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AALBC .com Platinum Poster
Username: Carey

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Registered: 05-2004

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Posted on Sunday, December 28, 2008 - 07:53 pm:   

Hello ladies and gentlemen, I will be your moderator for today. My name is Moderator. As you know, we are gathered here today for a year-end celebration of Thumper's Corner. I can not express how important it is for the side chatter to be kept to a minimum, we have a large crowd, including lurkers. There is no way we will be able to hit all the treads but we will do the best we can.

What the heck is going on over there in the corner?

For all that may be listening via your radio or may be reading closed caption, the following words were actually said by the postees. Now of course if you've followed Thumper's Corner, you know that the words can sometimes get lost in translation but no words have been changed.

MODERATOR:Excuse me .....young lady, we are about to get started, what is going on?

Li Li: OH MY GOODNESS..all this drama ...let me go so I can see what is causing the po baby all this pain LOLLOL

Thumper: Woman, cant you see that I is dis-straught! Naw, Li Li, he done made me MAD! And den when I come here, the one place I thought I could be some support, some kind of understandin, and Cynique goes and makes fun of my pain and heartbreak! *sniff* *sniff*

MODERATOR: Excuse me young lady, what is going on?

Author Terra Little: Um...(peeking around and looking silly with it)Um...you see how Mr. Carey always spanks my booty?

MODERATOR: Okay, is there anything else?

Author Little: Yeah, "what in the hayall does one do with lavender water? Sprinkle it on periodically so one smells good while lying in bed? (Sticking my tongue out at Mr. Carey)

MODERATOR: I don't know but you might want to close your mouth.

Author Terra Little: Why? A closed mouth doesn't get fed. And I still need to know what heck one does with lavender water.

MODERATOR: I didn't mean to start with this topic but since Terra Little opened it up, lets talk about sex. This board has had several discussions on this subject. Does anyone wish to start?

Ferociouskitty : Because there's nothing I enjoy more, that I can get paid to do. I can't do what they do. With effort, I might be able to crack that NUT, but I lack the nerve. On the other hand...--but with different skill sets..... both bring me joy, but I don't have to speak them to appreciate them.

Emanuel: Of course a little bit of money and recognition came with that, Ferociouskitty! Of course if I ever get a traditional deal, my head will not fit through the door. Because I know I'm nowhere near the best out there nor will I ever become the best. The last two were just so phenomenal I just wanted to finish. On the other hand, they motivated me, my ego gets inflated a bit, I get the celebrity treatment. (Yayyy!) For me, a surreal experience.

Vanders: Hey All, what a good question. Isn't that what the good, the bad, the ugly, and the beautiful struggle of it all. For me it is not just self discovery. My only struggle is how to balance this passion for it. At times it literally consumes me. Help. Vanders

Sisgal: i view behind closed lids, and open ones...i sit and listen and watch, an then i get so excited about it, that i have to share it.. is my release. ...gives me peace ...expresses my joys, pains, visions and journeys ...allows me to create and recreate.

MODERATOR: **whispering* "i can't stand them salad eatin' Bi**hes"

Hen81: I had a 26 year quiet period where I didn't come at all...it turn into vapor. One release, lit the creative flame again. They may never go anywhere and I may not visit them for months. I was younger (16-20), I was just starting and reading Aesop's fables really started this. Foolsí Heaven Ė Love, Lust and Death beyond the Pulpit

A_womon: Because I was born to do it, because I'm driven to it. I release pain,ideas,creativity,joy, happiness,need.
I demand I do it, for the sheer, utter pleasure of it, the pain and labor of it. And because I love it!

MODERATOR: **thinking** "I knew she was a freak"

ChrisHayden: A_womon, A guy once told me that reason was BS, but that is the only one that is the most consistent answer.
I would say I wanted to have my name on some. I get Stimulation. Information. Some idea of how others are doing it.

MODERATOR: I'd like to thank everyone for sharing. Before we move to another topic, are there any books that anyone would like to pull our coats on that discusses the topic of sex?

