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U.S. Needs Honest Elections!!Chrishayden01-05-05  04:45 pm
Greg Tate on Hip Hop Turning 30Chrishayden01-07-05  11:37 am
Battlefield Earth by Bill MoyersChrishayden01-08-05  10:37 am
Is it Really That Bad?Chrishayden01-10-05  01:37 pm
Mother GodamnKola_boof01-10-05  11:42 pm
TopSelling Author Olivia Goldsmith...DIES after having "face lift"!...Lawchic01-14-05  07:25 pm
Churches, both black and white, under fire from IRSMahoganyanais20 01-15-05  07:59 pm
In the Year....2011A_womon30 01-17-05  01:10 pm
L.A. Times Commentary by Terry GeorgeKola_boof01-19-05  12:47 am
The Fresh Prince Comes HardLambd01-19-05  08:53 am
Toni Morrison...likes....ME!!!!!Sisg01-21-05  09:19 am
USA Today Editorial on Blacks' Spending HabitsCynique01-24-05  12:00 pm
What's up with Bill Cosby?Mahoganyanais01-27-05  08:51 am
Good movie--The Cookout (2004)Always_lurking01-27-05  10:06 am
Kathleen Cross on Dr. Phil arguing with Dr. Bill (Cosby that is)...A_womon01-27-05  03:52 pm
AmitenejahAmitenejah01-28-05  01:53 am
If Our Country Can Spend BILLIONS to Fix OTHER Countries, Why Cant ...Mahoganyanais01-29-05  07:42 pm
I really need the fam on this oneLinda12 01-31-05  02:12 pm
FYIMahoganyanais63 02-01-05  11:34 pm
Bush's proposed budget cutsMahoganyanais02-02-05  01:45 pm
D.C. hot spots?Mahoganyanais02-02-05  05:39 pm
"Chisholm '72: Unbought and Unbossed"Mahoganyanais02-03-05  02:24 pm
36th Annual NAACP Image Awards nominationsTroy02-04-05  12:16 am
Charles Murray In Depth on C-Span 2 - NOWTroy02-06-05  12:41 pm
Hue-Man Bookstore & CafeTroy02-06-05  03:28 pm
Ossie Davis DiesMahoganyanais02-08-05  04:19 pm
California Port--Just Say No!Chrishayden02-10-05  10:45 am
Einstein on racism...who knew?Yvettep11 02-13-05  07:15 pm
Has the "battle for America" really "begun"?Yvettep02-16-05  09:42 pm
Chris Rock Out as Oscar Host?Chrishayden15 02-17-05  05:56 pm
Missy Elliot's Road to Stardom?Kola_boof02-25-05  11:12 pm
Black folks and DemocracyAncestry28 02-28-05  01:00 pm
Make Your Opinion Heard !Lily03-09-05  12:36 am
Could Boyd Graves Really Have a Cure for AIDS?Kola_boof03-15-05  10:59 am
Request for help re: Affirmative ActionYvettep15 03-15-05  02:52 pm
International Black Women's Film FestivalMahoganyanais03-15-05  07:44 pm
Legal WoesCrystal03-16-05  07:04 pm
Brand New BlogYvettep03-22-05  11:27 am
Dishin the Oscar dirtSteve_s14 03-23-05  07:26 pm
60 Minutes story concerning AA babies being adopted by white familyYvettep19 03-27-05  11:08 am
View from my soap boxAbm10 03-28-05  07:22 pm
Who will save US from Bush & CompanyLibralind235 03-28-05  09:21 pm
Alert to everyone I know...Scullars03-30-05  07:11 pm
Prayers requested for CyniqueLiterarylicense15 04-03-05  07:04 pm
“Who You Callin’ a Ho’?”Mahoganyanais04-08-05  01:30 pm
Support Alert!Linda04-09-05  02:30 pm
What the heck is going on??Cynique31 04-10-05  03:13 pm
“~...I’m too sexy for myself, so sexy, it hurts.~”Cynique10 04-10-05  05:32 pm
Papal TsunamiLibralind210 04-10-05  06:05 pm
China Lashes Out at U.S. on Human RightsAfricanqueen19 04-11-05  12:54 am
Just a thought or twoLinda134 04-11-05  11:21 am
