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"Cyniquian" Level Poster
Username: Africanqueen

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Registered: 02-2005

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Posted on Monday, October 24, 2005 - 12:01 am:   

AA: For example Its crazy for Sudan to have a war in their own country and then come to this country and speak on "Black" alliances. Alliances start at HOME! How can the Muslim and Christian Nigerians NOT get along yet "Love" Afro-Americans (you must love your own "community" first).

My respond: That is why they call America, "Land of the free"

The law in America says, "you don't mess with my religion, and I won't mess with yours!"

In Nigeria and Sudan it says, "Muslims all the way, Christians last!"

This is why black unity in America is so effective because people don't look at each other as "different" but equal regardless of religion or skin color for that matter (it is getting better!).

AA: You also Blacklioness, act like you didn't realize that many non-AA's apply for African-American scholarships and other "goodies". If the person in questions says they are "Black" no questions are asked about their TRUE background! Doesn't matter if the person is question is kenyan (which AA's aren't even of Kenyan/East African descent or they have White parents).Black Americans in politically correct terms are "African-Americans".

My respond: AA, you need to learn to "share" your meal. How about being Oprah Winfrey for just one day?

Look, there is no "Kenyan" or "Sudanese" in the ethnity selection on college applications.

Come on now.. share. These Africans come to this country with NOTHING. The parents of these African children basically work minimum wage jobs, so they do not have anything to support their children. Their children have to support them. And btw, hispanics schorlarships aren't only for hispanics from what I know, so shouldn't the AAs ones be only for AAs.. talk about sharing!

AA:Lastly, again, mixed raced people are allowed to be "Black" because there's NO COMMUNITY STANDARDS in the Afro-American community. This is what I've been screaming from my first post. Anydamn body that claims African blood (no matter how far off it is or how small) is allowed to be "Black". We have no formal definition of who's Black. We also have no formal defintion of who's African-American.

However, if we are speaking in a historical sense I believe most Biracial people historically have had Black mothers. Therefore they were raised Black and truly thought of themselves as 'negroes' of the time! What we are seeing now are children raised by single WHITE MOTHERS who don't even have contact with their Black fathers. I don't think they are being hostal when they say they aren't Blacks. They are identifying with their MOTHER, which is what people did years ago with their Black momma. As a people we must again, notice the difference and set up NEW STANDARDS that distinguish the two. But since we have no standards this will be difficult.Everyone is allowed to "be us" From a Octoroon to a Ugandan..............

My respond: AA, it will be awhile until we can have a new race of "mixed" American people and have NEW STANDARDS for these people. Personally, I don't think there is enough of them for them to have their own race presently.. it will take many more years to come.

And well, if Africans can't check "Sudanese" or "Kenyan" then what makes you think there will be "black and white mixed" in the race category? And should nobody be below or above anybody.. I think that I'm fine where I am as an human being instead of feeling high above all people..

Believe me, it is not always healthy to be the "rich" man or woman.

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