Steve: Yeah, Melvin in the Sixth Grade (Break Any Woman Down) ..."Av'ry darlin'" LOL

Nom de Plume: It is OFF the fucking RICHTER!

MODERATOR: You had your hand raised, Disciple, is there something you would like to say?

Disciple: This board, I must say is special, by far the best I have ever been a part of and I feel somewhat liberated. I often had a fear that the thoughts that I had were not welcome anywhere in Black America (most Black mediums that I had encountered dealt with sex and music--favorites but corrupted and limited--or so much hypocrisy). But, after reading the thoughts of many on this board, I feel connected me to other thoughtful persons of my kind discussing meaning meaning topics. Thanks to all that have posted, and thereby have helped to set me free!

MODERATOR: **Whispering** "Who is this guy" Thanks, Mr. Disciple, I believe everyone feels the same way. Having said that, I think it's time we all stand and show our appreciation for the man that has made this all possible. Let's give a hand to Troy Johnson.

****************THUNDEROUS APPLAUSE***********
MODERATOR: Wait a minute, what's wrong young man?

ABM: 'Cause I do NOT like that barbershop mustachioed cocksucker, mayne.

Yvette: This man's foolishness apparently knows no bounds.

MODERATOR: Hold up! Troy is one of the leaders of the movement of AA literature.

ABM: But dude has EXPLOITED the fluk out of this thing for nearly 15 years now.

Rondell: His speed let him get away with things that no one could.

MODERATOR: I don't understand this. Troy has been a slave to this endeavor.

ChrisHayden: But, like a good slave, he hung around waiting to get punished.

Warmncozy: I feel sorry for him! By the way, I'm white!

Ntfs: "You believe white folk. I don't "

Thumper: Now I aint writin the man's eulogy. And like that old saying goes, when you see a fool--knock him upside the head for good luck. Look, like that line in that old Millie Jackson song say, "Even a dog will get tired of you doing it wrong. It won't even come to you if you offered him its favorite bone."

Carey: Where's the justice!?

ChrisHayden: Come on, Carey. You know what this is about.

Warmncozy: I agree with Carey. By the way, I'm white!

NTSF: Once again, deficient Negroes fail to comprehend.

MODERATOR: WOW! Let's see if we can't change the tide. Is there anyone in here that loves Troy
Thumper: Aint no need to pretty it up, dress it down, or kiss it on the top of its head, it is what it is.

MODERATOR: Ahhh, Mr, Thumper, you've had your say. Could you please let others talk.

Carey: That's what I am talking about.

Crystal: Finally Mr. Carey saying something that makes sense!

Carey: Crystal, your post would have been just fine without slapping me. You just can't get right.

MODERATOR: All this bickering, can we get back on point?

RobynMarie: I guess I would say "be careful what you wish for." Harassing someone out of a job seems petty and mean-spirited. BTW, beliefs never hurt anyone. It is acting on beliefs that is the problem. I don't care what a person thinks/believes as long as they don't try to hurt me.

MODERATOR: Thank you, may I call you Brown Robin?

Robynmarie: -"Brown Robyn" -hey I like that!

MODERATOR: **thinking to himself** "I got her Brown Robin and fair exchange ain't no crime"

MODERATOR: Let's move to our next topic. There were a couple of threads that really caught my eye, "Black Women Hate Black Men" and "Black Women Are Self Exploitors. Let's try to be adults and discuss this with reason and class. Who wants to start?

ABM: The hypocrisy of the day is women can dress and act as hoishly as they want to but woe be unto some (fool) man who treats them like the ho they're (allegedly) pretending to be.

Li-Li: I only have one comment. The above is NOT all young black girls or women. So dont label ALL black girls or women. ALL black woman are NOT as you describe in this statement:

NTFS: Not it's not. But it doesn't matter. It's doesn't have to be "all black women". There just has to be a substantial number that calls attention to a certain behavior.

A_womon: What a bunch of bull bunky!

Nuuon: As we can see, the issue of denial and obscuration among
Black women can be more of a hurdle than the problem at
the center of the discussion. So far only Abm and Ntfs_encryption seem to get it.

