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Username: Asherah

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Registered: 04-2005

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Posted on Saturday, July 16, 2005 - 10:58 am:   

Since this topic is about AIDS, I'd like to post these interesting (quite outrageous) links:

A Rethinking AIDS website

Is HIV - the AIDS virus - harmless? Is AIDS not contagious?
Are the HIV/AIDS tests worthless? Are AIDS medications killing patients?
Find out what the AIDS establishment and media do not want you to know...
Support President Mbeki to find the truth about HIV and AIDS

Health Education AIDS Liaison, Toronto

"The most toxic drug that has ever been licensed for long term consumption in the free world. ... AZT is a prescription drug and according to the manufacturer itself it causes symptoms that are indistinguishable from AIDS. So I would say it is not arrogant for me to say that AZT is AIDS by prescription."

- Dr Peter Duesberg
professor of molecular and cell biology,
University of California at Berkeley

The traditional diseases of Africa are called AIDS
An "African AIDS" primer: Here is the key point that the newspapers won't tell you. To diagnose AIDS in Africa, no HIV test is needed. The presence of the unifying agent that supposedly causes the immune deficiency, the ID of AIDS, does not have to be established. In October 1985, public health officials at a conference in Bangui, a city in the Central African Republic, established the "Bangui definition" of AIDS. Here are the major components of the definition: "prolonged fevers (for a month or more), weight loss of 10 percent or greater, and prolonged diarrhea." No HIV test required. What this meant was that many traditional African diseases, pandemic in poverty stricken areas with tropical climate, open latrines and contaminated drinking water, could be called something else with no fear of contradiction: AIDS.
By Tom Bethell The American Spectator, April 2000

A Critical Reappraisal of African AIDS Research and Western Sexual Stereotypes

Presentation to General Assembly Meeting, Council for the Development of Social Science Research in Africa [CODESRIA], Dakar, SENEGAL, December 1998
by Charles L. Geshekter
Geshekter's review of African "AIDS" research demolishes the HIV=AIDS HYPothesis and offers hope for the future. "Multilateral institutions and African social scientists should familiarize themselves with the growing body of literature that demonstrates the contradictions, anomalies and inconsistencies in the orthodox view that AIDS is caused by a viral infection. Once they consider the non-contagious explanations for AIDS cases in Africa, they can help stop the relentless proliferation of terrifying misinformation that associates sexuality with death."

Lemon as killer of AIDS and sperm

whether lemon kills AIDS itself or the (non-existent?)AIDS-virus according to professor Short, it's no coincidence either that most people have never heard of lemon as a method of birth control and possible AIDS killer,as lemon is cheap, can't be patented and therefore the pharma-business and doctors can't get any profit out of it...

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