Curb Your Bad-A** KidsLibralind214 04-11-05  03:35 pm
Would You Know Your Spouse In Any Circumstance?Libralind204-12-05  09:48 pm
Have I missed something?Rustang04-14-05  08:44 am
Continuation of Cynique/ Kola Star WarsRustang166 04-16-05  12:01 am
The all--compete version of the Life & Times of CyniqueCynique11 04-16-05  12:09 am
The Great American CharadeDestined51 04-18-05  04:09 pm
I don't know what's worse...Mahoganyanais04-24-05  11:34 am
The Life and Times of CyniqueCynique19 04-25-05  01:51 pm
Sweden's innovative strategy to combat prostitutionAbm04-27-05  08:53 am
ABM/Abm?Yvettep22 04-28-05  02:44 pm
And yet we are still spending in Iraq...Abm04-29-05  07:23 am
Black, White, Both or Neither of the AboveAbm04-29-05  07:30 am
Delusionscynique13 05-01-05  04:15 pm
Racial Data Sought for Bush Eventabm11 05-03-05  07:20 am
I've long suspected this...Abm05-03-05  10:26 pm
Sci Fi Noir is shut down by YahooChrishayden05-04-05  03:32 pm
Kenneth Clark, dead at 90Mahoganyanais05-05-05  10:27 am
Prarying for starveLibralind205-06-05  12:34 pm
Sudan Becomes US Ally in War on TerrorCynique05-06-05  03:57 pm
Troy Johnson.....Literary AwardsMahoganyanais05-06-05  10:27 pm
Porgy and BessCynique21 05-06-05  10:37 pm
Study Links Discrimination, Blacks' HealthAbm05-07-05  05:45 am
Slightly off topic..any Horse players in da house..? Libralind205-07-05  08:20 am
Criminals Belong In PrisonLibralind205-07-05  08:22 am
"It's GOOD to be KING!"Abm05-11-05  04:10 am
Soldier Lifts Lid on Camp DeltaAbm05-11-05  08:22 am
Are you living in slavery? Abm05-11-05  03:20 pm
6 Atlanta murder cases reopenedAbm05-14-05  10:40 am
NOT Out of Africa?Arioso_hum11 05-19-05  03:41 pm
Banned Pregnant Graduate Walks AnywayChrishayden24 05-24-05  09:59 am
Democrats! Quit Punkin'!Abm05-24-05  04:43 pm
Senate CompromiseAbm05-25-05  11:28 am
Tom Cruise and his sonCynique05-25-05  05:44 pm
AALBC'ers in the blogosphere!Yvettep05-26-05  09:07 am
Student listed only as "Black Girl" in the year bookChrishayden05-27-05  11:11 am
Oprah's Legends BallAbm05-28-05  03:36 pm
Planet X / Nabiru / AnnunakiEdenson22 05-31-05  08:51 pm
Emmett Till's Body to be ExhumedCynique20 06-02-05  11:25 pm
An Outstanding Investment ManualMybronsiskeeper06-08-05  06:19 pm
Good Listening on NPRYvettep24 06-09-05  10:02 am
Any investigative jounalists here?Libralind216 06-11-05  12:19 am
Suspect confesses to killing teen-ArubaLibralind206-11-05  11:27 pm
Africa at the BBCKola_boof06-15-05  08:56 pm
Senate Lynching ApologyChrishayden23 06-17-05  11:48 am
Pyramids of be covered by LAKEKola_boof06-17-05  11:34 pm
100 Black and White QuestionsLibralind218 06-19-05  01:57 pm
1964 Chaney, Goodman, and Schwerner killer convictedCynique27 06-24-05  05:47 pm
Census PrisonersAbm12 06-28-05  04:13 pm
Sandra Day O'Connor retiring--Here it comes!Abm07-02-05  01:47 pm
My first time...Rustang07-05-05  12:35 am
Cosby Nightline Podcast availableYvettep07-05-05  12:58 pm
More News From Sudan!Yvettep07-13-05  10:47 pm
Atlanta Child Murders Case Reopened?Yvettep07-18-05  05:33 pm
And Now For Conspiracy TheoristsLibralind207-20-05  05:10 pm
This Just Happened Roxie07-22-05  08:07 am
On being blackRoxie50 07-22-05  08:25 pm
