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"Cyniquian" Level Poster
Username: Abm

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Posted on Friday, July 15, 2005 - 08:46 pm:   

Jmho wrote:
Yep, but instead be apart of the "you go boy" go crowd. LOL

HAHA!!! Aight now. I got your "BOY" right here!

Jmho wrote:
He's gotten more than what his value to her, I would suspect.

That's an easy conclusion to draw. But it may not, in fact, be accurate.

Jmho wrote:
Me thinks, that's yet to be determined. He said she gave him a name of an attorney, and she said she gave him a list of names, to make a choice. But he didn't have to accept any of her suggestions, and could have gotten his own legal consel. ABM you have an interesting way of reading and interpreting. I suspect you read those documents, like you read the posts, on this board. LOL

I can see a court considering his subordinant age, education, wealth (of lack their of) and tenuous American residency compelled him to go with her wishes, including using an attorney that had been referred to him by her counsel.

Jmho wrote:
Dude was 24 when he married. The median age for Black males at first marriage is 24.2 years old, according the 2000 census.

Interesting. Though, considering the general state of marriage amongst AA's, I guess that shouldn't surprise me. Also, how many of those 24 year olds are marrying women TWICE their ages who've got the ends to have their a$$e$ strapped to the back banana boats that are on one-way trips to Jamaica?

Jmho wrote:

She gave him well $150,000, of which he said he was getting the interest from an investment, and he was also receiving an allowance. She then pays for him to go to college. He got an associate degree, and while working on a bachelor's degree, decided I don't like this, but had this idea to open up the business, of which she's contributed $300,000, to get him started. Now, when she sought a divorce, he wasn't jobless, he owned a business. Now, if he's broke that's his fault, not hers. If his business isn't making a profit, again his fault, not hers. This man is 30 years now, and if he's still broke, jobless and have only a modest education, then at what age should he take any responsibility for his welfare and well-being? He's been given a lot more than others have received or earned in their 20s, but he still wants a woman to hand over half her fortune. He don't want to work for his but just take hers.

Okay. Let's try to at least observe the facts has they've been presented. In the portion you reference here, I was referring to the circumstances upon which he conceded to the prenup. Now. The $150K was paid into an account that Jonathan (apparently) never received. The $300K was invested AFTER they'd already married. Now I concur with the essence of what you say about him being able to earn a living. But that doesn't mean he wasn't entitled to some form of settlement from marriage he may have made some contributions to and some disputed portion of her "Stella....'" earnings. And hey, money changes hands in a marriage. And the more money there is, the MORE changes hands.

Jmho wrote:
This gives more credence to what she's says -- he married her because he wanted citizenship. But, at the time, he had a student visa.

His wanting to be an American resident/citizen does NOT prove he intended to deceive her.

Jmho wrote:
Can you see how a judge might conclude that she has been taken advantage of?

So, she should have picked up, over the years that he might have been gay Ė the idea that he should have came out and told her is inconceivable. He was the one who thought he might have been gay, it's doesn't matter that he didn't mention this to her, but her fault she didn't know or didnít figure it out. Sheesh!

Yep. I can see THAT too. He should have told her. But a LOT of people have gay feelings who manage to eschew gay sex. Some guys screw other guys. Others jack-off to "gay porn". He'd HARDLY be the first man (or woman) to keep THAT secret, even when there's no money/citizenship at risk.

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