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New Discussion Board is ReadyLibralind201-15-10  07:19 pm
Teddy Pendergrass is DEAD!Troy01-14-10  09:56 am
Giving it up for music producer Willie MitchellChrishayden01-09-10  11:38 am
African American Books in Today's MarketplaceTroy11 01-05-10  04:31 pm
10 More Book Publishing PredictionsHen8101-02-10  05:55 pm
Review of Obama Guilty of Being President While BlackHen8112-31-09  02:00 pm
IMARO #4 by Charles SaundersChrishayden12-31-09  10:55 am
An article on book salesThumper12-30-09  08:35 pm
Another Newspaper Book Section GoneHen8112-30-09  12:16 pm
The 10% Brain Use MythChrishayden12-30-09  11:58 am
Rooftop Diva $1.56 on Amazon?Hen8112-29-09  07:00 pm
Strength of a Woman: Phyllis Hyman StoryBrownbeauty12312-28-09  04:26 pm
The Best Book Trialer I've Ever SeenCynique21 12-30-09  12:10 pm
Bestselling Hardcover Books of 2009Troy12-28-09  03:23 pm
Dennis Brutus RIPChrishayden12-31-09  10:41 am
Finally a Brother on the Kindle Screen SaverTroy12-28-09  03:11 pm
Burned By Another Black BookstoreTroy01-05-10  04:37 pm
Largest City No BookstoreChrishayden12-22-09  10:19 am
Precious garners Golden Globe nominationsCynique21 12-17-09  05:47 pm Feedback Requested (Please)Chrishayden12-16-09  10:12 am
Tiger Woods drives sales of physics book sky-highYvettep12-13-09  10:34 am
The End of Kirkus Reviews Brings Anguish and ReliefCarey12-12-09  06:53 pm
Kola Boof Lecturing at Univ. of Connecticut on Feb. 25thNafisa_goma12-17-09  08:02 pm
"B_tch Is the New Black" link about the new book.Chrishayden12-12-09  10:34 am
Someone in Higher Ed's not feeling "Brother (Cornell) West"...Troy28 12-13-09  01:20 pm
The new Ella Fitzgerald box setThumper12-11-09  05:12 pm
Ishmael Reed on "Precious"Schakspir12 12-16-09  06:45 pm
Okay Thump. Ray "Jamie Fox" Charles vs Mary "Mo`nique" Jones....Carey12-02-09  09:44 am
Jason Johnson on Black DynamiteCarey11-30-09  04:43 pm
Science Fiction and PoliticsChrishayden11-28-09  10:46 am
In a moment of frustration Virginia [DeBerry] wrote an open letter ...Hen8110 11-30-09  10:39 pm
Advertising Special An Large Banners on Homepage Troy12-04-09  09:58 am
AALBC Writer on Tyler Perry's House of PayneChrishayden11-24-09  10:51 am
"Just Write"!!Robynmarie24 11-25-09  09:10 pm
The WriterHen8111-17-09  08:58 pm
Www.iammikamiller.comMika11-17-09  02:38 pm
Thumper's ol'grayhead nephew.Thumper11-20-09  10:38 pm
HeyLibralind213 11-16-09  09:43 am
Naming Fictional CharactersCynique11-07-09  11:55 am
My confessionMika11-06-09  08:09 pm
John Grisham On the Future of Printed Books(video)Hen8111-05-09  11:46 pm
Calling all Authors!!! Come one, Come All.Mika11-04-09  12:15 pm
Press Release Pick Up By Publisher's Weekly AgainHen8110-31-09  09:24 pm
Can You Recommend Some Query Letter Books?Sisg11-02-09  02:44 pm
A Quick Update from Emanuel CarpenterCarey10 10-18-09  08:25 pm
Wal-Mart - Have Book Price WarEmanuel10-17-09  11:53 am
Q & A WITH HICKSON: CEO OF GHETTOHEATH_i_c_k_s_o_n10-15-09  12:14 pm
2009 NATIONAL BOOK AWARD FINALISTSTroy11-19-09  07:48 am
Po'Hustler-Po'Pimp-Book Crook, or poor business man?!Carey10-09-09  07:23 pm
Tap-Tap-Hello! Is anybody READING anything?Crystal33 11-12-09  02:26 pm
How Hot Is It Out There?Carey16 10-05-09  07:27 pm
Ebony Ain't What it Used to Be?Cynique44 10-09-09  11:48 am
Sarah Palin's Publishers Hold Off on E-bookEmanuel10-02-09  02:26 am
Any Applications or tools you want to see on 2.0? Troy10-01-09  07:06 pm
Don't Hate the Game: Sports Fiction by Black MenCagedbird09-24-09  08:47 am
Please join before the re-launchCarey23 10-19-09  01:36 pm
Careycarey!Cagedbird09-18-09  04:52 pm
E. Lynn Harris Tribute TourZane09-16-09  06:20 pm
“fathers make niggers soft and prissy”Cynique10 09-18-09  01:49 pm