Michael T. Owens in Adweek MagazineMichael_t_owens12 07-26-05  01:35 pm
BAD NEWS RE: NEW BLACK AUTHORTeresaraebu07-27-05  12:34 am
The Head Negro In Charge Syndrome by Norman KelleyChrishayden07-28-05  02:23 pm
Smile! You're on Candid CameraChrishayden07-29-05  04:52 pm
Hannibal and DenzelThe_ethiopian12 07-29-05  07:05 pm
Cynique! This one's for YOUChrishayden17 08-01-05  11:09 am
NPR: A Klan auctionYvettep08-01-05  10:09 pm
Bored at Work? Read ThisMichael_t_owens08-02-05  05:23 pm
Larry Flynt, Racism and the LeftAbm15 08-03-05  11:39 am
Colorism: The Next Social DivideNels38 08-06-05  09:13 pm
Patti LaBelle ends feud with Diana RossAbm08-08-05  03:12 pm
At this Very MomentRenata08-08-05  09:45 pm
This Happened the Other MorningRenata08-08-05  10:03 pm
Saw "Soul Plane" this weekendRenata18 08-08-05  10:06 pm
All-Female Village in Kenya Renata29 08-08-05  10:16 pm
Dateline NBC story on the "White Damsel in Distress Syndrome"...Roxie08-09-05  10:34 am
Lazy As George Bush!Cynique08-09-05  12:57 pm
The fickleness of truthRenata80 08-09-05  07:39 pm
Im biracial polyneshian and black and......Toubobie13 08-10-05  05:47 pm
Has Dave (permanently) left the building?Abm34 08-11-05  11:06 am
African and African-American Realities...West_africa08-12-05  02:12 pm
Who wrote the Matrix? A sister?West_africa11 08-13-05  07:29 pm
Private Lavena L. Johnson--RIPWest_africa08-13-05  08:01 pm
New Member saying Hi Cynique39 08-14-05  10:40 am
Former Nipple Cop is on the TakeLibralind208-14-05  08:34 pm
Ghana Welcomes Tubman Family MembersKola_boof08-16-05  04:22 pm
Black Men and High-Yellow WomenRenata51 08-16-05  04:25 pm
I thought it was funnyRoxie08-19-05  09:21 am
Parallel Lives of Africans and African AmericansCynique08-19-05  02:53 pm
HEY, guys! Check THIS out!Roxie08-21-05  12:48 am
Can't get to the "Mother Land"?Cynique08-21-05  07:33 pm
Andrea Dworkin, radical feminist author, dead at 58West_africa28 08-22-05  04:04 pm
Hatshepsut... Black or NotImhotep23 08-23-05  02:54 am
Why is a 5 year old child being arrested.?Pastormaker110 08-24-05  05:31 am
The ThreadsImhotep08-24-05  03:03 pm
Full circleRustang39 08-25-05  05:57 pm
The Color TestDeebaby08-29-05  04:31 am
Is Bill Cosby Right...? by Michael Eric DysonDeebaby90 08-29-05  06:26 am
$500 For your short storyArioso_hum08-30-05  05:01 pm
“Kola and Cynique are Sitting in a Tree...KISSING.”Cynique16 08-30-05  05:25 pm
The African-American Dilemma: Real or ImaginaryWest_africa30 08-31-05  01:03 pm
Nergo and black is there a difference?Cynique37 08-31-05  01:28 pm
The second waveRustang27 09-01-05  06:02 pm
Liberia the 1st AA homeland!Nels09-03-05  04:32 am
Watching the looters makes these fools quite happyTonya09-03-05  09:54 am
On holdChrishayden09-03-05  10:14 am
Did Kanye Shoot Suge?Chrishayden09-03-05  10:16 am
Michael Moore's Open Letter to the PresidentBabygirl09-03-05  03:33 pm
NAACP builds schools in BeninRoxie09-04-05  01:36 pm
What Happens To A Race DeferredLibralind209-04-05  10:35 pm
MAD AS HELLNels41 09-06-05  01:37 am
Call off the March?Nels09-07-05  01:05 am
Rap's bad rapRustang29 09-07-05  09:33 am
G-8 Promises already in the toiletChrishayden09-07-05  03:55 pm