Cynique: Oh Puleeze, Nuoon. Stop interpolating what women on this thread have said to suit your own purposes, and stop shifting the focus from the question at hand to the community at large. A decent black woman doesn't want a scrub. That leaves hoochie mamas to hook up with scrubs. Puleeze. The mind set on this situation has actually been that a man can engage in any kind of low down behavior he chooses and then put on a suit and tie and go to church on Sunday and still be called "Mister". Whereas all a woman has to do is one trashy thing, and she's branded a tramp!

ABM: But, as I have said before, the DENIAL issue amongst BW is a HUGE source of the problem. Many BW do NOT want to hold themselves or each other responsible and accountable for the hoish behavior they exhibit.

They'll deny and even LIE so dayam much about the skanky stuff that they and/or their female peers are doing, they start to actually consume and crap out the fruit of their own denying and lying.

Cynique: So you 2 are experts on hoochies, huh? Have you been out in the street researching the subject??

Li-Li: And there you have it.

Ferociouskitty: I don't ever see the point in pointing out the failures of one gender over the other, aside from a personal ax to grind, because no gender has a monopoly on fuckery or on sainthood. We can all do better.

MODERATOR: Did she say fuckery?

Chris Hayden: I was watching Great Balls of Fire the other night!

***EVERYONE**: What!!!!!??????

MODERATOR: Chris, I don't know if I should ask this question but ....Balls Of Fire? Are we talking some sort of STD?

Chris Hayden: A hard Johnson has no conscience and knows no discrimination. Neither does a pie that's on fire.

MODERATOR: It looks like it's time to move to our next subject. Shouldn't we start talking about books?

Yvette: ...Since prostitution is all you all want to talk about these days.

...The recently published book, Don't Blame It on Rio: The Real Deal Behind Why Men Go to Brazil for Sex, by Jewel Woods and Karen Hunter, an infamous Essence magazine article by William Jelani Cobb, and Web forums have now focused on the new explanation why African American women are having problems with black men: Brazil or more specifically Brazilian women.

ABM: I am SO happy you created this thread. Because Iíve been looking to get at this Brazilian cQQchie issue for some time now.

Cynique: Personally I consider this a non-issue.
Troy: Cynique, women would also need the beecho as well...Of course, the few of us going to Brazil for some nukkey is inconsequential in the scheme of things.

MODERATOR: Wait a minute, Troy, are you saying that you've made the trip to Brazil for sex?
Troy: Typically, Brother, I have so much fun in Rio that I find it hard to have fun in the US. A topic, certainly worthy of deeper discussion...
I know of a Brother that found a woman in Rio brought her back and got marrried.

NTSF: "And many AA women are hatiní because they are NOT being able to control and corner-the-market on when and how brothas get laid."

Well, I guess that puts the final nails in the coffin on this subject.....Da end!

Yvette: But it is not justified. Anyway, that's all. I'll shut up on all these topics of prostitution, pimping, spousal rape, statutory rape, greedy baby-mommas, and the evils of Black women generally. I've had enough of it. Feel free to tell me to mind my own daggon business, or stop trying to be a thread nanny, or if I don't like it stop coming here, or whatever; I'd understand and I can take it.

Ntfs: "I've had enough of it."

I'm sure you have. Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Yvette: Well thanks, Ntfs. But I'm not going anywhere. I'm not going to comment any more on the pimps/hos/blackwomenaintsh** threads

MODERATOR: Thanks Yvette, lets move to some of the political debates on the board. Who would like to start?

Disciple: Can one honestly joke about serious matters ?

MODERATOR: Who said anythang about jokes?

Disciple: Duh! Thanks man. Still, I have had a lot of things on my mind and maybe someone else will benefit; I get something out of almost every post. But, I once had a so called friend who told someone that " if I ever turn my back, he would f**k the sh*t out of my wife. When I confronted him about it He replied; "he was only joking".

