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Posted on Sunday, January 25, 2009 - 04:25 pm:   

"Notorious" opened in 4th place,
Cynique, not 2nd.

Angela Bassett--though she will
be remembered as the "mother or
wife of every iconic black figure
from the Jacksons to Malcolm X
to Biggie and Rosa Parks
--is really keeping her career
stagnant with these roles.

She needs to produce a project that
gives her something "meaty and unexpected,"
because she's very boring and predictable.

Though many criticize Halle Berry, this
is the reason that I so admire Halle--she
takes risks and she constantly takes parts
that are against "type" and challenge the
status quo.

Angela has limited prospects--she's older
and isn't offered nearly as much stuff as
Halle--but she CAN produce things; she can
do a stage play or do something inventive

...play God and Satan in a rock music

Do something that reminds us that she's

I have lots of plans for films I'd like to
make that would star Angela Bassett or
Viola Davis--meaty, multi-dimensional parts,
but they're not anything "predictable."

I would particularly like to cast
Angela Bassett as "twins" in a noirish
suspense mystery.

One twin would be like Anna Magnani (the
great Italian film actress I love so much)
and the other twin would be Garbo-eque,
glam-glam and sexually diabolical.

A dead child would hold the key to the

The male lead in the movie would be a
White Minister.

One of the twins, though we don't know
which one--would end up biting off the penis
of the male lead at the end of the movie
(it wouldn't be shown graphically; but
as one of the twins walked down the road
covered head to toe in red tulle--you would
hear screams and people shouting that an
animal has ripped his manhood off.)

There's a very old song by Patti and the
BlueBells called "All Or Nothing" that would
accompany the scene in a quasi-music video

The final shot would be the twins under a
tree next to a pond. The Garbo twin braiding
the Anna twin's shock of springy nappy hair
as their two sets of eyes--completely different
--stare into the pond's surface.

I would pan in very slowly...long enough
for the audience to be engrossed by the fact
that Angela is so completely these two different women---and for them to be itching to know which
one committed the de-dick-ting of male lead.

This is all off the top of my head, but my
point is
that Angela needs a really powerful
"Bette Davis styled" movie role that allows
her to transcend race and perhaps breach
religion and sexuality.


ONE THING I have noticed with Black American
Women and West African women in the arts
is that
they're very conservative. They like to
play it safe and they're obsessed with being
"dignified"--what will people think--or they
want to copy what a White woman has already
excelled at.

Look at how boring, predictable and limited
Black Women's Literature is right now due to
the fact that Black Women Editors are now the
gatekeepers of it.

Too much conservatism; too much re-hash and
too many "sisters they like" instead of
really inspired voices that push the envelope
and excite the store patrons.

This is very true.

One thing I blame is Western Black Women's
ball and chain attachment to the Christian
religion and their plantation roots ordering their shame at being black.

They shun what they don't understand instead
of investigating it.

They believe that anyone who is larger
than life is "fake"---and they resent
any "black woman" being cosmopolitan.

They reject anything that celebrates them
in their natural state.

They don't take chances; they don't want to
risk "saying something first" or pay
attention to what the MASSES of BW
are talking about RIGHT NOW.

They're always 10 years behind and they
think boring the fu/ck out of us is
"intellectual" and "classy."

A piece of paper (college degree) pretty
much girldes their backbone.

We won't ever have another Josephine Baker
or a Zora Neale Hurston or a Grace Jones as
long as Black women are in charge of the
picking and choosing--because those type
of black women SCARE "ivy league sisters".

And this is what I see with Angela Bassett's
screen career and how it's become so mired in

I really admire that Halle has not allowed
herself to be a "SYMBOL."

I so agree with Katharine Hepburn, Alice Walker and Bette Davis's recurring assessment that:

"A woman artist should always be willing to
not be liked."

That it's the #1 sign of enduring
artist achievement and merit.

I would rather follow in the footsteps of
the controversial, interesting "boat-rockers"

Bessie Smith,
Zora Hurston,
Josephine Baker,
Julie Dash
Nikki Giovanni
Grace Jones,
Alice Walker and Millie Jackson

--women who were at one time considered
"weirdos" and were controversial and actually had something to say (and said it first) and
whose work was original and DIFFERENT, which
is why they're actually remembered today.

I wish to God that I could get a film loan and
get a hold of Angela Bassett.

She is gifted and she deserves to make at
least one SUPERLATIVE non-racial ICONIC
motion picture before it's too late.

She---and Black American and West African
women, in general, need to come completely
out of the box.

Put the fucking "church"
and the "tribe" in perspective
and get a fucking life.

Stop trying to be some
illusive SYMBOL that wasn't
our creation in the first place.

What we as black woman want is
to be loved/cherished, respected
and acknowledged.

We are not like any other women on

We are "pot liquor" from strong greens;
a full-bodied and deliciously rich brew.

It's us who are supposed to be doing the
dictating as to what "womanhood" is--not
the establishment; not the Daisy Chain.

Black women "artists" have become way
too conservative; too constrained; too
myopic and too boring.

The White girls (and Kola Boof) are doing
all the daring shit.



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