The Art of Old School DisciplineDeebaby09-09-05  12:18 am
The Gentrification of New Orleans: A Re-BirthNels09-09-05  02:46 am
Report from somebody who just got back from a FEMA campRoxie09-10-05  07:24 am
Nawlins: Oh yeah they got plans!Roxie09-10-05  07:57 am
Just so you knowRoxie10 09-10-05  08:07 am
Parts of US as poor as the Third World, UN saysRoxie09-10-05  01:11 pm
Nothing Learned and History Repeats ItselfCynique21 09-11-05  02:15 am
South African man thrown to lions.......Roxie09-12-05  06:53 pm
Culture, Race, & Economy...West_africa09-13-05  12:09 pm
Black People--Where's the Outrage?West_africa43 09-13-05  12:11 pm
Feds offer 1 million reward for Assata ShakurWest_africa09-13-05  12:23 pm
And Now For the Conspiracy MindedCynique09-13-05  02:08 pm
Send your thoughts and prayers...West_africa09-13-05  07:39 pm
Congressman used Nat. Guard for personal use........Roxie09-14-05  08:26 am
Blacks in Advertising: The High and the Yellow of it AllTonya19 09-14-05  08:56 am
New Orleans--Another Fallujah?Chrishayden09-14-05  12:54 pm
Someone leaked my book early!! %)&#)@*Michael_t_owens09-14-05  05:02 pm
Kanye's CommentsA_womon38 09-14-05  05:27 pm
Anf the trick will be?Yvettep09-14-05  10:15 pm
The Media and RaceDeebaby31 09-16-05  06:59 am
Sad Anniversary: 20 Years Since MOVE BombingWest_africa09-16-05  03:03 pm
The FBI is on the LooseLinda85 09-16-05  06:31 pm
Kids lost in New Orleans (uh oh)Roxie09-17-05  09:57 am
Race the Media and Katrina by Ishmael ReedNels09-17-05  07:43 pm
Hurricane TyroneYukio16 09-18-05  12:18 pm
Baduizm a movement?Yvettep09-19-05  12:10 pm
Will poverty be eradicated in the US...??Moonsigns18 09-19-05  08:47 pm
Lionel Richie...DivorceWest_africa19 09-20-05  02:25 pm
We need ideas on how to improve the Discussion BoardCynique17 09-20-05  02:27 pm
"Just browsing, thank you..."West_africa09-21-05  03:28 pm
Hillary Clinton--Dead Duck?Chrishayden09-21-05  03:58 pm
Gospel Hip Hop--Da Bomb?Chrishayden09-21-05  04:46 pm
Cynique....and her Bullshit LiesDeebaby11 09-22-05  01:54 am
Article in SelfPublisher NewsMichael_t_owens09-24-05  12:32 am
Africans on display at the zooStephgirl11 09-24-05  03:02 pm
Afrofuturism websiteChrishayden09-26-05  02:19 pm
Why The Young Don't Care AnymoreCynique17 09-26-05  11:38 pm
A bit of the old ultraviolenceChrishayden09-27-05  04:31 pm
Elderly New orleans man beats the odds of Katrina...... Cynique27 09-28-05  09:24 am
"Somebody broke into Mr. Smith's store..."West_africa10-02-05  02:05 pm
Nefertiti and Halle BerryRenata10 10-02-05  03:57 pm
Playing the Race Card Latina-StyleDeebaby10-02-05  10:26 pm
California Earthquake could be next KatrinaTonya10-02-05  11:11 pm
What Would Happen If...?West_africa54 10-03-05  06:43 pm
How might we have been better prepared in New Orleans ?West_africa31 10-04-05  11:12 am
Abort Black Babies=Reduction in Crime; "SAY WHAT..?!"Nels29 10-05-05  07:50 pm
Is this true?Tonya17 10-07-05  03:35 pm
Desperate Times for a Desperate AdministrationNegrological10-07-05  04:33 pm
Those in New York CityChrishayden10-07-05  06:07 pm
The Black Identity: A Crisis in the Making?Nels84 10-10-05  11:19 pm