MODERATOR'S thought ..."This Disciple doen't pull any punches"

Cynique: Scuse me while I intrude

Disciple: Cynique, what do you mean intrude, you're included in here too. Its just that you're too tough. You want to run me all over the place and I don't think that there's any resolution. Contrary to what you think, I ain't doing this to stroke my ego.

Cynique: Disciple, are you black?

Disciple: As charcoal! C'mon sister, snap out of it

Cynique: Ooooh puleeze. Get me a barf bag. Watta bunch of warmed over rhetoric replete with distortions of what I said, trumped up by your feeble attempt to justify your stale views.

MODERATOR: Please, can we stop the bickering. I thought we were going to talk about books?

Hen81: This is a video of how I got my books on Oprah. If I can do it, you can too.

A_womon: Hey Hen81, Just curious, do you ever pay Troy for your constant self promotion on this site? He does have services that you can actually PAY FOR.

Hen81: I'm a fan of sifting, I take it all in and use what I like and ignore or discard the rest. I can sift without announcing what I don't like because it may be great for someone else.


A_womon: You are not the first person to do this and I am not the first one to say it's irritating. But hey, if others here like it I love it, okay? By all means DO YOU!

Hen81: I respect Troy and what he has built here and I will run more ads. In fact I follow him on Twitter and noticed that had been at Jokaes Bookstore in Dallas and that store owner has been one of my biggest supporters.

Most sites give short shrift to AA literature. This business has a broad reach and many sides.


A_womon: LOL! Look,OK, I said Do YOU, okay? It doesn't make sense to keep rehashing things,especially since nothing you've said changes my mind. I'm done.

Have a happy NEW YEAR! LOL!!!!

MODERATOR: Gosh, after reading many of the debates, I've often wondered if each party actually reads what the other writes.

Zane: It amazes when I hear that some writers do not read. I have never proclaimed that my writing was for everybody. I even put out a book. I even had one woman email me.

Troy: Tell me Zane, with everything you are involved in I do not see how you can possibly field all of those emails.

Zane: Troy, there are big Iís in this business. So to those of you who want to become writers, listen up. Writing should be about fun.

A_womon: Zane, What????? What are you talking about? Go lay down and get some rest. You're not making sense!

Wf Cooper: Now you see why I write novels for ZANE? - LOL

Cynique: I certainly related to Zane's post, warts and all. So it was natural that when I left the work force, self-publishing a book would become a item on my retirement agenda.

Troy: At the end of the day, readers want to read good books.

Urban_Scribe: That's a real NIGGAH excuse!

Troy: Okay Urban_Scribe, I guess we will have to leave it at that. You can believe what you want to believe; as you have already demonstrated.

MODERATOR: It's a shame but it looks like we are running out of time. I'd like to hear a few parting words from all of you. Thumper, why don't you start.

Thumper: Hello All, Carey, Parish that thought and image of me running around naked singing Aretha FROM YOUR MIND!! Steve S, I'm glad I could get a laugh out of you.

Troy: I find if very interesting, an intellectual challenge, trying to understand why some people do not think of AALBC.com as a book vendor, or rather why folks refer people to other web sites to purchase books -- particularly here on these discussion boards.

MODERATOR: Troy, not now man, damn, ain't you got no shame?

Crystal: I will make sure to do this in the future Troy.

MODERATOR: Anymore suckups, thanks Crystal.

Cynique: Carey, is just like an old refrigerator: can't keep nothing

Thumper: If Carey has been writing posts like this one every Sunday while I've been gone and you all let him, I'm good and ticked at all of yawl! Can't yawl see that the ol' Grayhead is off his meds and aint regular!! Yawl ought ought to be ashamed!! And Cynique knows the signs and aint saying nothing. Cynique you need to stop being Lucy from the Peanuts sometimes! Yeah, Carey got that Charlie Brown thang going ... but that don't mean that he is. Carey, dont worry, I'm coming right over with the Metamucil and the prune juice right now!

MODERATOR: Well folks, that about does it for today. Thanks for stopping by. Please put you comments in the box as you leave. Ooooh, we will be back, there's more.

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