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Username: Kola

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Registered: 02-2005

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Posted on Saturday, June 18, 2005 - 03:26 pm:   

Blacks are better off in Africa for several reasons.

#1---just because people are very poor (as I was), doesn't mean that THEY KNOW they are poor. Especially in areas without T.V. and media---it can be WONDERFUL living the way that I witnessed so many happy Sudanese living (the Dinka, Nuer and Shilluk ESPECIALLY)--very simple and incredibly spiritual in a "natural" rather than organized sense. The "city dwellers" were always so JEALOUS of the laid back happy lives of the rural tribes.

#2---The Africans have their own Countries. They have the possibility of some day getting it together---and there is no glass ceiling on how high they could go politically, as with Blacks in America.

#3---Africans are IMMERSED in their own culture, their own languages, their own beauty, their own societies. It's far superior to living in a society where you are forced into a "Double Consciousness" and dictated to by a Dominant Culture that doesn't allow you to be yourself.

#4----There are MILLIONS of Africans who never come into contact with Whites or Other Races, and therefore, they have no concept of "RACE". Everyone in the world is "BLACK" and that is the only thing---so you experience the nirvana of living in a race-less society where it's the INDIVIDUAL and their devotion to the tribe or family that is focused on.

#5----Africa, remains, the RICHEST paradise on earth for Natural Resources, and if given enough FOREIGN AID could easily develop a Super-Power (like North Korea, Pakistan, Japan, Israel, Iran and China have become through Foreign Aid)....but of course....that is why the WEST keeps the people with a "niggerized/colonized mind" through hand outs and bribery and kill off any "good" leaders who are for the people.

Nigeria and South Africa have both in the last 7 years, sent SATELLITES into space--but soon after they did that, the Europeans pull strings and CLOSED DOWN the "Space Programs" in both Nigeria and South Africa----threatening to cut off AID if they persisted in their space programs.

This is why I support Mugabe in kicking the WHITES OUT of his country. He is too right! And he doesn't care how much his people have to suffer to get rid of the Whites. I agree with him on that one point---that we blacks must be willing to suffer WITHOUT our welfare check if we want true long term change and self-determination.

Don't you agree, Cynique?

#6) Until you've felt the African MOONLIGHT touch your skin---the way sunlight does in summer---you haven't been baptized.

#7) The sheer endless and EPIC beauty of the African continent--the soulfulness and spirituality of the jungles, rivers and forests----the freedom and the feeling for any black person of being "HOME"....is priceless.

#8) When my Black American father went on vacation to Senegal----he couldn't stop talking about how EVERYONE---the plane pilot, the stewardesses, the T.V. anchor people, the Police, the PRESIDENT, the Mayor, the doctors and nurses, the firemen, the people on the streets----EVERYONE was "Black like Him".

He said that he LOVED it just for that.

And lastly---for every SUDAN and every RWANDA and every AIDS CRISIS that the media focuses on---there are HUNDREDS of "Paradises" in Africa. BLACK PARADISES that get no attention, no notice, no publicity.

Most of Africa's 800 million people have enough food, have comfortable living space and are at peace with one another.

Notice that in areas where this is not the case---the WHITE MAN (Arab) was there and has created systems (such as plopping the Oil Companies in South Sudan) that create these unsavory wars and diseases.

THE BRITISH are the ones who brought the Arabs into SUDAN and set them up as rulers----the BRITISH are the ones who Arabized EGYPT and they destroyed INDIA. The EUROPEANS are the ones who gave goods and services to "one tribe"---in exchange for that tribe declaring war on another tribe.

They have ALWAYS set us against each other---promoted bastardization (which breaks down unity)---financed the Warlords to terrorize the people----moved WHOLE villages and tribes to dig up diamonds, oil, everything under the sun and NEVER shared the profits with the people who were born in that land from day of creation.

The Green Monkey has lived in Africa for 200,000 years....yet only in the last 30 has he suddenly and mysteriously become the host of "AIDS".....and Africans have been doing every kind of freaky sex under the sun since before the Caucasoids existed---yet all of a sudden, "AIDS" is being heralded as some natural disease that was.....always there.

Yeah, right.

But it's the squeaking wheel that gets the grease.

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