Questions About 3rd-Person NarrativesCynique17 09-21-09  01:59 pm
Books and the movieLibralind215 09-16-09  11:06 pm
The Taylor Branch Civil Rights BooksCarey11 09-17-09  08:05 am
Black Magnolias Literary JournalChrishayden09-11-09  10:30 am
Author tells us how he generates book salesChrishayden09-09-09  11:22 am Color scheme Orange or Blue?Yvettep23 10-01-09  07:22 am
Black Age of Comix in Chicago in OctoberChrishayden09-04-09  11:09 am
Did DC Comix Screw Dwayne McDuffie?Chrishayden09-04-09  11:08 am
Omarosa InterviewChrishayden09-04-09  11:00 am
Thumper's Corner 2.0Cagedbird09-04-09  09:34 am
GHETTOHEAT.COM: JAN '07 - SEP '09H_i_c_k_s_o_n09-02-09  11:46 am
A Visit With Author MIKA MILLER and Poet BRIAN GANGESCarey09-01-09  06:37 pm
Effort to make E. Lynn Harris last book a NY Times #1 BestsellerTroy12 09-26-09  04:37 pm
Michale Eric Dyson Indepth (excerpt)Chrishayden08-26-09  11:37 am
What's the Hot African-American Genre Today?Chrishayden08-26-09  11:38 am
Calling 904 DivaCynique12 09-08-09  03:45 pm
Question for Self-Pubbers Regarding Internal GraphicsEmanuel08-15-09  10:50 am
Nat'l Book Club Conf 2010 - A contingent of Black Men would be cool...Troy08-10-09  02:56 pm
Can a 50,000-word novel be sold to a traditional publisher?Emanuel09-07-09  02:57 pm
Anyone waiting for an account approvalTroy08-10-09  02:25 pm
And God Created Woman Part II- Radio Interview w/ Mika MillerMika08-07-09  07:31 pm
The Town by William FaulknerThumper08-07-09  02:11 pm
J. California Cooper reads from a work in progressTroy08-06-09  04:47 pm
Are You Buying Less Books in This Economy?Emanuel08-07-09  01:23 am
Dark Rain: A Graphic Novel of Katrina by Mat JohnsonFerociouskitty08-05-09  03:08 pm
AALBC/Amazon question for TroyFerociouskitty08-03-09  10:23 pm
Photos National Book Club Conference - (today shots)Troy08-01-09  04:06 pm
Essence's Bestsellers it a fraud?Cynique17 08-31-09  10:25 am
Video Indiana Black Expo 2009Yvettep07-31-09  10:29 pm
EReader by Barnes and NobleTroy08-03-09  10:12 pm
Video - Hosted the Literary Freedom Projects Spring BenefitTroy07-27-09  06:21 pm
Amiri Baraka at the Harlem Book FairTroy08-06-09  04:27 pm
Every Day is Truly A Gift-Rest in Peace, E. LynnTroy07-29-09  04:48 pm
E. Lynn Harris has died at age 54Cynique10 07-26-09  02:31 pm
African American Literary Awards Show - Vote for AALBC.comTroy07-29-09  01:41 pm
Kindle can sell it and Kindle apparently can taketh awayTroy07-24-09  07:39 am
Wanted: Contractor to put on Humor in the Workplace ProgramsChrishayden07-17-09  10:45 am
The Trillion Dollar Melt Down by Charles R. MorrisCynique07-15-09  01:46 pm
Lorraine Hansberry's A Raisin In The Sun & The Ways Of White Folks...Carey07-15-09  02:47 am
Obama as prez: His books predicted it?Chrishayden07-17-09  10:33 am
The Next 100 Years by George FriedmanChrishayden07-15-09  11:53 am
GHETTOHEAT® AT THE HARLEM BOOK FAIR 2009H_i_c_k_s_o_n07-11-09  02:57 pm
Julianne Malvaux on Michael JacksonUrban_scribe11 07-19-09  09:41 am
Living Completely Off of a Book-Writing IncomeTroy07-29-09  04:46 pm
"Bedtime Stories" by Trey EllisFerociouskitty07-09-09  01:39 pm
Finally getting around...Crystal07-10-09  01:23 pm
Self-Published, POD Book Cracks Amazon top 100 Urban_scribe07-09-09  11:00 am
What's WRONG with a Vanity Publisher?Emanuel13 07-18-09  06:29 pm
If My Father Dies I Give Birth to Him Again- Selected Writings of K...Markfogarty07-05-09  09:47 pm
We Are FreeHen8107-04-09  09:27 am
Author Launches Twitter Attack on ReviewerChrishayden07-01-09  10:05 am
Vibe magazine is KAPUT!!Chrishayden07-08-09  10:05 am
Dwayne McDuffie Fired Off JLAChrishayden06-29-09  11:18 am
Not Your Typical Sunday Morning Edition. Yvettep13 07-01-09  09:51 pm
Michael Jackson DIED!!Cagedbird06-25-09  08:57 pm