"Blood feud"--DNA to the rescue?Roxie10-11-05  07:50 pm
The Asiatic Black ManWest_africa45 10-14-05  08:35 pm
Culture is, necessarily, a. . . West_africa15 10-15-05  03:00 pm
The Gene Pool: Oh, What Money Can't BuyYukio171 10-17-05  03:22 pm
Where is thumper, abm, carey, lambd, jmho, tee c. royal, Beautifulw...Kola_boof10-17-05  03:43 pm
The Meaning of Counter-intelligence...Anunaki360021 10-18-05  03:22 am
A Tale of Two CitiesChrishayden10-18-05  01:41 pm
Dell Gine's Hypocritical Article on Interracial MarriageTh_ethiopian77 10-18-05  03:07 pm
Steve Biko died this day in 1977Ntfs_encryption10-18-05  04:46 pm
A Big White LieNtfs_encryption10-18-05  04:51 pm
Do blackmen have the lowest IQ in the world???Ntfs_encryption14 10-18-05  08:35 pm
Big Al Weighs in!Rustang10-18-05  11:29 pm
On Being OldCynique27 10-19-05  04:26 pm
The Color Jockey's are at it again. More energy wasted.Cynique55 10-19-05  07:20 pm
Campaign Contribution SurveyChrishayden10-20-05  03:01 pm
Tonya are u singel?Moonsigns56 10-21-05  07:01 pm
The Consequence of Blackness: A Manifestation of DivergenceYukio78 10-22-05  05:56 pm
Will the real Cynique please stand upLibralind216 10-22-05  10:57 pm
KEMETIC PARTYNtfs_encryption10-24-05  10:13 am
Jeb Bush in 2008?Ntfs_encryption10-24-05  10:22 am
On R-E-S-P-E-C-TLibralind299 10-25-05  12:34 pm
Just found this on the web viewer discretion is advisedTh_ethiopian10-25-05  02:08 pm
November 22, 1963Cynique64 10-25-05  04:58 pm
Rosa Parks is Gone!Moonsigns10-26-05  11:47 am
The Future of Black Leadership in AmericaLibralind210-26-05  06:30 pm
The Melting Pot?Renata17 10-26-05  11:52 pm
Parliament Funkadelic Documentary on PBSMike_e10-27-05  04:01 pm
Hey Cynique!Rustang13 10-29-05  12:46 pm
Akan Festival - Nana Asuo Gyebi Ifasehun10-30-05  11:49 am
The Black Panther PartyLibralind227 10-31-05  09:40 am
Sheryl Swoopes admits that she is gayChrishayden14 10-31-05  11:47 am
Should Oprah speak out about...Blaklioness74 11-02-05  02:27 pm
Music marvelKola_boof11-03-05  03:06 pm
P. Diddy on the Hot Seat?Chrishayden11-04-05  01:54 pm
The Leading Ladies....some clarificationEnchanted11-04-05  02:12 pm
Excellent essay on Black female sexualityEnchanted13 11-04-05  02:18 pm
Janet Jackson has an 18-year-old daughter?Enchanted11-04-05  02:19 pm
Rice at Rosa Parks funeralChrishayden13 11-05-05  11:32 am
Should black people straighten their hair or go natural?Renata26 11-05-05  06:01 pm
Proffesor still suggests we "kill whitey"Libralind218 11-06-05  09:52 am
Black women as cinematic love objects?Howard_roark107 11-07-05  07:26 am
I Am Not AuthenticTonya28 11-08-05  10:52 pm
New MemberKola_boof11 11-09-05  10:38 pm
African World MusicKola_boof14 11-11-05  05:49 am
Ethiopia in TurmoilKola_boof11-11-05  03:25 pm
What Whites Can't DoRustang133 11-14-05  06:47 pm
So Where 11-15-05  12:16 am
Sister Souljah...Cynique27 11-15-05  03:50 pm
Spike's "Cosby Moment"?Tonya65 11-15-05  05:21 pm
Earthseed: Basis of a new religion?Libralind211 11-16-05  07:12 pm
What DA HAIL was she thinking...?Libralind211-16-05  07:14 pm
Violent Unrest in FranceYvettep30 11-17-05  10:56 am
Colorism/Intra-racismYukio20 11-18-05  04:06 pm
