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Username: Brother_rustam

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Registered: 12-2005

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Posted on Tuesday, December 06, 2005 - 11:37 pm:   


I was born Muslim and then raised Christian in the U.S., so I believe in both Mohammed and Christ and I love both of them.

Overall, I believe that ALL men's religions should be abolished.

My religion is a women's religion. The Womb. MOST "African" religions are women's religions.

Islam and Christianity are invader religions, not indigenous.

I LOVE ALL HUMANS...and I respect everyone's right to choose their own religion and how they want to worship.

My brother is a Muslim and I love him. There are also many other Muslims, especially women, that I adore. So I respect their right to love ALLAH.

**I do not support the Arab world in General. There's a speech I gave in Israel that you can GOOGLE and read verbatim. I feel that the Arab Nations are the ones doing the MOST harm to Africa and they always have.

Like any "Black African" Sudanese...I support Isreal rather than Palestine.

Good....because I'm a Muslim, but I'm not the type of Muslim you may be used to in the East.

I don't know what the hell happened to a lot of people in the Islamic world, it's as if they don't even read thier own Book and let these sheiks and scholars tell them about the religion.

I heard that most Muslims around the world are actually illiterate so that means they need someone else to tell them about their religion, they can't read it for themselves.

I was the opposite of you....lol....I was born a Christian and got disillusioned at the Church so after reading the entire Bible I left Christianity.
After reading the entire English translation of the Koran I became Muslims.

I didn't let any friends or Mullahs or sheiks "teach" me about the religion and I too often come into conflict with a lot of the Islamic establishment for thier many un-Islamic traditions.

Stoning people for adultery and killing people over homosexuality is not Islamic.
It's Biblical but the Koran doesn't give those punishments.

The punishment for adultery is flogging both the man AND the woman, not digging a pit and stoning only the woman to death.

I used to feel the same way as you did about ALL religion, but the need for some sort of Paradise and afterlife after this cruel hard world urged me to adhere to a religion with a better promise.

I don't want a religion that tells me there is no life after death or all I get to look forward to is haunting my offspring for eternity...lol.
So I chose Islam.

But I like you respect people regardless of thier religion.

I grew up in Michigan which has one of the largest SO-CALL Arab populations in the West.

I call them SO-CALLED Arabs because most of them are from Iraq, Lebanon, and Syria and are just ARABIZED white folks who's ancestors converted to Islam centuries ago.
The true Arabs were and still are YOUR color.

But I know how viciously racist these people can be so I don't blame you one bit for condemning thier negative activity.
They open up liquor stores and gas stations and routinely kill Black men and molest Black women and little Black girls.

Wonderful point, because I don't know what the hell these Americans and feminists are talking about.

There is no Matriarchy in Africa. Certainly, we have many WOMEN-based customs and things that honor the women..or women are put in charge of.

But the BLACK MAN has always ruled Africa and all of us in it with an iron fist. We have the most sexist cultures in the world, after the Arab Muslims.


I don't know whether I should be glad that my beliefs were confirmed, or be sad out of respect for your desire for the African patriarchy to be abolished.

The "feminine Africa" is being pushed real hard here in a lot of Afrocentric circles.
I suspect it's a way to emasculate the Black power movement and take the aggressive nature out of it.

I'm in my mid-twenties but I consider myself old-fashioned in thinking and quite Patriarchal.
But I don't believe in the oppression of women, just the maintainance and protection of women.

As a Black man in America, I've seen what happens to a community when the men are emasculated and aren't strong enough to properly defend the community.
The women seem to mutate into overly aggressive beings outside of their nature to compensate for the lack of male protection.

But like I said, I don't believe in oppression or SUpppression.

Although I'm a Muslim, I believe in a measure of sexual freedom.

I don't know what's up with all these Muslims who place so much emphasis on sexual restriction but feel they can commit all the violence and practice all the usury they want.

I'm truly sad to see you going through what you're going through sister.

This is one of the reasons although I'm both Black and a Muslim, I won't be staying in any Black or Muslim dominant nations anytime soon.

It would either be Europe, Canada, or America for me because after jacking up the world....they have allowed themselves to be the only safe-havens for people to express themselves.

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