Digging: The Afro-American Soul of American Classical Music by Amir...Troy06-23-09  02:21 pm
Johnson Publishing Co. Called "Under Siege"Rondall07-10-09  12:11 pm
D T On Radio Hen8106-18-09  07:48 pm
IPhone Reading Revolution?Troy06-17-09  01:04 pm
African American wins Irish Literary PrizeChrishayden06-20-09  11:13 am
Korean Gospel GroupTroy06-18-09  12:00 am
Project completedLinda06-19-09  09:56 am
Sampler Platter – Taste of BooksHen8106-12-09  07:51 pm
Belletristic Press Goes DigitalBelletristic06-10-09  02:18 pm
A couple of Video from BEA 2009Troy06-10-09  05:21 pm
Cloudsplitter - HoW come we don't celebrate John Brown?Chrishayden06-12-09  10:06 am
My report on "The Book of Night Woman"Cynique06-07-09  02:48 pm
6 MINUTES, GHETTOHEAT® YOU'RE ON!!!H_i_c_k_s_o_n06-04-09  02:21 pm
Kanye West's New BookCynique19 06-15-09  12:23 pm
Total book sales rose 1.0% in 2008Troy06-02-09  02:05 pm
Be careful who you have working for youTroy06-01-09  07:37 pm
Photos Black Pack Party & AA Pavilion at BEA 2009Troy06-19-09  09:54 am
Recession Blues (video)Hen8106-01-09  12:01 am
Troy, how many HITS is the site/page getting?Troy06-18-09  07:40 pm
Is there a Black Bookseller/Publisher Reception at BEA this week?????Troy06-01-09  10:05 am
POD Books Rose as Traditional Books Decreased In 2008Hen8106-01-09  12:58 pm
Saul Williams WebsiteTroy06-04-09  10:47 am
Publishers Weekly picks up -TARP Town U S A - Press ReleaseFerociouskitty05-22-09  08:17 am
Blues Singer Bessie SmithBrownbeauty12305-18-09  07:53 pm
African American LiteratureThumper11 05-25-09  02:34 pm
Poet Tyehimba JessChrishayden05-16-09  10:47 am
White House Poetry JamYvettep05-16-09  12:40 pm
SA Prez: Not one, but 3 First LadiesYvettep05-14-09  08:34 pm
Knock, Knock, Knock, Is This Thing On? Troy38 06-04-09  03:04 pm
Quincy Troupe talks about Happyness and MilesTroy05-14-09  10:22 am
Four book reviews from Thumper PostedTroy05-13-09  11:15 pm
Call for Writers: TheDefendersOnline Seeks Provocative, Insightful ...Troy05-12-09  01:49 pm
GHETTOHEAT® IS RISIN'H_i_c_k_s_o_n05-11-09  03:00 pm
Mother’s Day Stories: A Lifetime of Appreciation in a Few WordsTroy05-13-09  11:12 pm
When Life Becomes A Love StorySrmangel05-07-09  11:06 am video interview with Farai ChideyaTroy05-13-09  08:01 am
Okay Mocha Mint ...what if?Carey05-05-09  02:12 pm
Great YA Lit Initiative by CommonCynique04-27-09  11:39 pm
This Child Will Be Great-President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, April 17,...Mochascafe04-27-09  05:59 pm
Notable Pulitzer winnersKola_boof04-22-09  04:30 pm
New York Times BrokeTroy12 05-14-09  11:07 am
I'm coming home form my Winter WonderlandThumper04-19-09  11:09 pm
Sylvester Brown Jr. out at the St. Louis Post DispatchChrishayden04-18-09  11:43 am
Script P.I.M.P.Chrishayden04-22-09  10:31 am
Hope on a TightropeCynique04-13-09  03:54 pm
Let's talk about ZANELibralind217 04-27-09  09:01 am
Best African American Fiction 2009Chrishayden04-11-09  11:34 am
#1 Ladies' Detective AgencyCynique18 04-18-09  03:53 pm
I'm in the middle of a Winter WonderlandSteve_s04-04-09  10:19 pm
Was A #1 NYT Bestseller A Stolen Book? Ferociouskitty16 04-12-09  10:43 pm
Blogs ...they're like a drug!Carey16 04-02-09  09:54 am
Call for Works on the Life of men of ColorChrishayden03-21-09  10:40 am
What are you reading?Cynique21 05-13-09  12:11 pm
The Book of Night Women - Marlon JamesCrystal31 05-21-09  05:13 pm
Angela Bassett to bring "Erasure" to big screenYvettep04-14-09  04:46 pm
Complete our eBook Survey for chance to win $25Troy04-12-09  10:02 pm
Bassist Ron Carter published new memoirSteve_s03-31-09  09:01 am
*SCREAMING* J. California Cooper has a new book coming OUT!!!Troy03-29-09  10:24 pm
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