A new theory I have...Nels15 11-21-05  02:47 am
I found this Sh*t at beliefnet.comRustang21 11-21-05  08:49 am
What Use Are Black Mayors?Chrishayden11-21-05  12:11 pm
Yo! Chris Hayden!Chrishayden11-21-05  12:13 pm
Sorry fantasia fansCynique11-21-05  01:07 pm
Massie.. a race traitor?Abm13 11-23-05  08:10 am
Beauty Standards and White ArroganceCynique77 11-23-05  07:05 pm
Yo Rustang!Rustang11-24-05  10:49 am
Happy ThanksgivingTroy11-24-05  11:47 am
"Addicted to Race"Kola_boof11-26-05  04:06 pm
Rosa Parks - White Man's Arrogance510152011-27-05  03:53 pm
What was that Reporter's name?Chrishayden11-28-05  11:14 am
Yo Rustang!Chrishayden11-29-05  02:04 pm
I'm bored - what's your favorite record of all time?Miguel27 11-30-05  02:26 am
"Black farmers intrigued by Ethiopian crop"Renata12-01-05  05:35 pm
Concerning the Willie Lynch's SpeechYukio23 12-01-05  05:59 pm
Mentacide Alert: The Pathetic, White Supremacist Article by Nicola...Tonya36 12-02-05  09:37 pm
Yo Rustang (3rd time!)Rustang12-06-05  09:37 am
Ooooooooooooprah!Brother_rustam12-07-05  12:20 am
An official African American flag........hmmmmm.....Yukio11 12-07-05  03:53 am
Everything Is Real - Gotta Have a Pecking OrderBrother_rustam12-07-05  10:07 pm
Mental illness stigma .. taboo culture...Brother_rustam25 12-08-05  01:30 pm
Season's Greetings, Cynique!Cynique12-08-05  02:55 pm
WHO THE *bleep* IS SUPERHEAD!?!?Tonya19 12-10-05  02:45 pm
Richard Pryor dies at 65Cynique12-13-05  01:49 pm
Culture and Social Issues through the eyes of a poetFeechi12-13-05  01:52 pm
"Leadership in Your Midst: Tapping the Hidden Strengths of Minority...Troy12-13-05  10:01 pm
Blaklioness or Little Kitty..???Ntfs_encryption12-13-05  11:35 pm
Stanley Crouch vs Rhichard Pryor..???Cynique12-14-05  03:11 pm
As the Governator says No...Kola_boof26 12-15-05  06:48 pm
Hollywood's Affect on the American PsycheLibralind212-15-05  08:29 pm
Black American WomenTonya60 12-16-05  05:51 pm
Interesting article on commenstation at one Wall Street firmTroy29 12-18-05  12:24 pm
Hear ye , hear ye!Chrishayden16 12-21-05  04:42 pm
The Color Purple PartyNels12-22-05  02:03 pm
What's up New york!!!!!!!!!!!!Renata24 12-23-05  10:48 pm
African-American: A Unifying Identity or a Divisive Misnomer?Nels53 12-24-05  02:51 am
Can Black People Make Money Online Together?Nbbta12-28-05  11:53 pm
Halle Berry / Sanaa LathanDimeblazev31 12-29-05  07:25 pm
Seasons GreetingsLinda18 12-30-05  12:21 pm
No Black American Women Wanted..??Ntfs_encryption103 12-31-05  06:33 am
The Oprah Magazine: January 2006Renata01-01-06  05:18 pm
Why do the English get a pass?Kola_boof21 01-01-06  07:15 pm
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To promote the diverse spectrum of literature written for, or about, people of African descent by helping readers find the books and authors they will enjoy.  We accomplish our goals through, our related platforms, and strategic partnerships.
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Started in 1997, (African American Literature Book Club) is the largest, most frequently visited web site of its kind. Learn more.

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