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Username: Afroamerican

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Registered: 08-2005

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Posted on Saturday, October 22, 2005 - 12:18 pm:   


Sorry, but the vast majority of Hispanics, West Indians and Africans are FRESH OFF THE BOAT!!! They do not have this long history of "racism" in America as you're trying to imply they do!Which sounds QUITE Afro-American because for some reason we are always including someone else in our shit! Blacklioness you're now claiming that ALL Hispanics, West Indians and Africans should get the same privileges that YOUR ancestors tried to leave you behind because the United States may or may not have been an econmic influence in many non-American countries? What's next are we going to start being the bodyguard of everyone including Arabs, Chinese, Hispanics b/c American White men made some MONEY in their countries too? What bull........

Most Hispanics are of Mexican descent and most are from IMMIGRANT FAMILIES or 1 generation. There are some 2nd and 3 generation ones but these families are in the low minority. Same with West Indians! Most are immigrants or 1 generation. Diddo African immigrants.
Also in your last post you speak about mixed raced children being FORCED into being label Black (a label that is reserved for "rape" victims only)!

Of course this comes from:
1.) The Afro-American leadership's desire to have as many NUMBERS as possible- which means INCLUDING EVERYBODY IN OUR SHIT!!!!!!!

Most of my concern lies in the term "African-American":

"African-American" is suppose to be the POLITICALLY CORRECT term to refer to Black Americans. Black, they claim, is a color (no mention of course that Black is very much a RACE!) and does not represent ancestry or culture. However, at the very exact time people argure that "African-American" is a cultural standard that Black never was, "we" ALLOW ANYBODY TO BE INCLUDED into the "African-American" fold that comes to America. So basically right now both Black AND African-American have no REAL racial or cultural meaning.

1.# If "African-American" is suppose to be a **CULTURAL** standard that Black never was QUIT allowing Nigerians, Ethopians, Egyptians, Jamicians, Barbados, etc people from checking it for ANY REASON! They were never American slaves!! Neither were they the freed desendents that started a brand new community and culture we now follow.

2#. Also if anybody is going to have the nerve to complain about Biracial people being forced to be "Black" then start using and defining Black as a **RACIAL** term!!! Normally these "Pan-Africanist" (supposely Pro-Black militants) do very opposite happens! I've seen people on this very board say they considered Black Americans "Africans". I say, if Will Smith can be an African because he is of African descent then what keeps Halle Berry and Jennifer Beals from being "Africans" too? (this is the exact same reasoning Americans have that Mariah Carey is Black- because she is descended from American Blacks). Will Smith has no African culture, no African ethnic group nor country he belongs too! So what good reason does he have for being "African". Is 'African' a new Racial term for everybody of African descent from Will Smith to Jennifer Beals?

I see:
Black as a RACE!!!!!

Afro-American is an ethnicity/cultural standard!!!

Also, not I'm not really arguring with you. I'm really trying to explain to people all the confusion Black Americans have are brought on by THEMSELVES (Pan-Africanist ones included) with nonsense definitions of "African-American".

Again in Pan-Africanist minds a 2nd generation Hiatian is fully qualified to be African-American because he is Black, yet African-American is SUPPOSE to hold a CULTURAL meaning! (by the way Hiatian society is very different). The PAs also argure that they don't believe Halle Berry is be can Black, yet ANYBODY can be "African".

anyway, off my soap box. The chaos brought by Afro-American leaders continue to keep our people in circles even about the simpliest of things..............

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