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Username: Kola

Post Number: 2776
Registered: 02-2005

Votes: 2

Posted on Thursday, February 16, 2006 - 10:16 pm:   

My teacher says that you are doing this to create a black standard for darker blacks that will exclude the offspring of interracial couples and lighter skinned people of African descent.

I'm an African mother who wants to see her children survive and exist as themselves, what do you expect?

Your teacher is damned right.

And you have my sympathies.

That's like saying Clarence Thomas is a more "authentic" black leader than Adam Clayton Powell ever was, and we know that's bullshit.

NO--actually, it isn't bullshit.

Just because Clarence Thomas is a TRAITOR and a SELL OUT and MALCOLM X is a supporter and fighter of Black Human Dignity....doesn't erase the fact that Clarence Thomas is an "authentic" black man.

I am going by the African MAN'S standard---not the White Slave Master's standard that so many of you keep behaving as though is written and sent by God.

Many, many of the deepest darkest are TRAITORS/Sell Outs who hate the black race---but they are still GENETICALLY "authentic" black people.

The standard has nothing to do with "deeds".

Anymore than the WHITE standard does.

i think it's descrimination agaisnt your own when you try to "kick people out of the black race because they don't ahve a certain hair texture or color" . for instance claiming that simply because ones hair isn't nappy and thier skin isn't dark then they aren't black is ridiculous to me

But Misty...we've always kicked out and disallowed the BLACKEST folks because they were "too black, too authentic" to represent the race.

Don't you remember?

Why, it's been for 500 years.

Halle Berry and Lena Horne are flaunted on magazines as "THE BLACK WOMAN"----but rarely a real one--unless she's (a) OLD and Mammyish or (b) a dutiful young girl.

So WHY NOT form a new group that caters to the beauty and aesthetic needs of the truly black, the truly African people?

And the CUSHITIC standard has always maintained that the darkest charcoal with the "Proof" (the nappy hair) is the highest among us and the most authentic---as in the image of the mother of our race.

Otherwise--why do you think the Light Skinned Black American women try to return Genetically (as my Arab father did) to mate with the very darkest????

It's because they KNOW instinctively that too much mixed blood distances Africa and authenticity.

Ditto the high yellow men seeking out chocolate women.

You Americans claim "opposites attract"---but that's not true.

When Africa was its strongest, its mightiest---we were WHOLE, COMPLETE BLACK. Un-bastardized and completely human without the curse of White blood and White Thoughts.

By bastardizing us and separating and shattering our skin tones---the White man keeps us from unity, because in order to have unity....you must first be UNIFORMED. And we are too many shades, textures to identify and completely trust each other now.

Technically, I am bi-racial.

But I most certainly would like to see the formation of a truly Black aesthetic that excludes and devalues WHITE SUPREMACIST standards and practices----even if that meant that MY BI-RACIAL self would have to be excluded.

That's exactly what little black children need, REALISTICALLY..so that the Holocaust of Breeding Out that is killing my people can cease.

Of course, those Light/mixed folks who benefit from White Supremacy and are placed above the "darkie folks" are not too enthused.

But we would be happier in a world without them anyway.

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