lol

Shevi: I loved the Honey Well so much and I just stumbled upon it and the cover looked interesting, now I'm hooked. I love dark tales.

Thumper: I have a new chiming clock in my office (pendulum and all) and I've notice that our 30 minutes is up!

Thumper: I have a new chiming clock in my office (pendulum and all) and I've notice that our 30 minutes is up! Way TOO Soon

Gloria: Bless you, Shevi. Thumper, how time flies.

Gloria: It was fun. One day we have to do this in person. Thumper, much love. Shevi, thank you.

Thumper: Gloria do you have any parting words to share with us?

Shevi: Thanks, Gloria.

Gloria: Well, just to say thank you, and that I'm bless if only one person readers me and only one person gets my message.

Thumper: I want to thank you Gloria for agreeing to do this on-line chat! It was fun! Thanks Shevi for joining us.

Gloria: It was my pleasure.

Gloria: Thank you for inviting me.

Gloria: Let's talk soon.

Shevi: It was my pleasure.

Thumper: We have to do this again!! Next time, we'll talk about Shades of Jade. Shevi, you have to read this one!

Gloria: Shevi, bless you, hon. Have a good night. Thumper, pleasant dreams.


Gloria: lol. That's cool, Thumper.

Thumper: Gloria, most definitely.

Thumper: Gloria, most definitely. Good night.

Gloria: I still get email on that one. Good night.




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