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Book Submission Guidelines

Our reading group reads reads the literature of African-American authors.  We focus primarily on novels, however non-fiction and poetry is also considered.  If you are an author or work for an author and would like to have your book considered for addition to our reading list, please read the following guidelines: must be provided with two (2) copies of your book.   Mail both copies to the following address:

CWMYB Book Submission
P. O. Box 18285
Indianapolis, IN 46218

Please be sure to include the name and telephone number of a contact.

The author must agree to participate in the on-line session in which his/her book is featured (Normally, the first Wednesday following the month their book is read).
We will allow galleys and advance review copies to be submitted with the understanding that when (if) the book is chosen the first edition of the book will be available to the general public for purchase.
If the book can not be purchased through any of the on-line bookstores, information must be provided on how to purchase the book, address, phone number, and if a credit card, personal checks or money order are acceptable.
Books are being considered for our 2004 reading list throughout 2003
Impromptu Author Chats:  For authors who are interested in setting up an AALBC on-line chat session.

These chat sessions are in addition to our regular monthly sessions and are intended to promote the work of more authors than we can accommodate on our reading list.   Contact Thumper at for more information.


Visit for our current and past reading list.


What the Author Can Expect In Return

Authors whose books are selected will appear on the homepage for the entire month that their book is chosen.  The AALBC homepage is viewed, on average, over 15,000 times a month. 
A permanent author's profile (web page) will be created on the author's behalf at no charge.   Visit for more details.
The opportunity to participate in an chat session.   All of the authors who participated in our sessions enjoyed themselves.
The book and chat session will be mentioned in two email newsletters.  This newsletter is sent to thousands of subscribers (opt-in).

For answers to any additional questions please contact Thumper at


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